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A spell to shed the lamentation

07:05 May 01 2024
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So you freaks want a spell. I'm not seeing a lot of actual spells on here and I figure some of you may truly want to practice something and have no idea how to start; who to talk to; or are just curious and want to do something "different".
This spell is practiced alone; needs no maxim; and I can completely absolve myself of all guilt should something horrifying happen to you.
Remember when you stare into the abyss; sometimes the abyss stares back.
This spell originates in black magic and is practiced mainly by well; vampires. This isn't for the light of heart either. Blood is involved. I was beginning to say it is sort of like an attraction spell but no it really isn't when I think on it. (a good attraction spell uses moon water; not all of them, but i've seen them work with moon water; i'm sure some of you know what that is)

If you are being haunted by something you aren't sure of; don't have a picture of; isn't human; etc. this is NOT for you. You need help. Of a type you can't handle alone. This is for people who want to dismiss loved ones, break the love they still have for someone who doesn't feel the same; are being bullied by someone they know; or otherwise want to detach themselves from the pain of a specific person whatever the reason.
I am not telling you to DO this. I'm just merely telling you of a spell that actual vampires have used. I was taught by people who did it, who were taught by people who did it. etc.

This spell will be practiced on the first night of the new moon

Two candles will be placed beside you in the ward of your creation. If you're going to do this without any wards or protections. well thats on you. You will have a picture of the one who afflicts you. You will have a towel or bandaids. You will be robed and if you don't have any then you're going to be naked or in your undies because we are shedding all notions of gender and sex here. those things don't matter. the little things that make up you in life don't matter. what matters is the intent. MAGIC IS THE IMPLEMENTATION OF YOUR WILL INTO REALITY. you are pushing your own energy to the forefront of the aether. youre casting it out and pushing whatever this is that constricts you, out. you got it. great.

You will need a knife and a container. the knife will be something that is sharp and means much to you. I use an antique razor from Paris circa 1908. I love it. It is my personal ceremonial knife. No one will ever use this except you. ever. it will be buried with you or you will bury it if you should stop practicing. same rules with the container. you will use something like a wine glass, shot glass, goblet, coffee cup you love, fuckin protein bottle, I don't care as long as it means something to you and has time with you.

so are you sitting on the ground? are two candles lit to either side of you? are no other lights on? It's the first night of the new moon? are you protected (wards or even trinkets with blessings of protection)? alright. lets get started.

Clear your mind. breathe slow. place the picture face up in front of you between the candles. close your eyes. focus on the one who afflicts you. Do you know them closely? Do you know their touch? their words? think of this person as they relate to you. Run through your whole personal history with this person. breathe. always breathe. open your eyes.

1. Cut yourself and pour a mouthfull of blood into container. *I'm gonna need at least a half a shot glass out of you. it's a strange thing cutting yourself with intent; I find cutting my bicep pretty easy; top of my hand as well (but it scars). you will cut yourself and after you pour it into the container you will NOT get up and clean yourself yet. NO. you're in the middle of something serious. so wrap it up in the towel or throw some bandaids on it.*

2. Close your eyes while gripping container. with intent from inside you like you've never known. and as crazy as this may be you're gonna have to get deadly serious right now. you will recite:

Sanguis ut Pulvis Sanguis pro Silentio Sanguis pro Pace
Sanguis ut Pulvis Sanguis pro Silentio Sanguis pro Pace
Sanguis ut Pulvis Sanguis pro Silentio Sanguis pro Pace

( and you will recite this however many times it takes to pour yourself fully into those words. sometimes i'll have to recite for minutes before I get serious about it. sometimes I think these things are silly. we all do sometimes. and then other times I know its not silly at all and I mean every damn word within one recital. the point is you should reach a point where you feel very confident saying it and you mean it; every syllable. you can even start saying it in your mind but you WILL say it out loud before stopping. to make will manifest words of power must be put out into the world; not just thought; however powerful you think your thoughts are, the world doesn't know it until you say it; with conviction. got it. good.)

3. Drink. *alright you've made it this far; if you're a real vamp you will know that imbibing more than "just a lick" means really tasting the rust wine; the battery grape; the bitter river; and believe me; it can be quite abrasive swallowing down more than a licks worth from your favorite donor. You're swallowing a whole nice shot of your own vitae. it will be bitter. you're past the point of no return here. don't vomit or you ruin it all. in fact...i've never seen anyone vomit but i've come close. Don't do it or all this is for nothing)

4. Eyes closed, place container beside you and open eyes directly onto the picture. *keep your mind clear now; you have drank; now you are finishing up the ritual. so NO thinking bad about this person or banishing them or anything else. I could tell you why but I dont wanna scare you. just stay neutral and look at them.

5. Pick up picture and burn in candle. placing the burning picture into the same container you drank from. (stay neutral my friends, just be content with the work)

6. close your eyes and close the spell with a recited "As I will it, it is so" or you can even say "Amen". Blow out candles.

ANNND SCENE. that's it. you've done it. go clean yourself up. you are now a practicioner of magic (specifically of the black or left hand variety), and now you can branch off into white or continue on and find a maxim and really learn about other great spells and rituals of black magic.

"Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law" :) until next time.




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