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04:02 Apr 11 2015
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The Warrior- A Story (continued)

*Warning: Sexual Acts similar to what you would read in a Harlequin Romance Novel*

The morning at the Reservation was eventful. The supplies she had ordered finally arrived. Beans, sugar, rice, coffee. As usual only half the supply had arrived. How she was going to feed 500 Indians on only half of the supplies stressed her. By afternoon she was home to relax. After a small lunch she went into her bedroom to nap. Stress always made her tired.

The afternoon breeze moved through her small windows in scents of Spring perfume. The woody scent of cedar and pine made intimate dalliance with sweet undertones of cherry blossom.

Her eyes grew heavy as they slowly closed. She was drifting on waves of sleep.

It was a lake that first began to show in her dream... then a forest. The deep words some where she never seen before.

She was deep asleep.

He had been hiding in the tall grass of the lake watching her. He watched her walking around as he slowly came out of the water behind her.

He placed her on the grass pinning her arms to the ground as he looked down into her eyes. She was nude. He was nude. Water dripped from his muscled body splashing onto her own body.

"You see water? You bite, fight me, I toss you in it." His tone was forceful.

She nodded saying she understood.

He placed her on her back on the ground. He pinned her arms to the ground with his hands. Once he knew she would not fight him he let go of one of her arms but kept the other pinned to the ground. His hand pushes her legs apart with force. His longest two fingers plunge inside of her as deep as he can with a hard forceful thrust up to his knuckles as he then slowly starts to pull then out by dragging his fingertips along the inside of her sensitive walls causing her to breath in deeply. He could feel her juices flow and knew she was ready for him. As he almost pulled them out he plunged them back into her, spreading his two fingers to again rubbing against her inner walls. He then bends them slightly as he slides them along her walls, rubbing them, knowing what he was doing would send her sweet nectar flowing to prepare her for him. His lips began to trace down her body.

Once he could feel she was wet enough he withdrew his finger as he touched one of his fingers wet with her nectar to his lips, tasting her.

His tongue traveling down her body sent shivers all over her. She arches her body, her eyes drifting shut as she follows the feel of his lips and tongue traveling down her body then back up again. As she feels him settle between her legs, she instinctively parts and lifts them, wrapping long legs around his wet hips as his cock slides into her with a fast thrust.

He moves between her legs forcing them to part for him. At first it was just the tip of his cock as he rubbed it along her slit, wetting him so as not to tear her. He placed the tip to her and then drawing back his hips upwards he thrust downward HARD. Impaling her. Holding himself deep in her a moment as he felt her walls open for him he slowly rocked his body back and forth causing his cock to rub her walls. he pushed in as DEEP as he could go inside of her. His cock forcing her walls to accept him. She was tight around him. He felt a little pain but it was sheer pleasure too. He managed to slide his hand down between them so he could rub her clit with his thumb as he held himself inside of her. She cried out in desire, in lust, in craving. She had never made love like this before... such raw emotions. He was strong. He was powerful. His body was muscled, perfection. Dark tanned skin. His long hair that would brush against her skin. His lips. His tongue.

Slowly he pulls out but not all the way only his tip is holding her parted for him. Then again a hard thrust as his body slapped into hers with such force causing her skin to become a pink and heated by his hard thrust. He lowers his head, capturing her left nipple as he bits into the tender skin. He lifts his head slightly and pulls the nipple up with his teeth, stretching her skin... he picks up his pace again the sounds of his body slapping into hers seemed to fill the woods near them that to her even the forest creatures stopped to take notice.

She cries out as he bits into her tender nipple, and stretch the delicate flesh with his teeth. She rocks her hips, trying to match her pace to his as she begins to pant, softly, her heart pounding in her breast. She tightens her walls on his cock, then releases, over and over again

Nah's cock starts to throb, swelling... throbbing...He kept her hands pinned to the grass now removing his hand he had slide between them. Two bodies as close as possible. Her legs spread wide as he let her nipple slip from his teeth only to capture the other, parting his lips wide he took in as much of her full breast as he could, sucking hard.

