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23:10 Sep 25 2021
Times Read: 62

Ghostly Memories

When Imagining her tonight
Does it make you wonder
Is she here or a ghost
Ask yourself, who is she

Have you ever wondered
What would it be like
To feel her lips on yours
Maybe they already have been

Could you taste her salty tears?
Steaming down her cheeks
Are you even wondering
Why tears fall on this night

Do you even have to wonder
Isn't already clear by now
You're her whole world dear
Within the tears, the heart speaks

All you have to do is listen to understand
Is it that hard to fathom the truth?
I guess the tears will keep flowing
until your heart remembers her




23:04 Sep 25 2021
Times Read: 64

An Unfinished Journey

Are you going to see the irony
Is it another not so good timing
It's all nothing but lost dreams
Until you see them become reality

It was time to manifest and create
You held the key to our fate
All you had to do is believe
Open your heart to see

This has been coming
Haven't you felt it yet
The feeling of familiarity
Why couldn't you see

It all depended on you
Again, I stood and waited
Until you decide your fate
Maybe it's my fate to run

I dreamed that very night
Of a path to something new
On this path, I walked alone
A new journey, a new home

This is my fate to decide
What comes next in my life
I don't need anything but me
I walk alone happily to be me

My journey continues now
All you have to do is see
I am the one who believed
Now I'm at peace WITH ME

By Ivy Aiyanna

The Journey continues even if you want to make your own way, fate always shows back up one day. Until then enjoy the ride, you never know who is going to be put in front of you the next time. Then there is divine timing which is a whole lot of lessons to learn, manifest, and creates. So I wonder if this was even fate or a lesson learned, I truly know the truth it was spoken from the heart




22:52 Sep 25 2021
Times Read: 69

Divine Timing At Play

My heart was opened to bleed
Tears flowed out like streams
Purging out the old ego belief
I never lost what was mine

Grateful and pleased tonight
Now is the time to leave behind
Worlds apart I have been blind
Grateful to see this so clearly

Moving toward my own destiny
A path I can finally see clearly
No blocks or regrets tonight
Thank you for being my light

Its time for you to see me clearly
I was never here to be a shadow
My need to see within was clear
That has been the whole meaning

Now it's going to become clear
What this was meant all to be
You and I have a connection
It's something you will soon see

No regrets or pain just happiness
This all was divinely timed this night
It's so clearly seen it was not right
To put so much on the awakening

It took the pain to see light within
That light came within a mirror soul
Guiding through the dark night
Bringing home the divine soul

A new beginning on this path
Embracing an uncertain future
Divinely guided and freeing
Gaining clarity, love, and peace

By Ivy Aiyanna
May 5, 2020





22:17 Sep 25 2021
Times Read: 75

Internal Conflict

How long is too long to hope
Why must I wait for what
Was it all too much to bear
That's what is clear for now

Time stands still in my head
All I see is you in dreams
I am lost in you it seems
You were a dream to me

I am awake but still dreaming
Waiting for a sign so to speak
When will I ever see the truth
You were a dream that's all

Still, I can feel your presence
It feels so natural and real
Why do I keep looking so blindly
Why is my mind so blinded for you

Is it the mind or heart speaking
Which one truly speaks to me
When will this become clear
Is this love or just a fantasy

I sit here and wonder deeply
What am I really feeling now
Then I close my eye feel something
It became clear to me what it is

The heart speaks the truth
All you have to do is listen
Every beat told me a story
About what you mean to me

My heart has not forsaken me
Within each beat, it speaks clearly
My intuition has been telling me
The truth is clearly felt and seen.

Written by: Ivy Aiyanna




22:03 Sep 25 2021
Times Read: 78


As time slips by slowly
The familiar sound of waves
Crashing against the rock
Time does not slow down

The tides come and go
like natures clock hands

Unforgiving the hour's pass
Minds stay still in silence
Waiting for that one moment
A small glimpse of hope seen

Tides rush in unrelenting
like the hours still turning

In the distance, a sound
rushing up the driveway
A sense of longing calls
A heavenly voice comes forth

As tides roar the door opens
light illuminates throughout

A peaceful calm through the door
As a man walks through the light
A voice so calm and tranquil says
I am your home within this place.




