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21:22 Jun 25 2022
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Woke up at 10 this morning and read a few journals. Took a shower and lounged about in a bra and sweatpants eating pizza until 11:30. Got ready for my interview and woke up Bear at 12 (of course I gave him some coffee). He scheduled us an Uber and at about 12:25 we were off to my interview. The interview went well, just answered some questions, but my interviewer was half an hour late (my interview was scheduled for 1 my interviewer came at 1:30). I guess I'll be able to join overnight freight with Bear. Afterwards, he took me to Jamba Juice (my first time) and ordered us an Uber.

Not too long after I woke up I got a text from my current manager asking for an update even though I didn't have one. I told him I had my interview today and would get back to him after, which I did and he didn't respond. The interviewer told me I should hear back from someone Wednesday once my background check comes back. I have work tonight so we'll see how that goes.




19:34 Jun 24 2022
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My anxiety over tomorrow is messing with my appetite. I tried to eat some pizza last night when I came home from work but I couldn't even finish a single slice. I guess I'm just anxious to know how it's gonna go and if I'm gonna get the position I want. I mean, it's totally fine if I don't I can just cashier until an opening becomes available but I would much rather work alongside my boyfriend (who will henceforth be known as Bear) since he knows about my medical condition. Bear knows what to do in the event I have a seizure because he's had seizures before. He's going with me tomorrow so I know where to go and I don't get lost. It also helps my nerves knowing he's there with me. We also have plans to go check out some apartments on Monday.

Work last night sucked. We were absolutely slammed. Not to mention some lady tried to get mad at me because she decided to come during rush hour and her food wasn't coming as soon as she wanted. I mean at my workplace food is made to order. We don't make it until you order it, but during a rush it won't get made until after the orders before it have been made. And since we only have one side open (we used to have both I don't know why we don't anymore) that means it may take a while. There are at most 4 people in the back (grill, fry, make, manager) and we have our lobby open and get delivery/mobile orders. So if you decide to come at 5-6 or half an hour before we close (like some assholes do) be prepared to wait. It's the same with custard. 4-5 people up front (register, custard maker, drive thru order taker, window person, manager). If we have rush usually only two people (custard maker and manager) are making the custard orders. Once it starts to slow down then the rest of us can start joining in helping take out tickets. We usually do it like a train when that happens (scooper, toppings, mixer, caller). Yeah...So...Don't get mad at us because you came at one of our busiest times. But last night's rush was a bit unexpected considering how slow we were on Tuesday.

I have work again tonight and since we're open later on the weekends that means I don't have to be in until 4. I always get there like 20 minutes before my shift starts on the off chance they need me to clock in a bit early. Well, we'll see how tonight goes.




17:09 Jun 23 2022
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Don't you just love it when you're woken up by the smallest disturbance? My boyfriend works overnights and doesn't get home until about 6:30-ish. The moment he opens our bedroom door I wake up, look at him, blink once, and go back to sleep. Well...I TRY to go back to sleep sometimes it doesn't work out. Like this morning. He came in I did everything listed above but go back to sleep. I couldn't! The moment I thought I was actually gonna finally fall asleep he got out of bed and that woke me up because in my head I'm like, "my slumber has been disturbed." I guess he decided he was hungry sometime after getting home because he small bag from Starbucks (and, of course, a coffee). I have no idea what he got himself but he got me a swiss and ham panini. I don't normally eat meat when I wake up but I ate this because I didn't want him to waste feel like he wasted his money. Of course, after eating I couldn't go back to sleep. I tried to take a nap but no luck.

I have to be at work at 3 today but I stayed until about 2 last night because my boyfriend was texting me some very important things about a new job I could be starting soon. Also, I was here reading journals and the VR Manual (which I just finished) and typing up my self intro. What? I'm not gonna act like I wasn't on here! Anyway, I'm hoping to get on the same overnight position as my boyfriend at his work. He's been talking to his managers, telling him everything I've been doing. I've already filled out an application, did my questionnaire and digital interview, and I have an interview set up for Saturday. The thing is my boyfriend's boss isn't sure he has any openings for that position and I won't know until my interview. If he doesn't I can just cashier for a little bit until an opening becomes available because my boyfriend says I'll be first choice for the position.

I'm really in the market for a new job right now because, let's be real, my current job is fucking joke! I've been there for over a year and haven't gotten a single raise or promotion but people who started after me, some of which don't even do their jobs nearly as well as I do, get promoted. For the past year I have been stuck in the same position, working shitty hours, and making 12.50/hour. I just barely convinced my boss to give me 40 hour work weeks! I've already told my assistant manager I'm most likely leaving. And he must of told my boss because he texted me last night saying he's willing to bump my pay to $13 an hour and consider giving me a promotion to trainer (which is only .25 more) if I stay. I told him leaving and if he asks me why the next time I work with him I'll tell him exactly what I said here. I mean supervisors only make 13.50/hour! I'm done being treated like dirt at my place of work. We'll see how my interview goes Saturday. Hopefully, I can get the position I want.




Self Intro

05:56 Jun 23 2022
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Hi all! I wanted to make my first real journal a sorta self intro. My name is Raven. I am currently 20 years old I turn 21 in August. I was born and raised in California but I now live in Utah. As stated numerous times in my bio I am in a relationship and have been for almost a year and a half now. My boyfriend is 32 years old and the most amazing man ever. I have an adorable pseudo stepson (who from here on out will be referred to as my stepson). My boyfriend and I own multiple pets: A ferret (Blue), Greek Tortoise (Derp), Nile Monitor (Mud), Rat (Charlie), Orange Baboon Tarantula (Galvantula), Mexican Rust Legged Tarantula (Unnamed), and a Northern Leopard Frog (Froggy). In the past we owned two sugar gliders (Denku and Opa), another rat (Alastor), and a Honduran Curly Haired Tarantula (Baby) but they have all passed away. I am a demigirl (my pronouns are she/they) and I am pansexual. I currently work in fast food but am trying to get a different job at my boyfriend's workplace. I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, watching tv and singing. If you have want to know more about me or have any questions feel free to ask in the comments. I will reply whenever I am able to.



08:41 Jun 23 2022

Pleased to meet you and thank you for let us to know about you. Enjoy and have a nice day!


Recurring PSA

20:06 Jun 16 2022
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This will be added to the end of all my journals. Unfortunately, it is necessary.

Please read my bio before messaging me. I've unfortunately been hit on way too many times even though it states in my bio I am in a relationship.



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