His hands pinning both of her wrist to the ground he slammed his lower body into hers with force picking up his speed. His whole body taunt as beads of water dripped onto her body. The coolness of the splashes of water onto her heated kin sent shivers up and down her body. Her mind wild with desire. Passion. Lust.

She could not help it. She was lost into him. Her hips moving up to met his. Her walls tighten around him. His thrust became even harder. Faster. He lifted his head as her breast slipped from his mouth with a pop as he broke his suction on her tender skin. He then slowed his pace. Thrusting again into her. His cock seemed made for her, filling her up with this thick, hard cock. He would almost pull out of her only to fill her up again. She would let out little cries when she thought he might vacate her. And then he did.

He withdrew from her. Rolled her over on her stomach as his hand forced her legs apart. His arm wrapped around her pulling her back against him. Capturing her. Her back against his hard chest. She felt him slide back inside of her. Filling her. She herd a low animal-like growl escape the back of his throat. He was a savage. A creature, a man of the forest, a beautiful magnificent regal Cree War Chief. The most handsome man she had ever seen. His grip around her throat tighten. He had her pinned. Again she fells him sliding in and out of her. The sounds of his body slapping against hers. Pounding. her buttocks stung with his hard slaps into her, her ass growing pink, heated. Thrusting. His teeth bit the nap of her neck. She was wild with passion. Pain. Captured. He loosens his grip only slightly on her as his hand moved to her breast where he cupped her breast into his large powerful hand. Two of his fingers capturing her nipple, pulling, pinching, twisting as he pounded in and out of her. Impaling her. His cock deep inside of her tight walls. She was close. Her body was trembling with the effort of holding back. Her body seemed to move on its own to meet his thrust. His pounding. Her walls tighten to draw him inside of her.

His cock began to throb deep inside of her harder. He could feel her walls starting to convulse around him. He bit harder into the back on her neck yet just enough to cause her pain and pleasure, not breaking the skin yet she knew would bruise. Then she felt him release in her. She let out a loud cry as she finally let go, her hips gyrating to grind her clit against his skin. Her walls began to spasm, and clutched at his throbbing cock. Her back arching like a cat.

She wanted to explode. She cried out feeling pain and pleasure. He had her. He controlled her. She was totally captured by him. She could feel his cock throbbing... throbbing deep inside of her. And then it happened. She cried out not holding back as she climaxed like she never had in her whole life. She felt him too, exploding inside of her. His cock throbbing, twitching against her walls. She could feel his seed spewing into her.

And so the Beast comes.

"Sarah wake up! Wake up!"

Slowly her eyes opened as she looked up into the face of one of the native women she knew from the Reservation.

"W..hat? What is wrong?" She was still half asleep.

"The village teacher not come this day." The women tells her.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you this morning she is not coming today." Sarah sat up on the bed as she smiled at the women. She liked her and almost considered her a sister. "Miss Sarah! Your arms, your neck bruises. What happen to you?" the women said to her.

Sarah rose from the bed and walked to the full mirror in her bedroom as she looked at her arms, her wrist and could clearly make out hand prints. His. As she twisted her body she could see bite marks on her neck.

A wind blew into her bedroom. Words whispered into her ear, "The sins of the father." Both women herd the words. Sarah's hands began to tremble. Her mind played over this latest dream as she lied to the women on how she had gotten the bruises.

"Leave me now." she said to the women who walked out of the small house. The women did not want to stay there after hearing the words from the winds. She knew something was there. Something not alive. A spirit. A ghost. Nalusa Falaya.

The house was empty except for Sarah and her cat when it happened.

Sarah was thrown onto her bed. She was pinned. She could feel him. Smell him. His scent. Her eyes widen with fear. Lips that were not there pressed to hers. A kiss. She could taste him. Again she herd words from no where. His words. His rich native voice. He told her seek out Two Feathers. A sweat Lodge. A journey. She knew enough of his culture that she understood. She nodded her head. She felt the presses release from her wrists and she could feel him sliding off of her. She did not want him to go.

