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Rankin Road

22:12 Jun 29 2024
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When I was around the age of 13, I lived with my grandmother and her 2nd husband Leeroy.
He was a postman, and he had a lovely 2-story home in a very nice neighborhood.
The house was a blue-ish color, and I befriended a white cat that my grandmother named Snowball.

It was a 3-bedroom, 2 1/2 -bathroom house and it was next to the woods.
The only thing that I thought was bad about the place, is that behind the house, in the field, was a burning cross once.
I guess you can figure out what went through my mind when I saw it.

The south. What can I say? LOL

But while I lived there, I remember a few personal things happened to me.
Not by any other person just to clarify that.

I remember drying my hair and suddenly I just KNEW when the phone was going to ring, and it did.
It was my mother.

But then one night, I was lying in bed, on my back with the TV on. I was drifting off to sleep but then I felt something sit on me. I was curious what the hell I was feeling, so I peeked open my eyes and saw shadow person legs straddling my waist. At the time I was Christian, so I was immediately praying to God, and then I had a thought. What if I jerked really hard? So that's what I did, and good thing too because when I did, I must have surprised it, and it went right through my bedroom wall to the outside.

I got up pacing my room back n forth trying to calm down and figure out what I just saw.
I do remember that it felt "Heavy". Very weighty energetically.

I called my mother and told her what happened, and then my grandmother must have heard me, and I told her what I experienced, but she just suggested I went back to sleep.

My mom proceeded to tell me about my Aunt Debbie's weird experience in the house I grew up in.

So that was the first time, not the last time, that I had a shadow person over me like that and it was the only personal experience I had at that house.




Cason St. - Belmont

19:14 Jun 28 2024
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I'm going to start labeling my paranormal experiences based on the places of where I have lived and in no particular order.

Cason street is where I lived when I had my daughter.
During my stay there, we had SEVERAL occurrences.

1- The smell of smoke as if the house was on fire which woke me out of sleep. There was no fire.

2- Shadow man as tall as the doorway, woke me out of deep sleep only to be standing there watching, and then leaving quickly through the closet and wall.

3- When my BF and I were lying in bed to go to sleep, we usually kept a halogen lamp on dim in the living room which was directly across from our bedroom. The light turned itself off. I asked Chris if he saw that, and he said yes. We both slowly got up and walked to the lamp and he found that the switch you turn, was turned to the off position.

4- My BF's brother Jeff stored his drums in my daughter's bedroom. We heard it make a "beat" sound by itself. I told Jeff about it, and he said, "Oh yeah! Those are my haunted drums."

5- I was holding my daughter to sleep on the bed, and all of a sudden, the musical toy on the wall played a little tune by itself. It was a pull string type of toy. I told my mother about it, and she said that she had to push it really hard to get it to play.

And that is all of the experiences that I remember at that house.

Those houses were called Mill Houses which were near the textile mills.
Those houses have since been torn down and no longer exist.



20:56 Jun 28 2024

Awesome looking forward to reading

21:19 Jun 28 2024

Wow. Love it

21:26 Jun 28 2024

Nice one look forward to reading about them

00:32 Jun 29 2024

It sounds like they were all "friendly" spirits at least


My Daughter

05:26 Jun 09 2024
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I have a 28-year-old daughter named Katelyn.
She hates anything to do with the paranormal. It's a NOPE for her. lol
She is skeptical like her father, and I told her, that's because you've never been in an environment where it's active.

But even though she gives herself normal reasoning for things, she doesn't want to see what everyone else sees.
What I mean by that is this...

Like right now, my bedroom is where hers used to be years ago.
She claimed that she would dream about shadow things in the corners of the room looking at her.
She even drew a "dream dragon" on the wall behind her bed (I'm assuming like a protector).

Now back when I was friends with Daniel aka Bloodsheen I wrote about before in the Vampire section of my journal, he and I were simply typing to one another on the computer, not speaking openly at all, and he was telling me about how his son likes this character called the "devil doll". Katelyn was maybe 7 or 8 years old, and she had a kitten book. While I was typing to Daniel, Katelyn walked right up to me and showed me what she drew on the back.
It was a devil doll.
I was like, "Holy shit." and I showed Daniel what she drew. Literally, his arm hairs stood up. LOL

Now in HER mind, it's nothing of course.

The next time that I recall, I had another friend named Paul that I was very close to as well (not the Shaman).
Paul was telling me about how his mother passed away in his arms in the hospital.
Katelyn at some point during school, wrote a random poem.
It fit everything that Paul told me.
Again, in her mind, she has simple reasons for why she wrote it.

The next moment I recall is when she visited her grandparents. Her father's mom & stepfather.
Her grandfather has a name he uses because he collects Tonka Trucks, so everyone calls him Tonka.
So one day, Tonka pulls out a piece of paper and drew a truck.
Katelyn drew a TNT next to it. Her Granny asked Tonka, "Did you tell her to draw that?" He said, "No, she just did it herself."
She was shocked by that because "TNT" by AC/DC was "their song".
Granny told me personally all of that story.

Again, to Katelyn, it's nothing.

What I have gathered by all of this, is that maybe she has psychic gifts through her artwork and writing.

Now let's go back to when I told her about the paranormal and being in the right environments.

Her first job was being a caregiver and she worked at an elderly facility called TerraBella Cramer Mountain, in a town called Cramerton in NC. It wasn't that name whenever she worked there.
While she was working 3rd shift hours, she said that there was one hall that she was walking down and something very solid and black moved quickly behind her. She saw it. Her words: She was thinking about what she just saw, trying to rationalize it. Then her brain said, NOPE that was too solid, and she realized it was something else, and it freaked her out. She asked her co-workers about it, and she told me that, one of them said yes, they have seen it before too, and that it wasn't anything to worry about.

She stayed there for about a year I think and whenever I stopped caregiving and changed jobs, she got hired where I work.
I don't know if she still has psychic drawing moments, but I know she writes in a diary.

So that's my daughter.



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