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The visit - Till the rain stops falling

14:15 Jan 09 2020
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He had enough - for today. The dark sky outside tells him it’s late, even though heavy clouds covered the stars.
“It seems that storm is coming, finally,” he whispered for himself, looking around the space where he lived for.... how many years it was? It’s hard to remember when it feels like an eternity.
Does it?
The raindrops start to fall from the sky, lightly tapping to the window boards, like it was trying to whisper. The rolling thunder could be heard from a distance.
“It’s time to call it a night.”
He gets up, starts to prepare for some good sleep, but... He turns around like he didn’t believe his ears, his gaze pinned on the main door. But it remains silent. Maybe he mistook the noise with the rain? Shaking head, he turns again and makes a step or two... when he heard it then? The real knock on the door. “Who could it be?”
His gaze meets the clock on the wall. It showed almost 2 AM.
“In this hour?” He hesitates a bit, but another knocking sound brings him back to the moment. It sounded like somebody who needs. Still not having the slightest idea who the visitor could be, he opens the door. Cold air brushed against his face, making his body shiver. But he could feel something more, like a billion of tiny sparkles flying around. Then he sees her. She was nothing more than a shadowy figure against the light coming from his apartment. But she was real, flesh, and bone. The girl he met on the site. He had no idea how she found him and his place, but she was here - all wet with dripping, long hair, freezing.
“May I?” she asked, her voice shaking, lips almost blue firmly pressing together.
“Oh... of course...” he mumbled like he was under some strange spell. One step aside - and she comes in.
“I’ll give you some dry clothes. And something warm to drink.”
He tried hard to remain calm, but his head threatens it will explode at any minute. It IS her. He had no doubt, even though she looked a bit different from the photos. But those eyes of hers, her lips - he could recognize it every time. But still, he was not able to tell what is so different about her. It was the reason why he was so nervous?
With his head stuck in the bedroom closet, he desperately tried to find anything that would fit her. He succeeds somehow in the end, holding a plain white long-sleeved shirt. It was much more the act of despair than satisfaction, but... better this than nothing.
He made a small stop in the bathroom as well before he returns to the living-room.
“Here, take it. You can dry yourself and change. I’ll make you some tea meanwhile.”
She smiled, lightly nods her head with acceptance and gratitude, takes the towel and shirt and go straight ahead to the bathroom. He was standing behind the counter, thinking...
“Is this for real? What if I’ll find out it’s just a dream and that I fell asleep at my desk some while ago?”
Sure, they communicated with each other for longer-term than just a month or two, knowing each other and even talking about meeting in real, but... It seemed just like... a theoretical idea.

The water should start to boil every minute when he noticed the bathroom door only half-closed. They say that curiosity kills the cat... But when he was in a halfway, she walked out and smiled at him again. Her long hair was still wet, like the drops of rain didn’t want to leave.
“I’m sorry. I should let you know,” she whispered, lowering her head like she had committed some kind of crime.
“I do not mind at all. Quite the opposite, I must admit.” their gazes meet for a split of a second. “You could stay... for how long do you want.”
She remains silent for a while, somewhat distant, looking out of the window.
“... till the rain stops falling. After that, I’ll go.”
That something about her presence... he couldn’t catch the right words for it. But he somehow knew that he doesn’t want to let her go. He had the hunch before when they were only writing to each other. Now it was different. It was something he could almost touch. And the electricity in the air was only growing.
She served herself with a cup of tea and took another one for him.
“I want to repay you somehow,” she said silently after a longer while, looking straight into his eyes. She takes her hand in his, barely covering his palm. She led him to the sofa in the living room.
“Sit down, right here.”
He did what she asked - makes himself comfortable on the soft pouch on the ground. She sat very close, behind his back, lowering herself on the edge of the sofa. Each of her legs slightly touches his shoulders now.
“Just relax. Leave it all on me,” she whispered in his ear, her hair tingling on his neck. It was not too hard to let himself go... with her touch on his skin, her scent in his nose, taste in his mouth... the dream he had was like a beautiful, slightly blurred magical memory. His body weakened with her care; he felt like a mould under her touch....

Sun was shining through the windows, playfully teasing his face. He slowly opened his eyes, wonder about where he is and what happened. His blurred vision restored on the edge of the sofa, but his memory was blurry still.
What happened last night? Was it just a dream? This was the last place where she sits. She just massaged his neck and back, nothing more... this little was enough for him to fell asleep. By the sun it must be 9 AM at least. But he felt fresh like never. His eyes wandered around when his mind was trying to remember every detail from this.... dream? His heart stops for a moment when he saw... the white plain shirt of his, folded nicely on the sofa.
“... till the rain stops falling. After that, I’ll go.” distant voice, it’s sweetness changed to the bitter one just because of a single thing in his mind: she left...
He sits up, still covered in a blanket she must throw over him before she... Somewhat distant he suddenly felt... a movement behind his back. And when he turned himself around... his eyes met hers.
“I changed my mind...”



16:56 Jan 09 2020

This is very good.

16:59 Jan 09 2020

I would be honored if you Come by for a visit some time

17:47 Jan 09 2020

What a lovely story indeed bravo I really loved it

15:43 Jan 31 2020

Amazing writing. can engage the reader to the max.

10:38 Feb 03 2020

Almost post mortem, but thank you all for your kind words. It means a lot to me - I'll keep going in writing in English and practice (I need to do it a lot I know :D ) - this was my first try ever so there will be more coming :)

18:29 Apr 17 2020

its rare that a non-english speaker writes with such eloquence

13:12 Aug 26 2020


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