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14:33 Aug 04 2021
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My conversation with the dealer's service department after bringing in the pickup for an appointment yesterday:

Me: "As I said on the phone, it's here for an oil change, to have the check engine light diagnosed, and two of the tire pressure sensors are dead."
Service Guy: "Change the oil, engine light, and you say the tire light is on too?"
Me: "...Yes, it's on because two of the pressure sensors don't work. Can you please fix them?"

(Cut to 2 1/2 hours later)
Service Guy: "So with the tire light, what we found is, two of your tire pressure sensors have stopped functioning."
Me: "....Yes [bites tongue.] And did you fix them?"
Service Guy: "Oh. Did you want them replaced?"

Do you ever want to take someone's head firmly in your hands, look deep into their vacant eyes, shake them and ask "Is there someone in there I can talk to?" I have a few times this week.



14:42 Aug 04 2021

15:07 Aug 04 2021

Life is a quandary sometimes.

15:50 Aug 04 2021

Christ. And I thought mechanics were supposed to be intelligent... Lol
But this is why I do all My Own mechanical work, myself. I don't give a damn how long it takes; at least I know what to do and what I'm doing.

20:10 Aug 04 2021

I feel this almost on a daily basis..... Seriously... daily basis.


16:14 Aug 03 2021
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What I need to tell myself...



16:16 Aug 03 2021

19:21 Aug 03 2021

Perfect sense. I am going to bite my tongue on my full thoughts at this point. Just not worth it. Forests momma said it best.... "Stupid is as stupid does." I never understood why people think negative attention is better than none at all. *shrugs*


14:27 Aug 03 2021
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Just sit back and listen to the words and this amazing singer...



14:44 Aug 03 2021


12:09 Aug 02 2021
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Iris, I am going to step into this pile of shit for a moment.

You use to be a sweet person. I hope you still are. I called you my friend. When you first came to this site you got a lot of unwarranted attacks. At the time I got to know you and a few times I stood up for you. When you and Jerry/Gerald got together I was happy for you both. I even told Jerry/Gerald that and you. However, this has gone too far. Wishing death on people with a horrid illness or for that matter wishing death on someone period is NOT the Iris I use to know. My worse enemy, ever I would not wish their death. Everyone has loved ones who care about them. Wishing someone's death is just horrible. I was shocked when I read your latest post. Is this the type of human being you really want to be in life? What IF you and Gerald one day do have a child. Is this the type of behavior you want your child to see coming from his/her's mother? Ask yourself what type of parent would you want, if you could have chosen, and try to be that type of parent for any child you might have.

Look, you know I have always been straight up with you. You need to back the hell off all the anger and the stupid fighting here. Do you remember how you felt when you were with someone then you broke up for whatever reason and they started seeing someone else on this site and then that girl started to rub your nose in it? You were hurt. Lana and Gerald were together a long time. They each moved on. Then you and Gerald hooked up. At first, your post was stating how happy you two were. And here I am not going to say you were totally at fought but it quickly got out of hand where you were rubbing Lana's nose in it. You had messaged me and I told you to knock that shit off. You told me you would. You gave me your word. Then today I see all the horrible journals you have made wishing death by covid on people. That is crossing a line.

Everyone involved in this latest nonsense is NOT faultless. So, no one posts how great it is I am giving Iris a verbal lashing in public. I have NO beef with anyone involved. You ALL are supposed to be grown-ass adults. You all need to take a step back to just breathe, walk outside for a moment. We all have come and still coming through a worldwide pandemic with so many people dying. A friend of mine this past week her 58-year-old husband passed away from covid. Here is a huge dose of reality for you :


Just stop. I mean of all the journals I have read in all my years here on VR, a member posting a death wish to another member is the worse post ever. Iris, Gerald, Lana.. all of you, you people are better than this. Iris, for what it is worth if you want my friendship then, girl, stop the journals. I wish you all the best and happiness that I truly believe you all deserve. We all come from all walks of life here, all backgrounds, good, bad, great childhoods and some of us horrible childhoods. Some of us have all had some hard times in life. I not saying we got to do group hugs but stop acting like a bunch of high school kids.

One last thing, Iris, you, and Gerald who as I said I am very glad you two are hitting it off but I know damn well sometimes you post to not journal how happy you are and gushing with love but to rub someone's nose in it. A love built on hurting others never lasts.

Now, I am going to step back out of this shit.



12:16 Aug 02 2021

Thank you Dakota for writing this. It's well written and for sake and all who are involved including me stops now. But the first step I believe would be iris's and then everyone else would need to step away too.

12:32 Aug 02 2021

It's coming from my heart. I do care about people here. Yeah, I agree with you and as her friend, I am going to do my best to reach her and reason with her to back off. I know down in Iris she is a kind person. Not even sure how this all got this bad. I have not been on much like I used to be due to my own personal life issues but now I am able to be here more and I got caught up on all this mess.

13:04 Aug 02 2021

Well said for fuck sake she has brought me into things even after I issued my blocks so she would leave me alone. I work a lot I don’t have time to deal with people texting me asking me why some damn lunatic is saying I am on my death bed when it’s not close to true. If they are as happy as they claim well then they need to shut up and enjoy each other stop causing drama and rubbing peoples noses into their fake romance

20:45 Aug 02 2021

High school students is giving the actions of this group TOO much credit. I have seen toddlers behave better. I know I for one am sick of the entire lot of them and their childish ignorance. It is really quite simple. If you do not like a person, do not read their journals. It doesn't take one single person to stop first... it takes everyone stopping the foolishness. If one keeps on, the others ignore it, the flame slowly dies. It needs to end now. Well said Dakotah.

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