21:39 Sep 25 2021
Times Read: 81


When I look to the skies
My soul speaks of you
When time spoke non
Our missions were so clear

Now we have forsaken
Blind to ourselves again
It was never us you see
it was us as a whole humanity

Blinded to the ego-self
To involved in the pleasures
We forgot what we were
Earth bound to watch and observe

Forsaken by self-gratification and need
We have forgotten the reason for our mission
Spread the light and image we all bring
We are here to seed the truth of existence




21:27 Sep 25 2021
Times Read: 84

The bully

A little child once so happy
turned cold and spiteful
From not being accepted
Other kids were so cruel

Not giving her peace
Every single day tormented
One day, she became like them
She went after her best friend

Cruel and calculated in her words
Waiting for a crowd of her tormentors
Going right for the throat of her friend
As the crowd cheered her on like wolves

That day she became what she hated




21:06 Sep 25 2021
Times Read: 85

The longing of seasons tell your return

On a cold winters night
I dreamed of your presence
Long ago in a vision, it came
Two hearts intertwined one beat

Time of change
Time of sorrow

On a rainy spring day
I sat in the rain calling out
Longing and waiting for you
A vision of you burning my soul

Time of need
Time of longing

On a warm summer night
I sat under the stary night sky wishing
Longing to see a glimpse of you
Eyes as blue as a clear sky

Time of memories
Time of sadness

On a cold crisp Fall afternoon
I watch the leaves changing, teary-eyed
This day marks, when death came between
Waiting in this life to be embraced by you again




21:01 Sep 25 2021
Times Read: 88

Mirrored In Truth

Unbalanced and fragile to be seen
Your very core bleeding in agony
Of loss and sorrow, you feel avoid
it's the pain of the world, my dear friend

Mirrored in truth but too blind to see
This pain is something from within
Long ago yet unseen, tales of old
From yesterday's still hauntings you

Depths of the forgotten soul unseen
Places and memories Faded into nothing
Forgotten dreams play in a dark room
Hollow empty space few ever get to see

To see or dare to go that is what you ask
Mirrors of the soul or is it just a reflection
Another cruel hollow reality is seen in another
That you are too blind to see within these eyes

Seeing within or is it a show, my dear friend
When are you going to look in front of you?
Finally seeing that you are more to me
More than just a human is what I see

Look thru the darkness to within dear
The glistening light of long ago is seen
Age's have passed since the truth was told
That's been there waiting just to come to light

You from so long ago always have seen me
My friend look closely don't you remember
I have always seen you, looking toward me
Within mirrored eyes, we have seen each other

Can't you truly believe in what's always been
My dear friend, we are of the same soul
Are the sorrow and guilt still too much to take
Just let go of the past and trust in me again




20:58 Sep 25 2021
Times Read: 90

Bound and Forgotten

EarthBound in what feels like hell
Disconnected from all I once knew
Waiting for the reveal to come soon
When will they see what's so clear

Awake to the reality many will see
Earthbound but no place for me
My heart is heavy on this night
I have no way to find my light

Tonight I stand in shades of grey
Slowly the light starts to fade
Darkness paints wings stained
From light wings fades into grey

Darkness is like a toxin to the light
When it's not balanced within one's truth
A stained existence starts to eat away
Until the light starts to dime and fade

Years go by without any relief or hope
Waiting for the time home is finally seen
Within time and existence, the void grows
Until the darkness starts to truly take its toll

I see a glimpse of home within another soul
A light that calls me home within a face
Finally, I can feel my true light shine forth
Within the eyes of another forgotten soul

I have found my way toward home...




20:49 Sep 25 2021
Times Read: 92

Destructive force

When all seem out of control
Read between the lines dears
Destruction is a part of everything.
What you see as weakness is a mask

Careful of the ones who hide indirect sight
Tricksters bound by hate, deceit, and jealousy
Come, my dears, can't you see what lies they bring
Trickster; trickster comes around

I see you standing there clearly now
Trickster; trickster comes around
I suggest you leave quietly now
Destruction is part of the game

What's not seen another trickster
One who is just as cunning and mean
Just looking to play their own game
A warning for the ones playing this game

Don't ever come at a master of deception
All your going to find in there is your destruction
Trickster; trickster comes around
I see you standing there clearly now

Trickster; trickster comes around
I suggest you leave quietly now
Before you come calling on a trickster
You may want to think twice this day

This trickster plays for keeps, I promise you
Light my fire I will burn you down to ashes
I am no hero, protector, or saint; you will see
I am just the one who loves the game, checkmate

Trickster; trickster comes around
I see you standing there clearly now
Trickster; trickster comes around
I suggest you leave quietly now

You have never seen this trickster in your sights
If you ever do, I suggest you start running while you can this night



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