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18:47 Jan 29 2015
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So I had dreams of Death and Angels with Black Wings. I was in this room and there was a dead person laying on the bed and I witnessed an Angel with Black Wings remove the soul and upon knowing I can see him, he quickly vanished with the soul. Then I was laying on a couch and dying and I believe the reason I was dying was that I had seen the Angel. Well this other Angel came and covered my head with something and I could hear voices saying that I was died. I pulled back that covering and said not yet and there was surprise and shock on the Angel and he quickly tried to cover my face again so that I wouldn't see him. I fought to see him and noticed again Black Wings and then I saw his face. He had curly brown hair and his eyes sparkled like two diamonds. Knowing that I had seen his face he flew out of a window. Having survived Death, I found myself in what appeared to be an office with some friend who was there looking for employment. It seemed everyone was early because there was no receptionist. There was a line of about 8 people and 7 of them were very old and a woman that looked as though she was in her 20's, but suffering from what appeared to be facial Herpes. I could tell she was very self-conscious about it as she continued to hold her head down or cover her face whenever she looked up and around the room. Someone said something to me and I said, "Oh no, I've been retired going on 3 years I no longer require employment. I'm here with my friend." Then I remembered it was going on 4 years not 3 and smiled to myself. Then I laid down on a couch and thought that my friend really didn't have any competition since a business is going to see all of those people as them having to spend out money on medical coverage. So then from outside, some female began to stare at my buddy and I told him and he started smiling and walking towards the large window. When he got close to the glass, the female began licking the window from the outside. Now that was odd. So I told the people in line my feelings about their chances of getting hired in comparison to my friend's and they all thought about it, agreed and left leaving my friend as the only applicant. Then I found myself in a room and I witness papers fly off a shelf and onto the floor, but there was no wind. I said to myself that this is my dream and I can make anything happen so I concentrated and willed all the papers to go in reverse and fly back on the shelf. Then I smiled and woke up.




22:35 Jan 27 2015
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So the book arrived....damaged again!!! All four hinges busted. So now they're going to have to do an insurance claim. This is so frustrating. I thought they would have packed it a lot better after the first time because it's obviously too fragile just for bubble wrap.



01:57 Jan 28 2015

UGH! That sucks!!! I am a pro at packing fragile items. I can give them some pointers if they need help.


20:18 Jan 27 2015
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On Becoming A Warlock!

 photo ON BECOMING A WARLOCK_zps7k0ywv4s.jpg




15:48 Jan 27 2015
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Well apparently there was a delay so the tracking information places my BOS as at my local post office today. So let's see if the mail lady actually rings my doorbell or knocks and not just drop off a notice that I have a package to pickup. Last time I had to chase her down just to get my package that day. smh




00:03 Jan 27 2015
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Before there was Religion, there was Spirituality....




18:06 Jan 25 2015
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My custom made Book Of Shadows is due to arrive tomorrow...Hopefully it makes it here in working condition this time.




02:38 Jan 22 2015
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I wonder has anyone ever seen a woman's tears sold for use in potions?




21:44 Jan 04 2015
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Now ever since I retired and my income got reduced

I made a sacrifice and it's been nothing but continuous rest

Sometimes I just wonder at my success

Y'all look at me and say man you've been blessed

You don't even know the half of my happiness

Man I swear my life is awesome son

That's why you see me blogging and having so much fun

Hmm I see how my family and friends treat me now

Just because I don't work, have a Hummer and a House

And I may not be rich but I do what I can

But I can't answer every call to lend a helping hand

You see all I ever wanted was to be an awesome man

For me to save the world I don't understand

How did I become an example for a billion men?

And now you see my face all over the internet

Oh I can't believe my ears

And what everybody's sayin'

He's a devil worshiper, he's going to hell

He use to go to church every Sunday

He's like an angel that fell

While everyone is busy judging me

Still down on their knees praying for me

I'm yelling at the top of my voice

No need to try to save me from your God

I'm a Pagan Warlock a son of the Universe

You may distance yourself from me

I'll still love you and wish you happiness and peace

Someday I'll hug you again

Someday I'll shake your hand again

Someday we'll share a meal again

I'll find a way to you somehow

Just know I'm in a good place

Even though you can't see me face to face

I know you're only concerned about me

But everything's okay



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