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Yew Tree House Part 5

02:19 Feb 17 2024
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Kara had fallen into a deep sleep and four hours had passed by . It was now three in the morning the witching hour and Kara awakened by the outside shutter banging against the window . Kara sat up in bed still half asleep and eyes still unable to focus correctly but she could hear the loud bangs against the window. As she began to focus more clearly she noticed the bedroom light swaying from left to right at a very fast speed yet there was no breeze coming from the open window . The shutter began to bang harder against the window and Kara was starting to grow afraid . She was about to get out of bed to close the window when she heard the bedroom door shaking and the door handle moving up and down . A mist was beginning to make its way under the door and slowly rising up. The light was swaying faster and the shutter was banging faster and harder against the window the door handle rattled louder and louder as the door shook violently . The mist grew thicker and covered the bedroom and Kara could not move paralysed by fear she felt so cold and desperately tried to cover her ears and close her eyes and saying in her mind its just a dream its not real . She repeated it over and over until the bedroom door burst wide open like an explosion . The mist disappeared quickly to reveal a tall man with long jet black hair and burning red eyes wrapped in a long black cloak . It was him the man she dreamed about the man in the forest . She made contact with his eyes this turned her fear into lust and full on desire . He was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen and she could not look away . He had a cruel smile as he used his power to control every movement she made . He had no need to speak he used his hypnotic eyes to command that she moved forwards to the end of the bed and to keep looking into his eyes . She did as he commanded and she stayed under the control of his hypnosis . He sat on the end of the bed with her and raised his hand to rub her cheek and stared deep into her eyes and continued to softly rub her cheek . She was lost in his eyes and waiting excitedly for his next move . Once he was sure she completely under his influence he gently push her down on to the bed and he turned her neck to one side and ran his sharp nail down it tracing her vein that pulsated and gave off an arousing shape as it moved . He open his mouth to reveal his long sharp fangs and sank them deep into her flesh bursting open that pretty vein and sucking the red elixir that poured out through the punctured holes his fangs made . Kara let out a blood curdling scream and her hands gripped the bed sheets tightly . She could hear him sucking her blood and draining away her life . The pain was excruciating but arousing at the same time. She knew she was dying but what a beautiful way to go . She could hardly feel anything now and the bedroom was becoming so dark as she began to fade away into his embrace . Then all of a sudden she heard her phone ringing and she sat up fast . It was daylight and everything was normal . Kara laughed and realised it was just another stupid bad dream . She felt like she was hung over as the daylight was hurting her eyes . She got out of bed and looked in the mirror and to her horror she noticed a bite on her neck . She looked closely at the mark in disbelief . She said out loud it must be an insect bite but deep down she knew it was something els something sinister and deadly and it knows how she tastes and it can get in her house .




Yew Tree House Part 4

02:44 Feb 16 2024
Times Read: 43

Five weeks had passed since Kara moved into Yew tree house . Nothing out of the ordinary had happened in that time . Kara spent her time dedicated to writing her novel . In order to unwind Kara would go for walks down to the river and sometimes into the village . Kara would often look towards the forest and wonder what was really hiding in there . She kept saying once she had time she would see about going in the forest just to see what it was really like and maybe get some inspiration for her novel .

