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15:31 Feb 26 2023
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Good Morning, Vampire Ravers,

Well, alternating between creating content for both channels is really working out for me.

I recorded a video for my YouTube channel last night and it was a 1 Take!

I wonder what I will accomplish today.

Nothing really planned soooooo.......




18:47 Feb 25 2023
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Between this beautiful rainy weather and Indica Dabs, yeah, I'm still laying down chillin.

Taking it all in.

Enjoying my Life.





21:23 Feb 23 2023
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Both Fed and State taxes were filed.

I'll be changing out the 3rd toilet probably this Saturday.

Time to edit and publish my YouTube video.




09:03 Feb 22 2023
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Post Malone - Hurt People (Lyrics)




15:19 Feb 21 2023
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Porcupine Parents Protect Babies from Leopard



21:16 Feb 21 2023

That leopard was determined but Momma and Daddy said nay nay I stabby stab you!!!

22:20 Feb 21 2023

Nice to see parents protecting their young in the animal world.


17:42 Feb 20 2023
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Well, it has finally happened.

The nearest military base to me is no longer offering Free Tax Preparation Services.

I wasn't ready.

Well, IRS Free File: Do your Taxes for Free it is.

IRS Free File is Now Open
You may file your federal individual income tax return for free using tax-preparation and filing software. Let IRS Free File do the hard work for you.

What about my State Taxes?

Oh, no problem there either.

File directly with us — for free
Use CalFile to e-file your state tax return directly to the Franchise Tax Board. Get real-time confirmation and the fastest refund possible. And best of all, it’s free.

So, no driving 30-45 minutes away, both ways, in traffic sometimes, no spending money on Hummer fuel, and best of all, I get to Learn a *New* Skill in 2023.




05:30 Feb 20 2023
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22:20 Feb 19 2023
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Well, not to bash anyone, but I've read a few times how VR is so dead.

If the perception of Dead is members not chatting with each other PUBLICLY or chatting with you Specifically, well, I suppose one's perception is one's reality.

However, VR was designed as an Online Resource for the vampire community.

That means members and non-members may come and enjoy all the "non-communicating" features VR has to offer.

Is VR Dead?

Anonymous Users Online: 334
Registered Users Online: 7
Premium Members Lurking: 1
Total Users Online: 342

Unique visitors past hour: 1,004
Unique visitors past 24 hours: 4,120

I'd say the number of Visitors and Users...... Daily...... would have a different outlook.


In other news:

I've been busy Living My Life and Accomplish Home Projects.

I've now replaced 2 of the 3 twenty-year-old toilets that had started leaking.

The 3rd one will be replaced sometime this week.

TOTAL TIME: 1.5 Hours (Could be quicker)

Thanks to Cannabis, I Get Shit Done!



23:54 Feb 19 2023

I personally don't think VR to be dead, perhaps just quiet. :)

00:08 Feb 20 2023


19:16 Feb 19 2023
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Finally awake....However, it's still daylight outside. Eh, let's see what I can get accomplished.




20:38 Feb 17 2023
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It's not that they truly hate them

They just hate that YOU find pleasure in them

You being happy when they are not

Well, they just can't tolerate a world like that




18:54 Feb 17 2023
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When they think they've successfully deceived you, but you just enjoy playing along to prove a point...




16:45 Feb 17 2023
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How Tech Companies Are Profiting Off Your Anger - Long Story Short | The Daily Show




13:33 Feb 17 2023
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Life Update.

Well, let's start with, YES, the rumors are true.

I'm still Alive & still Awesome!!!

My Grandson who was born while his parents and siblings all lived with me back in 2019-2020 turned 3 years old today!

My neighbor, who benefited from me cutting down the trees that yearly messed up our yards and swimming pools must have seen or heard me chopping up more of the downed trees to place in my 2 trash bins, texted me offering for me to also use one of her trash bins for lawn waste, she's been a pretty good neighbor. She just allowed her daughter and grandkids to move in with her after her daughter's husband passed away and her daughter found herself unable to continue to pay the $3K+ monthly rent. Fuck, that's more than my monthly mortgage.

I've also been enjoying WeedTube's Pipeline app. I've been posting Micro-Seshes (1-minute videos) in addition to full-length videos. I'm also still showing my YouTube channel some love.

Bandit received his 3-year rabies vaccination and I renewed his county license so he's still all legal and medically protected.

I'm down to only 3 more need-to-do things for February and it will be another win for 2023.

- File Federal & State Taxes
- Replace toilet #2.
- Replace toilet #3




20:22 Feb 15 2023
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Bandit has been vaccinated so now I can renew his license.

Put some fuel in the Hummer and grabbed some more groceries.

Now back home...Chillin




08:38 Feb 15 2023
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07:48 Feb 13 2023
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01:23 Feb 10 2023
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When you're laying down and catch yourself smiling because at this moment....All Is Well.



01:25 Feb 10 2023

Those are wonderful moments! AND then to add to it just to make it that much better, you find that perfect arm, head, neck, leg position and you are just in utopia.

15:11 Feb 10 2023


13:21 Feb 08 2023
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Ok, mighty journal, wazzup?

Well, the backyard felling is complete, now moving into Phase 2 of 4.

