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00:38 Apr 16 2024
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Well, the beach was good to get away from the hustle of the work, yet I felt like did not do much, the weather was overcast and dreary, yet by the time I get to check in and get somewhat settled the day was half over. Spent most of the night bouncing from bar to bar, just getting a feel for the atmosphere and local food and people.

What was funny was at the convention center was an AA convention. Really lol. but the beach was packed except for the bars. just relaxed played some Keno and ate. needed to wind down from stress at work and other matters going on in my life. But it was good time and down time. I took my time coming home stopping at little towns on the way back for antiques and food.

Meet a friend when I got into town for a late dinner and drinks, and now Reality of life and work comes back to haunt my fragile mind set. oh yeah hope it's a good week.




20:02 Apr 12 2024
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Weekend is here decided to head to the beach tomorrow for a day. Need some down time away from work and the bullshit going on in my life right now. Really can't afford it
IRS still going over my tax refund. but I will make it happen.

If you need me message me, be off and on tomorrow and tell Sunday night. Today is sunny need to mow the yard and get some stuff done. So i dont need to feel like i need to stay home and do stuff. Sorry friends really need this time away from here. Before I go insane. I feel as my mind is losing its tempo.




22:33 Apr 05 2024
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Been kind of quiet here on VR. I mean messages or forum posts. Seen a lot of members on and off but they seem pre occupied.

Oh wellprobably taxes, yard work, spring cleaning. People are busy. Seen a few new faces on VR , which I am glad too see. Need this place to get hopping like the days I remember.

Weekend days you know the drill, be off and on. Message me if you need something.



19:27 Apr 08 2024

Taxes for me. And sis not well Sunday.


23:04 Apr 04 2024
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Mother Nature is a jester, for she teases you with the warmth of the sun for a day; and then she throws the rain and darkened clouds at you once again. This creates the shivers that you feel deep within your bones that seem to never go away. It also in some cases gives the depressed state of mind. For nothing seems to brighten the mood of the cloudy soul of those who have just gone months of winter and darkness.

I like others feel the crush of society and economic woes of this land. Doesn’t matter what country you live in or the ethnicity we come from we all are in the same boat. A foul situation that clings like a plague on lower-class society. Though we work to try and pull ourselves out of the quicksand of disparity, we cannot seem to grab hold of nothing that will help us. For it seems to be an endless cycle of life with no relief.

I see now why many individuals lose their minds and lose their hope a once thriving society has turned into a machine against the human race, to devour and destroy the common way of life. God help us all. For I hope the future becomes once again a thriving society like the days of old.




23:10 Apr 02 2024
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Have you had a dream so powerful that when you woke, you swore the dream was truth and happened? It happened to me Sunday night. I was slumbering almost to that deep sleep, when I felt the patter of small feet on the hard wood floor to the room and the tremble of the bed and a presence next to me, then I felt the pressure of something on my chest. Soon I felt the small nip without teeth on my nose with a warm breath and then the snuggle of fur on my face. Then I felt as if something was leaving, and the pressure left my chest.

It is what my Jinx (cat) did to me every night after I came home from work and was ready to sleep. The same routine for almost 5 years. And then he would cuddle next to my stomach as we both slept for some time until I became restless, and he left for somewhere else less active.

It was so real that I got up looking for him, yet the house was empty and there was no sign of him. Was it a ghost or just my mind playing practical jokes on me as usual. It was so real, the feel of the nip on my nose, the breath from him and even the fur upon my face for the snuggle. Wow I am imagining things.
Lost thoughts and feelings of this senile man.



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