The weather was getting much warmer and a heatwave was on the cards . The house was starting to feel stuffy and desperately needed air . Kara opened all the windows upstairs and down . She decided to work out in the back garden . The afternoon past and early evening came and Kara found herself with an overwhelming sense of fatigue . She rested her arms on the picnic table and laid her head on them and just thought of resting her eyes but before she had a chance to think anything els she fell into a deep sleep . She began dreaming about walking into the forest and hearing her name being whispered through the trees . She could see two points of red lights darting through the branches and pulling her like a magnet deeper into the woods . The noises of nocturnal animals and birds echoed through the air and the night sky lit up by stars soon became covered by a thick white mist a mist that was encasing her in forest . The red lights were moving forward heading straight for her and her name was no longer being whispered it was now a voice she hear clearly . Kara was terrified and she knew it was time to run but to where ? The mist was falling from the sky and wrapping its self around the trees and blocking every view of a way forward and preventing any hope of escape . The two red lights were coming closer and something that sounded like a sheet blowing in the breeze on a washing line was coming too . Kara forced herself to turn away and try and run away . As she ran the ground became more uneven and caused her to trip and fall backwards down a steep incline . She lay flat on her back and cried out in pain she was about to get up when the mist grew thicker and the two red lights looked down on her and slowly began to form a tall man with long black hair and the two red lights formed burning red eyes . He was wrapped in a long black cloak and he was stood right over her . Kara could hardly breath and she was frozen to the spot . She wanted to scream but the man reached down and put his cold finger on her lips and gesturing that she should stay quiet . She looked deep into his burning eyes and she could not stop thinking how handsome he was and feeling a strong sexual desire for him . She kept looking into his eyes and wanting him but then he opened and revealed his long sharp fangs and as he was about to lunge forwards to bite her she woke up . Kara's heart was pounding and her hands were shaking . She found she was sitting outside still in the pitch black . She grabbed her phone and found she had slept in the garden for six hours . She stood up and used the light from her phone to guid her back into the house . As she was gathering up her laptop and making her way back into the house for a split second she saw the two red lights again and heard her named being called . She went quickly back into the house and turned on the lights . The house was still so hot and Kara still felt so tired . She locked up the house and closed all the down stairs windows and made her way up to bed . She decided the dream was down to working to hard and her mind was just playing tricks on her . It was so hot and she decided to ignore the agents warning about keeping the window closed at night . She pushed open the bedroom window and took off most of her clothes and laid on the bed . Within seconds she had fallen back into a deep sleep and outside the red lights were making their way towards the bedroom and keeping Kara in its sights .




Yew Tree House Part 3?

02:44 Feb 12 2024
Times Read: 72

After looking through the files on the last occupant's of Yew tree house the agent decided to take a drive up to yew tree house . He took the house keys with him and locked up his office for the night . Making his way to his car and opening up the door . He sat in the car thinking long and hard about taking his new client there in the morning and feeling the dread of handing over the keys . He began to drive through the village making his way onto the country road and passing the forest that claimed so many lives . He briefly stopped the car and looked towards the forrest and began to remember the events of last summer . Seven local teenagers thought it would be a fun dare to enter the forest late at night and see how long they could stay in there for . The following morning five of those teenagers were found dead and one remains missing the only one teenager made it out alive and is still locked away in a mental hospital nobody can get any sense out of them they are locked away in terror and most likely will never recover . The agent drove away with a heavy heart and finally began the drive up to yew tree house . He could see his to let sign swaying in the distance . He stopped outside the house and unlocked the heavily padlocked gate and made his way up to the front door . The keys to house were heavy and after two years the door was a heavy push to open . The house was ice cold inside and even though it was light outside the house seemed to push away the light . The agent checked to see if all the electrics were still functioning . To his surprise all the light came on and the fireplace was ready for its new owner . The living room gave off an oppressive feel with its old dark gothic furniture and odd collection of stuffed animals and dried flowers . The agent made his way up the old wooden staircase and checked the bedrooms . Everything was neat and tidy as if nothing had ever happened . The master bedroom was also clean and tidy . He stood and looked at the regal fourposter bed and wondered how anyone would ever dare sleep in it . He gazed out the bedroom window that had a direct view to the forest and he noticed the light beginning to fade . He knew it was time to leave but just one last room to check . He walked back down the stairs and wandered into the kitchen again all clean and tidy and all the appliances worked and the fridge and freezer were clean and looked like new .The kitchen was not the room he wanted . His eyes caught sight of an old door that was bolted at the front . That was the room he did not want to go in but had no choice but to check . He pulled the stiff bolt across and used the torch from his phone for light . He placed a chair against the door to make sure the door would not close behind him . He walked in and made his way down six concrete stairs that lead him down a narrow corridor and to another large wooden door that to his relief was still padlocked . He knew not what was behind that door and he did not wish to find out . The room was deathly cold and cramped so he knew it was time to get out . He quickly made his way out and bolted the door . He passed the living room and glanced at the window and noting how all the fabric in this house was dark and so out of date . Just as he was about to walk into the hall the living room door slammed shut before his eyes . That was his cue to get out . He left quickly and struggled to lock up the front door . Once it was locked he walked fast to his car . He padlocked the iron gates and as he turned to look at the house the master bedroom light came on and just for a second he saw the figure of a young man with long black hair and glowing eyes looking down at him . It was not the first time he had witnessed this terrifying figure . He knew only to well who it was and why it was there . Night was fast approaching and he could hear the forest coming to life and whispering his name . He got into his car and quickly drove away he didn't stop until he was well away from yew tree house and the forest . The agent was finally back in the village and he drove up to the local pub he needed a stiff drink to help ease the fear he had just felt at yew tree house . As he made his way into the pub he received a text message from the next potential occupant . The lady was angered by one of his agents trying to put her off taking the property on . Her message conveyed that she wanted to rent the house and she knew what she was doing . The agent looked up from his phone and uttered the words “Do You ? “




