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The Meadow

02:58 Jan 17 2014
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Two Hawks, a Elder of our local nation I visit often as I can. Recently he shared this lesson he was given.

A Robin came and brought a lesson to me. In the field, now covered with snow, dried grasses and muddy patches show through, I stand by the fire and as I talk, a small child asks me; why can’t it still be called the meadow instead of a field, if the flowers and grasses are gone? Where did they go, did they die, as I look at her and she waits my reply. I sit down and ponder how to reply. No they did not die I reply, it is still a beautiful meadow and the breeze has comes to whisper to us of the wise ways. But through the field did you feel the breeze? And her eyes twinkle. So you wonder about the meadow that lie still in the winter but the meadow and the flowers that are totally gone for now and only sleep blasted by winter's harsh, cold touch. I say, does the flower weep? Does the soil laugh at the gentle flower saying "Where are you now” tell me flower where is your playful sway; now that the soil is covered in snow. The flower does not weep for they are softly asleep. They are still there in its beautiful bloom dormant under the white blanket of snow and although nestled deep in the soil covered under the snow. Its precious potential and fragrant bloom is kept safe in silence. As the cycles come and go, the meadow knows soon spring will bring Mother Earth's tender touch back and awaken the meadows. She will begin to nudge their hidden beauty, inspiring them to begin their growth to become this next year's glory of flowers and green grasses and the trees empty. Now look over there, do you see the river running along its banks? Does the waters passing by laugh at the trees and bushes that have lost their leaves or had branches broken from the harsh weight of hard times. “No” the river loves the company of the trees and bushes and faithful waters share their spirit to their roots while they hunker under the wintry weather. I say to the little girl, isn't that like life? We have to see beyond what we see, and see beyond what we know. Because there is always possibilities, and there is always beauty and love. “Always” for the Cycles come every season. Sometimes it can be very rough. And for some it has been tougher and rougher than for others. But everyone’s soul and every soul, is beautiful and perfect. “No matter how it may appear“ or what it has gone through; or is going through. Like the flowers sleeping out by the cold snowy days, or the friends you know; whose homes were taken in the fall by floods and the rains or the pains that bring cold for no shelter. But things continue to change and spring will come and there can always be new growth, for it is the circle and the cycle of seasons. “Things will be ok” So my little one, do you see the meadow now? She stands up and runs to a spot and points as she cries; yes I see where a flower will grow right here! She reaches down and pats the ground with her hands so small tap, tap. I walk to her and kneel at her side and I pat the top of her head." I see where a flower will grow right here! I smile with her and we laugh. As I say a new season will soon be here…

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08:35 Jan 11 2014
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I was thinking of you today, when the feeling came over me; I wanted to hold you and slow dance and it hit me, I could hear the song everywhere; the sound was in the wind of the clouds high in the sky. I see the clouds dancing as the steps of winds drifted on by. As my eyes gazed to the soft pillowy shapes pass on by my heart dances with each breath as the clouds slow dance on by. How this song beats and moves my soul and my feet begin to makes me dance. Without any music or tunes playing a beats, but my heart is full of song and its own beat makes my soul dance. Somehow this strange tune fills me with silence and tears while I dance free; free like the wind, slowly drifting. When I see the tops of the trees I see the leaves blowing like waves that dance as I float on by. I notice the beautiful lil birds in sky flying high with me and they share this moment as we dance, like the waves of a river drifting away that dance to the tune of waves, dancing in my mind sing lyrics to the music with dance. And when I walk in the park, the plants with flowers dance with every emotion at the graceful dance flowerless dance, and leave’s a smile on my face with dance filling my thoughts; as the wrinkles on the forehead of happiness dance. I know people think I’m absolutely crazy, when people look at me while in my mind I’m dancing free. But I feel you and see you holding me, that embraces fills my soul in some happiness that makes me dance, and in some other dreams that dance that runs through my mind filled with Dance, Dance, everywhere, It is time for my soulful dance, and if you see me somewhere dancing; don’t fright it’s just that my heart dances and it’s something I can’t hide; it’s with that flawless step and precious kiss from your lips in which makes my whole face smile as I dance… My love I Dance, Dance, without tune in my steps with eternal love for you as I dance in the wind...



08:46 Jan 11 2014

You write so beautifully ..

Awesome song btw :)

09:10 Jan 11 2014

I get inspired by you my beautiful friend.

00:19 Jan 13 2014

Well , My Pretty ... I must say You inspire me as well :)


Pure Love

07:48 Jan 07 2014
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I have a story, gather I want to tell you; it is a love story between a Chief and his bride, in the morning of the day of days, the sky is continuously falls behind closed eyes; it’s with each breath like a dying streak across the morning sun fading and drifting like these grains of sands of time. The silent of the wind, blows softly, as I whisper into her ear; the voice that sends shivers through time and space, goose bumps running like the pellets of falling rain and her skin and the sensitive like flashes of pure pleasure.

The sun warms the air and the souls of time and two souls; bond from long ago, Him a chief and a mighty warrior none the less and strong, loving like no other, a man, a spiritual warrior; strength beyond words. Her petite, and pale body as pure as new fallen snow, soft as silk and pure as day; hair blonde as the golden sun and eyes as blue as the freshly clear skies; they walk in the field where the grass is tall, and a shade tree covers them like the walls of night; holding hand they begin to kiss; in that moment they were soft but passionate, his hand wandered down her dress, as he came to her thigh. Soft and pure as delicate as a rose the flesh like nothing he’d ever felt; her grasp longing so tight of his shoulders, her kisses warmed his neck with breath of pleasure as their lips embrace the trill of the hunt.

He find the moment of cascaded where the waters run pure on an ocean day; as he lifts her dress slowly up as she bites his neck and licks his ear; willing and free he lifts to the heavens and slowly mounts him as they become one; with every kiss he pressed her into the tree, firmly wrapped around his strong body she moans and groans like a storm. It was in the emotion, heat, lust and love that she offered him a gift, a gift of excitement like the echoing of distant thunder; as she screamed out his name Chief, Chief, Chief her with tears in her eyes, and tears running down her thighs; this was his bride, and he was her life. It was not only their bodies that blended into that tree, it was their souls that were a bond for life. Like the blind of my sight and the stars show so bright even if for a fraction in my mind.

Draining eternity of disaster, the souls will keep; it'll happily be mine I’ll rewrite beauty even if I have to leave it in the skies; for the whole world to see and captures with defined. This will not be the first of their love, because before that; they lived where the skies and the great spirits roamed; there flesh none and their souls bound in spirit; he is wise and spiritual and her flesh as pure as day. There legend will remain in the whispers of the wind; as they entered into this life and it will be that way until the day they die for pure love never fades away, just look to the skies and see them in the stars up so high…

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01:39 Apr 12 2014

That is totally amazing. You have a beautiful soul dear. :)

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