"Stay." she pleaded with him, his spirit but she felt his presence leave. Her eyes tear up. Her heart ached for him. Her whole body ached for him. She was in love with a ghost.

Deeply in love.

She was clearly shaken.

She dressed and went to see Two Feathers.

"He was born under a potent star. You understand? Born to be strong. Bound tightly by blood to our people. Touched by generations who came before him." Said Two Feathers. "He was War Chief who would have become Chief. The raid. He was shot in back trying to protect a child from the flying bullets. Shot in back five time. He said you to see me for the journey. This can be dangerous."

"I do not care. I must speak to him. I must connect with him and not be disturbed when I do. I must help him Two Feathers. Will you help me?" she pleaded with him.

"You have been with him. I know this. I can smell him around you. He is here now. He watch. I can see him. Yes, I help you but I warn you. This can be dangerous." The Spiritual Leader of the Cree went on to explain to her about the two worlds, real and spirit world and how she could be captured in the spirit world. He told her she needed to cleanse her body. Purify it. He gave her a beaded necklace that had feathers and some kind of small pouch. It had a scent to it as Two Feathers told her it would protect her but warned her again how dangerous this journey would be. He also gave her a dream catcher and told her to place it above her bed.

When she got home she tossed the dream catcher on her table. Stop dreams? Nightmares. "He is not a nightmare." she said to her cat. "Maybe I am crazy but I want him to come to me in my dreams."

She thought about the journey and to be able to be with him without being disturb. To complete a dream.

Deep within the house the spirit of Nah watched over her. He was crouched down watching her. The pouch around her neck kept him at a distance. Why would Two Feathers give her such a thing. Protection. He then noticed the bruises he had left on her as he watched her slowly undressing in front of her mirror. He watched her slide her hands over her body, her breast down to her flat stomach and between her legs as she touched herself. He wanted her. His body began to ache for her. But he was blocked.

His thoughts were scattered. This was the daughter of the man who taken his life, killed his mother, his father, his little sister. Those who had survived had been gathered up like a herd of cattle and forced to march for days to the Reservation. Many even died on the way. He did not take the path the others took onto the road of spirits. He was not done yet. His soul was in torment. And now his soul was in agony as he craved this white women. He had to get her to remove that pouch...

To be continued.



04:42 Apr 11 2015

I like it a lot so far! Its really good. You should put this on Ao3.

04:59 Apr 11 2015

What is Ao3

10:01 Apr 11 2015

Another fantastic entry :)

20:18 Apr 11 2015

I am humbled you guys are enjoying this story. I am not sure how I will end it but there will be about 5 more parts I think.

04:20 Jun 07 2015

well that made me turn all kinds of pink my goodness the acuracy of passionate love making oh my goodness.....anyway im embarrased now lol thanks for the awesome mental picture

11:36 Jun 07 2015

LOL. I have been neglecting this story too. I should finish it.


07:21 Apr 08 2015
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The Warrior- A Story (continued)

*Warning: Sexual Acts similar to what you would read in a Harlequin Romance Novel*

It was that shadow on the wall that haunted her mind all day. She gathered her pouch, walked out side. Her carriage was waiting for her. Climbing into the carriage, taking the reins the horse went into a gallop. She knew whom to see as she made her way to the Reservation. Climbing down she walked to the hogan of the Cree Spiritual Leader.

"I have been expecting you." Two Feathers said as he opened the flap to his hogan. "Come in." She had to bend slightly to enter the hogan. "Then tell me, who is he?"

Her sense told her Two Feathers knew about her dreams and she was right. "He was a warrior that died when the solders came to force us here. Your white Reservations."

Two Feathers handed her a pouch. He instructed her what to do with the sage inside and spoke to her in great detail about the spirit that was haunting her. She took the pouch and committed to memory every word the Spiritual Leader told her. Back home she sprinkled the herbs from the pouch in her windows. As night began to fall she dressed for bed. Her dinner was simple. A bit of stew. A glass of fresh milk.

The sheets were cool to her skin. The room smelled strongly of the herbs. Her eyes slowly closed.

The dream came.