Yew Tree House Part 2

03:04 Feb 11 2024
Times Read: 90

The agent only got through to an answer machine so he left a message informing the owner he had found a potential caretaker for yew tree house and he would call again to let the owner know if the client had accepted or not . The agent poured himself a drink and opened a file he kept hidden in his desk . The file contained the details of the past caretaker's along with newspaper article's about each owners untimely end . He sat looking at the photos of each caretaker. Each face haunted him . The agent forced himself to read some of article's .

Micheal Henderson age 30 primary school teacher from Leeds found dead at Yew tree house . Cause of death remains a mystery police have found no suspects in young mans death .

Lucy Jones age 23 student from Devon found dead in forest near yew tree house. Body badly mutilated . Was staying at Yew tree house police claim work of a maniac.

Keith and Mary Hardcastle both 45 years old from Colchester found dead in apparent suicide . Their 15 year old son David missing presumed dead family remain hopefully he will be found alive evil house strikes again

The most recent Johnathan Morse age 29 from Leicester a promising young actor mysteriously disappeared from Yew tree house after making frantic phone call to his father . His girlfriend Grace Winter age 23 found dead in nearby river police baffled by death and disappearance . Police believe house is evil and public should stay away .

The agent knew it was not the house at fault it was the owner . He sat thinking of ways to put the next client off but he knew only to well that as soon as the client entered the house something would make them want to stay . Maybe they would change their mind he could only hope . How could he keep luring people to their deaths why was he chosen to keep feeding that place more victims ? Fear of the owner forced his hand every time . He had hoped the authorities would have seized the property by now . The owner must have friends in high places to keep that house available . The agent closed up the file and hid it away knowing soon it would have another victim to add to its list




Yew Tree House Part 1

01:52 Feb 09 2024
Times Read: 113

An 18th century house stands alone just outside ancient forrest . The house is mostly hidden by large yew trees and is protected by large spiked iron gates . Amongst the beautifully decaying property is a road that leads to a charming old English village . The village can be reached on foot by walking through the forrest. The owner of the house purchased some of land to the back of the property a park with a river and a bridge that gave such beautiful views and almost painted a picture of another time with elegance and serenity . The view changed at night and showed nothing but darkness and gave off a foreboding warning to those who would dare to be there so late .

For many years the lonely house has been legally owned by a mysterious man who nobody would ever speak about . The house never had any permanent residents just care takers who would live there for a total of 6 months and pay a serviceable rent .

The villager's stayed away from the forest and the house and anyone asking about the property was advised to stay away .
The house had remained empty for the past two years and only the estate agent charged with finding a new care taker was able to gain entry to the house . Over the last couple of years the agent had been unable to find a suitable care taker .
This was until a young woman from London made enquiries about the house . Arrangements were made for the woman view the house . It gave the agent an uneasy feeling . Renting the house to a young woman who would be spending 6 months alone there filled him with dread but not as much as the feeling of fear if he failed to convince her to take on the property . The owner had been in touch with the agent recently and had expressed his dissatisfaction at the lack of progress in finding his home a care taker . At least now the agent could rest easy knowing someone had been found and it was all just a matter of using his selling skills to convince the young lady to stay .

The agent began thinking about all the stories told about the house . Tales of witchcraft Satanic Covens Phantoms that haunted the grounds and the nearby forrest and most frightening of all rumours a vampire stalked the house occupants . For years the agent had to deal with police investigating disappearances and deaths that could not be explained all these mysteries took place in the house on its grounds and in the nearby forrest . The agent had to keep all this out of the media making calls to cover up these terrible events . And keeping would be ghost hunters away as well . The agent opened one of the draws at his desk and took out a long safety deposit box and opened it . Inside this box was the keys to the house and its details . He kept all this hidden from the rest of his staff only he could deal with this property . He sat staring at paperwork that contained the owners name and phone number . The agent picked up the phone and reluctantly began to dial the owners number .



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