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22:33 Jun 25 2022
Times Read: 41

clearly your not getting the hint mistressofchains I told you if kept harassing me and judging me you would be sent to a jail coven your on your way heading there right now as we speak since you keep taking my honor on my sire ReaperSoulMate your being sent to my favorite jail coven whom i know wont trade you or unblind you no matter what fuss you make saying sorry to me three days later after you said you dont feel like it just wont work for me i find you to be horse shit and a lying piece of shit you dont mean it when you say sorry clearly you just want me to unblind you in my coven and unblock you because your winnning after judging me in the main cancers forums complain about me saying god dam it
while you call your aunt a bitch under your breath on 9 to 9 basics




07:19 Jun 25 2022
Times Read: 78

If you are the type of person that can't say sorry for harassing , Bulling , Or abusing people mentally I don't want to be around you remotely I also dislike judgmental freaks I'd rather hang out with a bunch of kind people who are always kind to me while I return the kindness favor and just like to chill and listen to music through the microphone just vibe is really great way to explore peoples interest in my opinion. I know I will find these types of friends one day that will never stop talking to me no matter what.



07:40 Jun 25 2022

People come to bring you something within your life even short term. You guide those people, maybe they need to learn something from you for something that will happen to them in the future. Always be grateful even it feels like a bad fucked up situation, in the long run you will grow and get stronger from it,.

there is always a plan for the universe to put us in contact with others, even online hun. Trust your intuition, instincts, and faith that you are where you need to be in this moment.

08:53 Jun 25 2022

I'm tired of having friends that are short term I Want long term friendships someone I can just dork around with on 9 to 9 I don't like losing friends honestly it makes me sad so I try to make more but it gets harder every day to make friends for me I dont know why I just sometimes feel like I dont belong in the world because of my views
or what I like ect or what I like being or what I love its weird to others people the only person that its not weird for is my ghost she likes everything I do even if its weird ID just wish the universe would stop handing me short time friends allot


As a Reaper my intentions where to save you but now God told me not to save you no more from juging me

23:11 Jun 23 2022
Times Read: 101

Want to know what else I know you lie about the factor you claim you have PTDS and you see shadows in the corner of your eye maybe if you would just accept your stupid fucking gift and stop being a negative snow flake about it you would stop seeing shadows and look positive upon the world with out being judgmental Spirit are only known to go after someone that's a show because they know you see them once you acknowledge the shadow it comes into your life at some point in time because you like to be negative you see shadows because you don't cleanse your self with sage or even bother to play Holy music or even Holiness Rap like the song I posted of Armies by 10k B Yesterday your mom came through me and screamed your name again through my screen in a female voice trying to get your attention your moms been like dead for a couple of years now instead of saying you miss her how about you start accepting her and stead of judging her tone as a negative spirit you know my intentions where to save you from the shadows coming to you and so you could see them as light maybe if you didn't judge them you could see them more clearly like I do I see white orbs not shadow orbs because I accept them I only see one shadow that flies across my top ceiling because I accepted it so it no longer appears in the corner of my eyes because I accepted the shadow being

I also know I was a shaman in my past life I can heal the living like I do the dead everyone is a spirit that's living and I talk to your souls
I see them and I accept them as they are negative energy spirits that's why they are not in the close eye sight of mine anymore like they use to be as well
I can even talk to your soul with out you knowing it and feel what you feel to wondering why your so drained I can figure you out so fast you don't even know your self
You need sage and to cleanse your self of from negative energy feeding around you or your either feeding it

Just like I had a dream you where a octopus and me and Death where tossing you in the dream across the ocean like you where a foot ball on a foot ball field and I was riding on a Orca with death and than death threw the spirit animal very far into the distance I laughed while you where drowning me in my emotions
because you are judging me and that is only Gods job see what did i fucking tell you I can sense and see shit
hear and smell it too
once you learn to accept it you will no longer have PTSD

And once you learn to accept your moms voice because I hear her too




First I deal with neighbors now I half to deal with your dumb ass on the initernet come at me HOE

18:18 Jun 23 2022
Times Read: 138

I down rated you and blocked you Mistressofchains and took your honor because you lied to my mother saying you would say sorry to me for complaining about me saying God Dam it in the main cancer forums on things people don't like and one person stood up for me saying I can swear saying god dam it now that I have proof you call people a bitch I'm going to show you what a bitch really is

not only you talked behind my back and judged me and not only you called me a bitch on top of it I find you to be a heartless piece of shit I gave you negative honor last night because I stated I was waiting n your behalf to change your a grown ass 47 year old going on what 48 in October you sure as hell act like a GOD DAM 10 YEAR OLD SAYING NO MOMMY I WONT SAY SORRY SHE KEEPS SWEARING GOD DAM IT IF I WAS SWEARING AT GOD YOU FUCKING SNOW FLAKE ILL BE LIKE HEY GOD FUCK YOU AND THE WORLD YOU CREATED BUT NO LOOK HERE SUGAR I'M SWEARING AT THE PERSON NOT AT GOD YOU DUMB HOE.




17:33 Jun 15 2022
Times Read: 168

So I had a dream of dead bees last tonight maybe its about the people because it was allot of dead bees not just one but a swarm of them dropping dead on to the floor
Oh and there was a bee waiting at someones door way tucked in the knuckle I think this is Karma coming your way for the thousand weeks of hell




17:48 Jun 15 2022

I had a dream early this morning about large title waves, coming in from all sides. I was in the room in the attic. I kept hearing a man saying we are safe here, when the wave hit. The I looked out the window and here comes a wall ove water traveling down the beach, all I could say is how is the wave doing that, then it hit the house. The house came off the foundations bring force down the beach,

I woke up with the question way was the wave coming down the beach that way?

How the hell did the house get on the beach in the first place when it was inland?

18:07 Jun 15 2022

The floods are coming again yes sounds like something in Florida again I had a simulare flood dream about the south end of America but instead the flood grew massive I had this dreamm 3 years ago I see 3 years into the future so yes the floods are coming and yes it does sound like it was In;land from the past spirits that lived there telling you a future too the dreams start off like that than you will have a dream about war like I did before world war 3 hit today with urkian I also had the dream of the war 3 years ago before it even happens I even have dreams of things being experimented on in the lab under ground and everything is chrome

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