Sarah picked her way gingerly through the deeps of the pathless forest. The going was slow, the ground slick. Roots and rocks were unearthed from the sudden downpour where the earth had sloughed away.

Water sprayed in great halos as he shook out his long mane in obvious, undisguised annoyance. Snorting heavily at the absurdity of being out on such a day, the coal black beast, nonetheless, plodded on. Casting reproachful looks back at his rider, and well fed up with the inconsistency of their outings of late.

These woods did very little in the way of shelter from the rain. It fell in steady, windblown sheets, and beat a hollow, metallic sounding staccato across him.

Freezing rivulets seemed to discover every space at ever joint, running through unchecked until his underclothes were soaked through and clung sodden to his chilled, naked skin beneath.

"Sssh...just awhile longer."

The rain had not abated by any measure. A distant rumble from the east promised more to come, and an eventful night for those not tucked warmly in their homes - for those not called upon to see to matters that cared little for unforeseen circumstance.

She watched.

He had a deer he had killed as he lead his horse into the village. The rain pounded out the sounds coming towards them. It was the pop, pop, pop that she herd. Blue Coats raiding the village as she watched the scene in horror. She say him draw his bow. Women running, screaming. Warriors running out from there hogans falling one by one. They all fell one by one.

Picturing everyone, and everything he held in high importance.

Everyone, and everything he loved without question, or regret.

His hands were awash in blood.

The rain thinned the viscous, dripping pool and sent it running over the stones of the campfire into the outlying grass where it fed a chromatic sea of flowers. Every fitted stone, and aged crack soaked in the red runoff. A scene that anywhere else, to any other eyes, would seem a gory tableau born of the stuff of nightmare.

Then he turned to her. The warriors eyes met hers. She understood.

The Cursed.

The Mad.

The Murderers.

As quickly as the screen had played out now she was deeper in her dream. It was another time. Another place.

The evening breeze moved through the small village in a swimming sea of Spring perfume. The woody scent of cedar and pine made intimate dalliance with sweet undertones of cherry blossom.

White petals fell like silent snow.

The well tended village were soft, and new.

Memory trailed her as she slowly made her way across the grounds, and into the hogan. Stopping often to touch a thing that, without reason, tugged at her for her attention.

An old lantern. A fallen leaf.

His hand touched hers lightly. She breathed in deeply. He laid her down and kissed her. "I knew you would come back." he whispered to her. "How could I not." She welcomed the kiss. Yet the dreams. This dream. How is it possible she knew this was all a dream. That he was... a spirit. "Why?" She said to him, breaking his kiss. "Because you need me. I need you." He replied. She did not understand. But for now she did not care. Her fingers combed though his long black hair. She kissed his shoulders... his chest. Her fingers traced over a angry scar that ran along his chest.

His fingers unhooked the buttons on her top as he undressed her. He lifted his bottom up and slide his pants down. She reached out to grip the furs he had laid her upon so hard her knuckles were white. He pushed her legs to part with his hands and with a thrust he was in her. Slowly he rocked his hips going as deep as he could. Holding himself in her. His hand gripped the back of her hair as he pulled her head back causing her chest to rise. He kissed each mound. Moans escaped her lips as she felt his tongue tracing around her buds.

He began thrusting into her. Her fingers traced the scars on his arm as if somehow tracing those within her own soul. Every piece of bone and sinew that had been severed echoed by a missing piece of compassion. She wrapped her legs around his and lifted upwards to met each of his thrust. His manhood moved in and out her, faster, harder. Faster. Harder. His body taunt. His muscles hard. She began to shudder as was reaching a climax. His manhood began to throb inside of her. He gave a hard thrust and then held himself deep inside of her. Two bodies as close as possible. She could feel him. He could feel her.

He held her. It was then she could feel the tears running down his brown cheeks. She reached up to kiss them. Salty. Tears. She had to talk to him. She had to find out what he wanted from her. Why was he haunting her dreams. How was it possible she was in love with him. He was not REAL.

She looked into his eyes. His eyes held the color of rich earth. A bottomless brown that could never be mistaken for common. Often shifting to so dark a tone as to lose his pupils in its recesses like some unanswered question. A truth held back deliberately for another day.

