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Full bloods VS Mixed bloods

12:33 Jan 30 2014
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Recently a friend of mine here was attacked about her heritage percentage. Just a month ago a Chief I know gave this speech at a Indigenous Conference. His words really speak to the truth. I have made two passage in his speech stand out as to prove a point.

Words from a Wise Chief I know:

Since the full bloods have left us the “true hearts” and the “shadow children” in the parched barren deserts to live as Nomads wandering around with no clear sense of direction, it is up to each one of us to find new teachers who will guide us back to the land where the living waters flow freely; where all are welcome to drink of the spiritual waters or our ancestors words of wisdom that will quench our thirst and satisfy our bellies. In the ancient of days after the Nomad tribes spent days on end wandering in the wilderness by alone with no leader they would eventually band together and chose a new leader, and in time the Nomads would outnumber those who cast them out. This is symbolic of what is happening between the full bloods and the mixed bloods today.

-------They so called “wanna be’s cling more dearly to the value system of caring for one another and expressing brotherly love more so than the full bloods.------

-----This goes to show that some of the full bloods did not really value the system of the so-called “tribes” in the first place! If they did then they never would have rejected their own people in the first place.-----

We the people must come together; (the communities, and society) to unite as a whole to heal the ones who were forsaken so that future generations will not be left in the darkness and start following the path of our ancestors. Will you join us on the Red Road of healing? Would you be willing to call those who are different than you sisters and brothers? The Creator and our ancestors have given us a vision of global peace. A Warrior has emerged within me; I have woken up, and this warrior is standing before the world, he is standing for respect, trust and to be heard. A fierce storm is coming and few will survive; those who do will be taught to live from the land as we once did and love and accept one another without prejudice. The difference between the American Indians of the new world is that, they will become one race, given only one language. We need to quit thinking of race and start working for the world that the Great Spirit desires of us. There will not be any more radically distinct languages; their voices will become one; as all other have disappeared; the new indigenous tribe will emerge. Let us get back to the old ways. Let us move away from materialistic dreams and move closer to caring for each other like our ancestors did. That is my desire; lets us learn from our ancestors, the key too many things can be found there. Much can be learned there; let us remember and move forward to create a world the Great Spirit wants us to have. Let us be strong caretakers of Mother Earth and let us also teach others. New nations will stand and use their voices to be heard as we sing our songs of peace, play our drums, and dance to the new beginning, As the new American Indian inhabits this nation; “We will never surrender” “we will survive”.

 photo untitled_zpsac4c24fc.png



17:33 Jan 30 2014

This is so beautiful .. And I really appreciate this ..

You are Such a wonderful man Hun :) And Wonderful Friend :)

Too bad more people aren't like you *winks* but then again you are one of a kind !


The Eagle

02:51 Jan 17 2014
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When a female eagle chooses a male she will take a stick and fly high into the sky and drop it, the male will have to chase as it falls and catch it before it hits the ground. If he passes she will take it higher and drop it so it falls even faster and the male works harder to catch it. She does this so that one day when they have babies she will be able to build a nest in the highest of trees and have confidence in her man to be able to make the catch if any of her babies were to fall. . . In a relationship there will be tests from her to you. Be man enough to accept and exceed those challenges to show her just how much she means to you and how far you're willing to go for her love.




Rain Stick

09:21 Jan 07 2014
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I want to make one of these.

 photo 1524944_1480714595488184_1252184718_n_zpscb3b0d5b.jpg

The rain sticks come in many sizes and colors. Creating the sound of falling rain was once believed to bring about a storm, thus the magic powers of a rain stick. Made from a long, hollow tube--traditionally from cacti that was hollowed by drying in the sun--the tube is filled with beads or beans. When the stick is turned over, the beans fall through the tube. A sound like that of falling rain occurs when the beans bounce off the thorns inside.



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