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The Haunted Wallet

20:10 Oct 30 2010
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Chapter 1

Jake and Alice where coming back from a restaurant one night near Halloween. They were walking past an abandoned house. It was in rough shape and it was vacant. The wind began blowing violently and they knew they had to get home. They couldn't leave their daughter home any longer. Alice noticed a wallet on the door step of the vacant house. She convinces Jake to take it with them. Jake agreed and they took the wallet loaded with cash and walked down the beaten up pathway which led back to the sidewalk. Fog began to settle as they began to lose their path leading to their house.

Soon, it began to rain. The moon was full, and darkness settled around them. It had been an hour since they found the old, beat up wallet. Alice stopped and began to search inside. She saw cards dated back to 1751. Somebody who lived in that house owned the wallet. They began to make their way into a dark forest. Soon, Jake started to hear branches snapping and the wind began to blow harder. Alice told Jake to turn back and they did. The fog seemed to disappear and they finally had found their way back home. Jake couldn't find the keys. Their daughter wasn't awake. Thunder crashed. A flock of crows seemed to mock them. Alice had a flash of a pale white human face. She screamed as something seemed to grab her shoulders. Jake looked to see Alice missing. He also felt something grab him but he seemed to get away. He then saw Alice next to him once again.

He sighed in relief. Jake asked her where the keys were. Alice handed him the keys. Jake looked confused. They walked into their house and saw it totally destroyed. On the floor, was their daughter dead. They screamed and saw the blood on the wall. It read "You take something of mine, I take something of yours, you thieves." They began to cry out not knowing what to do. Alice looked at the wallet and she looked inside again. A spider crawled out and it jumped out onto the floor. Alice shrieked and Jake had already went to sleep. Alice got into bed and looked around. She couldn't sleep, knowing her daughter was dead. She nudged Jake. He woke up and Alice suggested they call the police. Alice dialed the number and they where on their way.

When the police arrived, Alice had explained what happened when they walked in. The police were going to watch their house. When they decided to leave the family of 2, the door shut and locks from the inside and out. Everybody screamed and then in a deep voice, they all heard screaming and glass breaking. Everything blacked out as the rain poured down and the thunder crashed. When they could see again, the police man was dead. A voice boomed, "Nobody can help you now." Alice woke up and realized it was just a hallucination. The couple went to sleep, not forgetting their daughter was still dead on the floor.

When the couple woke up, Jake noticed bite marks on Alice's back. Alice shrieked, unaware of what happened. Jake had blood all over his legs.

Alice asked Jake what this could be. Jake suggested a haunting. Alice laughed. She didn't believe in ghosts. Jake went to work and Alice was going to go shopping. They didn't realize the kind of night they were in for.


Chapter 2

Alice just got in the door with her bags in hand. Jake had gotten home from work about an hour ago. He had an investigator come and search the house. He had suggested a spirit who once lived here. Jake also suggested the wallet they had stolen. Alice cringed. She had already spent the money they had stolen. When they looked over, the investigator was bleeding from his eyes and torso. He reached toward Alice and grabbed her. Jake stabbed the investigator but it only seemed to make it worse. Alice finally fought free and screamed. Jake and Alice ran away from their house and down the street. The wind began to blow wherever they went. Looking at the sunny sky made them brighten their spirits a tad. Not much.

They had been away from their house for hours. They were too afraid to go back so they decided to stay in a motel. They headed towards the nearest motel and got a room.




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