The eyes marked him for what he was. He whispered to her, "Nah Kah Yen. My name. War Chief."

She was falling.




His eyes. They collected the light of every flower curving on the thin edges of every petal, and thorny spine. Caught every gleaming movement drifting, until it fell through the air all around her, and settled weightlessly upon her quiet spirit. Readying her for what came next.

Tiny sparkles marked her ocular depths in constellations the likes which only a child would draw into being. Gold stars upon a nightsky of fertile brown, where imagined Gods played and whispered Life down from high above.

Trading secrets with voluble speech.

Glass flowers fell. Snapped from stem at her lightest touch. Petals like thin edged razors, thorn, and broken crystal drew lines of blood on Sarah's hands and forearms as her actions drifted from probing accident to the deliberate, unalterable clearing away of root and rose. Her split life stuff like tongues of licking red flame.

Slowly she opened her eyes. She sat up in her bed in horror as she remember the raid from the first part of her dream. She lifted her right hand and slowly opened her closed fist. Laying in the palm of her hand was torn piece of cloth from a uniform. It had the stripes of a general. She knew it. In horror she was looking at a piece of her own fathers uniform. He was a general in the regiment. Tears filled her eyes and ran down her cheek. It had been her own father who had killed him. Her own father he had shown her in the dream who had slaughtered the women, children, warriors of his village, the elders.




20:01 Apr 02 2015
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The Warrior- A Story

*Warning: Sexual Acts similar to what you would read in a Harlequin Romance Novel*

She pulled the covers down and slide between the soft sheets. Sarah had not thought about the dream from the night before until now. Who was he? Did she know him? Had she seen him on the Reservation before. As her head hit the pillow mentally she was scanning all the native faces she knew, or had seen over in her mind.

As hard as she tried that one face, the dream face was not there. And the strip of leather from her dream how is it possible that it was in her bedroom the next morning. Crazy. Was she going crazy? her mind was a swril of thoughts like a ping pong ball on a table... back... forth... forth and back... ping... pong... ping...

Falling down...deeper.... deeper...

A dark pool of knowingness.

Slowly her eyes closed.




She was in a field of tall yellow poppies. The air was warm, springtime. In the distance she could hear birds chirrping. Robins. Bluejays. Her arms were out stretched as she looked up at the blue sky. White marshmellow clouds drifted by. A shadow blanketed her as she sat up startled.

Wreathed in gold

The fires of Daylight licked

along the rounded edges

Strong fingers snatched at her wrist, pulling a heavy silver chain in her hand across the side of her bare neck with a bright flash of pain. Turning, as he held her still. Unsaid, it died in the air between them, never quite within reach.

"Now stay still." he said quietly.

Song burst upon her like a field of dreamed flowers suddenly sprung to life. Opening their petals to a sky and sun that could only exist here, in this right now, in fragrant, clamorous unison. Impossible to imitate.

Redolent, and heavy with an emotion whose complexity, and bare honesty threatened to overwhelm... He took her into his arms. His smell was so familiar to her. Slowly his fingers comb though her yellow hair. His touch. His smell. She looked up into his face. That face that took her breath away. He was perfect. Handsome. Strong. A warrior. Regal.

His lips touched hers as his tongue forced her lips to part. He tasted her. His tounge began to dance with hers. She felt his hands undressing her. She was barely aware of her clothing falling into a pool at her feet. All he wore was bucksin pants which some how she knew and was familiar with the leather rope that held them up. She quickly released the rope and his pants fell from his body. He lowered her to the ground, the bed of poppies as he moved between her legs. A hard thrust and he was in her. For a moment he held himself in her. There eyes met. Hers a blue pool and his a brown-yellow eyes. The kiss had been broken but she long for him to kiss her again. Hard thrust. He buried himself as deep as he could in her. She was swimming in the moment. She lifted her bottom up to met his thrust. Harmony. Together they made love... slow... hard... thrusting.


