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Things look so bare...

03:08 Nov 24 2007
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...without those trees towering strong over my driveway.


The pieces are huge, solid and proof that the trees were healthy and did not need to be removed.

People are stupid...




That was disgusting...

06:30 Nov 19 2007
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...that was perhaps the worst football game I've ever witnessed.

But, some good comes from everything.. first cold weather game always get the body prepared for the winter ahead.

Ahhhh.. it felt good to be in the chilly air, standing by a fire every once in a while just to take the frost off the fingers...

Bring it on, old man winter. Bring it on!




Oh, it's winter time here...

16:03 Nov 16 2007
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...you can tell just by watching the doom and gloom weather forecasts each night.

Last night's forecast was for the Southtowns to get 4 to 7 inches of lake effect snow overnight...

...woke up this morning and the sun was shinning, bright.

Not a flake to be found.

I wish I had a job where I could be SO wrong, so consistently and still get paid for it...




The sounds of chainsaws and wood chippers...

14:34 Nov 15 2007
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...sound through the cold morning air.

They've come today to remove ALL the trees from my neighbor's yard.

All of them.

What complete fucking ass hats these people are.

I gave it one last lobby for the trees... talk them into not doing it. I don't think it did any good.


I'm going to miss them....




I have new neighbors...

23:23 Nov 11 2007
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...I haven't met them yet. Apparently the husband isn't in great health and cannot get around on his own well... they told another neighbor that we probably wouldn't see them outside much.

Surprised me when I stepped outside today and was summoned by a "Excuse me, sir.." coming from their yard.

Now, their yard backs up to the side of my property, along with 4 other properties, so I have 4 people's backyards that basically run the length of my driveway... the man summoning me wasn't the new neighbor, but a landscaper.. calling me over to inform me my new neighbors wanted to remove this...

A 50-some year old oak tree that sits right on the property line (but in their yard)... it stands a good 40 feet tall and offers a lot of summer shade to my house.

Not only that.. but trees increase property value... which, they just bought the place.

And to explain a little more about the geography... my area is considered a wet land. The water table is high, and spring thaw run-off tends to run down hill from my yard to their's, creating quite the swamp in their backyard each spring.

According to the National Department of Forestry, a 2inch diameter tree will consume 15 gallons of water per week.. just to survive.

How much would a 2 and a half foot wide, 40 foot tall oak drink up in the spring?

Yeah.. they're idiots.





05:52 Nov 09 2007
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...when you're so obese your eyelids fold out under the pressure of the fat in your face.... it's time to seek medical attention or something.

Either that or just duct tape your mouth shut...






15:30 Nov 05 2007
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I feel like crap today. Not, ill kind of feeling like crap... I just can't get my brain moving in the right direction.

I don't want to work. I don't want to be here. I don't want to do anything.

And this room stinks. They were trying to catch a mouse that has been running around this area for a while... I think they succeeded over the weekend sometime because it smells like rotting fuckin' death in here.

Maybe these people are used to it. I tend to prefer a working environment that smells a little better....

Would you want to have to be treated in this hospital?




Back on...

01:33 Nov 04 2007
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....I can't let this go now. Obstacles are meant to be overcome.

I've called 2 people that expressed an interest in working for me recently. I turned them away but told them to keep their options open. Hopefully at least one of them has.

I replaced my add with the BNE for the position being open. Each add gets at least 50 responses in the first 5 days.

I will have a new technician hired by Friday - even if I have to hire someone in Nashville this week!




Just got back from the dentist...

16:11 Nov 03 2007
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...the teeth cleaning is important. I'm pretty AR about personal hygene... but I really hate that "just had everything in your mouth poked with a paperclip" feeling you get afterwards...

Just thought everyone would like to know that... carry on.




So here's where it stands...

04:38 Nov 03 2007
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...I work this contract doing all the travel stuff yadda yadda... and have been working HARD with the contractor and the vendor to get more of my employees in on the contract to do the project because, hey... having my people work more is better for business and me, right?


So I FINALLY this week make serious headway and have things moving in the right direct when....

...my technician up and quits without even a 2 week notice.

Back to square one.

However, the position has become a little bit more interesting.. since they really need additional staff on this project and by attrition, they're losing more than they're gaining.

A gap has opened.

I need to work fast do make sure I position myself and my company to fill their needs.

Which means I basically have to hire someone in the next 5 days, while traveling.

This is going to be interesting....




Dan walks so strange...

21:14 Nov 02 2007
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...I don't think I've ever seen someone plod like he does.. clomping his feet with every step as if they weigh too much for him to lift and set down again...

It's totally distracting.

Oh well, this is the last time we'll work together most likely... he told me today he's moving on.

A fact I'm completely neutral about, honestly.. but coupled with the events of yesterday... now I'm really ticked off about what happened yesterday.




...and why is this woman...

16:33 Nov 02 2007
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...who I don't know and has nothing to do with my job function at this hospital, sitting here in the room we're working in, talking to me in a British accent, eating fish & chips while wearing big sunglasses?

What is wrong with this place???



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