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19:29 Aug 16 2022
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Sometime today or this week, I'll be making a shared profile for my husband and I. This idea comes as SOMEONE doesn't know how to leave me alone when he is around here. Anyways. My husband is MY DOM as well. So, yeah. Be on the look out for the profile either today or this week. Also, this profile WILL BE GOING TO Grimoire of Forbidden Sins as well! It was already promised to that coven as well.





01:48 Aug 16 2022
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So, this is gonna be a mix of a lot of things. So, first off, i've been grinding on Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis and what not. That, explains why I haven't been on as much as well. That game is a lot of fun and it reminds me, on how much I have missed gaming as well. It literally helps me unwind and what not. So, I run two classes. Well, one is a main class and the other is a sub-class. My main class is Braver which is currently sitting at level 20 and will hit 21 and possibly 22 tonight while Force is sitting at either 18 or 19...18 I think. It's a fun game for sure and there is ALWAYS something to do as far as quests and side quests.

So, a second thing that I was thinking about....So, you wanna try and get in contact with me and pull me into your drama with some other people? Yeah, no. Keep your petty drama away from me and stop going to others and hitting on them. You wanna cause this mess? Cause, you won't win this little game that you started. Keep deleting and coming back. If you are gonna leave, then stay gone and don't come back. Oh and, be original with your names as well. You are too obvious. You honestly think I want a repeat with what happened so many years ago with your sisters. I don't need to dive into a dark place again. Its scary and I don't wanna end up in a Psych Ward again because you can't leave me alone along with others.

Things with the husband have been amazing though. He's the most amazing man ever and I couldn't ask for a better partner in life either. He takes such good care of me and vice versa of course! He's so supportive as well! Honestly, he's been a breath of fresh air for me and helps my mental health more than anything else. He actually planned a date night for us this week and I am so excited as well! It's been awhile since we have had a date night. We're both usually tired from work or doing stuff during the week. Well, especially with the cleaning we have to do, since we have little Miss Freya the Ferret. Which, she's getting so big!! Also, my husband surprised me with a Stitch plushie today as well :D He really knows how to make me feel better after a stressful day

Also, work is work. Hours are still cut for another two weeks. Though, today, I managed to bust my ass and break a nail as well. Lol. Honestly, I find it funny when I break a nail. Some females would get all upset and what not... Me? "Oh..I broke a nail...Oh well."
Legit, I don't care. I'm not even high maintenance like that. Anyways. I pretty much ran circles around my coworkers today and did some heavy lifting as well...Which included two stall mats. You'd be surprised on how heavy those are. One of my team leads, pulled me to the back to help with the pick list, which means dog, cat and other feeds. That crap can be heavy especially horse feed. Which, I did pull a pallet of 29 items.... 20 bags of our Alfalfa hay pellets and 9 bags of horse feed...Man that was a pain to even pull to the back as well. I also, ended up with a massive headache that went away after I took some excedrin as well. Anyways...That's about it!




Port update

23:17 Aug 09 2022
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I literally forgot to add the photos back into my port. Anyways. Photos have been added!!!




Coven Stuffs

22:02 Aug 09 2022
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I'll be working on new coven threads in the coming days. First up is Greek/Roman Mythology and the locations of their statues in ancient and modern times along what they were known for. I will be doing their Roman names parentheses as well. I will, also be adding some lesser gods and goddesses to the mix that were well known and some that weren't so well known. Stay tuned :D




07:52 Aug 05 2022
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It took me a minute or too to figure out what area I wanted to post this in. Anyways.

So, I wanted to talk about peer pressure and dating. Has this ever happened to you? If it has, or you are the person doing it, please take a step back and evaluate yourself and ask yourself these questions:

1. Why am I doing this?

2. What will I gain from it?

3. Am I just lonely?

4. Am I making the right choice?

5. Am I making them uncomfortable?

In way, if you answered any of these questions with A YES, back off of the person and leave them be. Yes, people find lovers and what not on here, but online dating isn't for everyone to begin with. First things first, self care and keep that focus on yourself and what not. Do not engage in dating unless you are ready for it to begin with. Personally, it took me awhile to find the right person. Now?

I'm happily married and we have officially been together as a couple for 1yr (July 30th was our Anniversary for dating, we were married May 16th of this year)

I would say, for those who are having trouble finding someone or think they need someone to fill a void, you don't. Find your happy place and focus on that. That also took me a bit to realize as well. Things do come differently to people, that I know, but the fact is, don't go looking for love, let it come find you.





20:38 Aug 04 2022
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So, for two weeks I don't get to see my lil boy since they're gonna be out of town...Ugh!!! I need to see him! I miss my little spunky boy!!!



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