His hair spread out in waves, a crown of dark tendrils swaying, and arms wide just below the surface for balance. He held her tight. His lips finally again pressed to hers. Again his tongue forced her lips apart as his tongue danced with hers, locked into a deep kiss. There bodies locked in passion. His manhood swollen inside of her, thrusting in and out, faster. There bodies colliding with each thrust that she met his with her own. Her body pressed to his, under him. She could feel his strength, his power.

Here was Life without memory. Without judgment. Without mercy.

It was a jump on the bed that woke her this time. She sat up startled. Half asleep, half awake. Her cat. Her cat had jumped on her bed and awken her. The dream. Him.

Something caught her eye.

A shadow on the wall of her bedroom.

But yet she knew she was alone in the house. Then it caught her. That smell. The whole room was laced with it. It was him. But how could this be. She had been alseep. He was not real. A dream... a dream...

Sarah sat in the darkness of the night in her bed not yet notcing that she had gone to bed fully clothed in her flannel night gown that now lay on the floor by her bed. A hollow sound filled her ears, like the song of a seashell. The pulse answered her own life's rhythm as though an echo, drowning away all thought connected to complexity, and allowing for the natural beauty of error, and wrong thinking.

To Be cont....




20:00 Apr 02 2015
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The Warrior- A Story

*Warning: Sexual Acts similar to what you would read in a Harlequin Romance Novel*

A grin spread onto his full lips as a hand slid under one of the furs and two thin but long strips of raw hide he pulled out. She was not sure what he was doing as she felt the strips wrapping around her small wrist. He tied them. He stood up above her as he reached down and lifted her to a standing position. He began to push her against the tent, her back to him. Reached around his arm gripped her around her, loosely around her throat and he began to pull her back against him. Her head rolled backwards resting against his muscular chest. Using his legs he propped her long legs to spread her open for him. He pulled her arms downwards bonded which caused her perfectly round mounds to rise upwards.

Her chest rising and falling from the passion, the emotions, the desire. Her mind was racing. Then she felt it. His manhood pushing upwards into her with such a force he lifted her almost off the ground where she was on her tip-toes. He filled her completely. Impaling himself into her. He snaked his arm around her to hold her back against him. His free hand slide down her stomach crisscrossing to her hip down the other side of her leg as his balanced her leg in his hand and he lifted her leg to open her more to him.

The more he lifted her leg the more he opened her for him. He began first with long slow thrust with such force that if not how he had her pinned she would of been lifted right off her feet. His arm closed in more on her throat. Her chest rising more upwards to the point he could touch one the buds with his thumb. He began to rub his thumb against the small bud feeling it grow from under his attentions.

She took a deep breath which caused her inner walls to tighten around his member. A low groan of sheer pleasure escaped his lips. His thrust came faster... HARDER, FASTER. His thumb was replaced with two of his fingers as they captured the bud he had been toying with. He twisted it just enough too excite her- pain and pleasure. Towering over her he lowered his head, tiling his head just slightly and enough that as her eyes closed into a utopia of pleasure his lips parted and captured the hard bud closing his lips around it. She could feel his warm hot mouth around it as he sucked as hard as he could. Her whole body began to tremble in his embrace.

His thrust picked up faster. The sounds again of two bodies colliding, slapping together in love making filled the lodge. His breathing deep... His body taunt and rigged. His muscles taunt as his skin begins to glisten with sweat....

Slowly her eyes opened. The sun's rays danced across her bed. She sat up. Her throat was dry. Tossing her legs over the side of the bed she went to stand up. She had to steady herself. Then bits and pieces of the dream flashed in her mind. "Just a dream. Just a dream." She said to herself as she walked into the kitchen to pump water into a glass. She liked this new indoor plumbing. Billy her cat ran across the kitchen floor. "Billy, what is that you have you silly cat." As she bent down she took a thin but long strip of leather from the cat's mouth. She looked at it in her hand. She began to tremble. "W-hat... it was a dream... it was a dream." She said trying to convince herself as her hand opened up and like a leaf falling to the ground in slow motion, the small thin but long strip of leather cascaded to the floor from her hand.



20:25 May 04 2016

I long for more of this story Dakotah... Is there more?



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