Phase 1: Cut down.
Phase 2: Remove debris
Phase 3: Remove stumps and root systems
Phase 4: Create a Backyard Putting Green?


All monthly Bills for February have been paid.


The Vehicle Renewal Registration that is due every 2 years has been paid.


The last Bill that comes every 3 years will be paid once Bandit's vaccination is renewed and then I can renew his license with the County.


I was thinking, scheduling a Bulk Trash Pickup of these cut trees would require me to drag everything to the front of my house or pay to have it done for me, but decided on keeping everything covered with weed retardant fabric and just fill the appropriate 2 trash bins each week with what I cut from the stack until it's all gone.


I still have 2 new water-efficient toilets to replace the old 20-year-old ones with.

They are still in the box outside each respective bathroom waiting for me to tackle the project.

I mean, 1 done and 2 more to go so I know it's not that difficult.


I have one video each to Edit and Publish on my YouTube and WeedTube Channels now that Movavi has resolved all Effect Subscription issues after their last update.

Until I record longer content again, I'm deriving Endorphins from uploading Micro-Seshing videos to WeedTube's Pipeline. Making creative content in under 60 seconds is challenging, but hella fun!!!


Of course, the Endorphins continue with my OG Social Media Platforms......




12:48 Feb 08 2023
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Projects, Projects, Projects.....




19:51 Feb 07 2023
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All 10 trees are down.

I got a thank you from my neighbor whose pool won't be filled with debris from my trees anymore....Nor will my pool.

I wanted a backyard swimming pool large enough to take up the entire backyard, but noooo, my ex wanted some grass, trees, and roses as if she was going to be out there taking care of everything. Nope!

So I was ok with cutting down those trees as I released whatever spirit they had within them.




18:12 Feb 06 2023
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Well, 6 trees total cut down, and 4 more to go....but not today.




03:47 Feb 06 2023
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It would be them to do this....LOL!




01:02 Feb 06 2023
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Well, even though Movavi only works M-F, they actually took the extra step to work during the weekend resolving ALL of the issues encountered after their last update.

Now I can continue with my movie magic




05:09 Feb 04 2023
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Well, Movavi has assisted in resolving 2 out of the 5 issues their last update created.





21:54 Feb 03 2023
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06:20 Feb 03 2023
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Well, I narrowed it down to 3 things that may have caused hands, arms, chest, and neck skin rashes to the following items:

1. Old Spice Aftershave Lotion.
2. Ivory Bar Soap.
3. Dermasil Dry Skin Treatment Original Lotion.

These 3 items are the only three items I've applied to those areas.

I'm ruling out #3.

I stopped using #1 & #2.

The rashes had begun to go away, but out of curiosity and having that soap as the only soap I had prior to grocery shopping, I used it again after a long while. Twice!

Yeah, those same areas flared back up and are trying to spread due to my scratching and breaking the skin and then spreading it to the broken skin areas.

Then I read this on the internet:

For example, some people think they are allergic to Ivory soap, which is supposed to be moisturizing but can give some a rash. That is likely dry skin, not an allergy, said Dr. Sharon Jacob, assistant professor of medicine and pediatrics at the University of California at San Diego.
9 Everyday Reasons To Itch - ABC Newshttps://abcnews.go.com › Health › AllergiesNews › story


So ok, if Ivory soap is causing dry skin and rashes, then I'll be throwing that soap in the trash and using Aquaphor until the broken skin heals and then using Dermasil to keep the skin moisturized as I attempt to switch to a brand of soap that won't break me out.

It laughs at Calamine Lotion, but it helps from time to time.

However, Calamine Lotion drys out that area to keep it from itching, but then causes it to each later or the itching just returns.

1. Stop Scratching!!!
2. Keep areas moisturized as they heal.
3. Keep areas moisturized after they've healed.

Fucking Meas Suit!



06:59 Feb 03 2023

Just a thought, and maybe look into it further because I am not a dr.... but maybe aloe would help both with the itch and the dry skin... not the green stuff though... find the clear aloe... I buy it at walmart. :)

07:01 Feb 03 2023

oh and Vaseline also helps moisturize...

07:11 Feb 03 2023

09:44 Feb 03 2023

You're welcome. If you try it I hope it helps you. :)

13:07 Feb 03 2023

Buy handmade natural soaps. They are awesome.

13:36 Feb 03 2023


00:27 Feb 03 2023
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Just Wow!

This chick....





23:33 Feb 02 2023
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Drove to town today.
Had to get the Hummer SMOGed in order to renew my registration.
As they check the vehicle, there is always that small amount of anxiety about it not passing for some reason.
However, it has passed again.
So, see them in another 2 years.

Then I drove to the Pool Store to purchase more chemicals.

Then I drove to the Smoke Shop and gave into my urge to buy!

Just one wall of the store and it's stocked all the way around the entire store.

This is what I purchased.

Then I went to Home Depot and purchased a Chainsaw for my Backyard project.

Then I drove to the grocery store and purchased supplies.

Then I returned safely home...Mission Accomplished!

Lastly, I placed everything away, ate, and now.....






01:49 Feb 02 2023
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04:16 Feb 01 2023
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Synymata & Neverwaves - Bury Me Alive | COPYRIGHT FREE MUSIC



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