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14:56 Jul 28 2009
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Over a dinner of shrimp fried rice, egg foo yung, egg rolls and Henikein beer to wash it all down, Quinn and O'Malley talked about Vampire Boy's letter and Quinn's suspicions.

"Tom, I must agree with you, regarding the conversations overheard by your nephew Vampire Boy". " The former vice-president is a real piece of work who would instigate a coup de tat without any regret , as long as he thought that he could get away with it"!

"That man is only interested in power and money", added Quinn. "We at MI5 know that a group took action in Dallas on November 22, 1963". " The service actually detained, and questioned under truth serum several of the gunmen in the months following Dallas". "And here we are again, they are setting up a repeat of history".

"But what of your American relatives" O'Malley inquired? Quinn responded thoughtfully, " qood question, I did not think that Stabb665 would involve himself in such treason, but it appears so". "Chauncey, we have to act!" Great Britan was led into war by Cheney and that alcoholic Bush and we cannot allow this to happen"!

"Tom, I will speak off the record to the Prime Minister, tomorrow" "Chauncey, you realize that the sevice has operatives within the United States, that we may have to utilize to stop these treasonous bastards"? With an understanding look, both men turned back to their meal.




Quinn Reads The Letter From Vampire Boy

14:29 Jul 04 2009
Times Read: 989

In London, Tom Quinn of MI-5, uncle of Vampire Boy, sat at his desk in Thames House, re-reading for the tenth time the letter that he had just received from his nephew. Quinn was actually a little unnnerved by what the letter contained. Vampire Boy had outlined the meeting that he had overheard, in which the former vice-president, Scooter, his father, and Eric Queen had attended.

Quinn thought, " they really cannot be serious about this". Even though the letter did not contain any hint of direct action the references to Dallas, 1963 sent a chill down Quinn's spine. "The bastards, at least an earlier version of them, had acted once before" Quinn mumbled to himself.

"These bloody Americans had manipulated former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Great Britan into supporting the illegal invasion of Iraq. We all knew that Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction. How could W. with that pathethic speech, shifting his weight like a school boy caught in a lie have convinced the American people of their nonsense" Quinn thought.

Looking down at the letter he focused on the names of the former vice-president and Eric Queen, head of Wellwater, a mercernary army. Walking over to his wall safe, Quin spun the dial and opened the safe, placing the letter inside. He then removed a 9mm Glock and shoulder holster which he quickly slipped into.

Walking back to his desk, he sat down and dialed the private number of Chauncey O'Malley a personal assistant to the current Prime Minister Gordon Brown. "Tom, old boy, so good to hear from you" gushed O'Malley. "Chauncey we need to meet" spoke Quinn. "Would you like to come over for dinner say around 7:00" Quinn asked. "See you then, Tom" OMalley responded.




The Voices!

13:19 Jul 01 2009
Times Read: 994

Vampire Boy sat at his desk, in his room, writing a letter to his uncle Tom Quinn, of MI-5. His thoughts drifted back to that September night in 2007 when he was naked and covered in baby oil holding a quartered chicken. He remembered looking at the figure from his second story window. "This had to be my stalker" thought Vampire Boy . As he watched the figure he heard his door open and quickly glanced away from the window. When he looked back the figure had vanished. "Completely vanished, but how was that possible".

But Vampire Boy had other concerns as his well endowed, youngish looking step-mother entered his room. As usual she was wearing a pair of shorts and a blouse that she didn't even bother to button up the top 3 buttons. Glancing around she quickly spotted him. A look of amusemment came over her face. "I must say Vampire Boy, you have once again out did yourself, please tell me what you were going to do to that chicken you are holding"? Before he could answer his step-mother continued "clean yourself off, your father, I mean Stabb665, will be home shortly". With that she turned and swept out of the room.

Now, many months later things have changed. The Democrats have swept into power and hold the presidency and the congress. When Vampire Boy had asked his father, Stabb665, about the turn of events, Stabb665 had been busy shredding documents. But his father had taken time to explain a few things to him "Vampire Boy" we may be in deep trouble". "As you know I work for Vice-President Cheney and we are out" ."Not only are we out but we may be prosecuted" "But we are taking action.""We will make it hard for them"

Now, as Vampire Boy sat at his desk he heard voices from downstairs. Getting up he walked over to his window and glanced out he saw a number of limosines parked in the gated drive as well as plainclothes security personnel patrolling the grounds. Funny, "they are not even bothering to conceal the automatic weapons they are carrying", thought Vampire Boy. Opening his bedroom he padded down the hallway, passing several awards he had earned at Miss Chalmer's School for the Unconventional. pausing at the top of the stairs he could see a few figures and clearly hear the voices. He recognized the voices of the former vice-president of the United States, and that of Scooter Libby a former aide to the vice-president who had been convicted of several federal crimes but avoided going to prison because the former vice-president had manipulated then President Bush into a remission of sentence . Scooter was wearing a dress. He heard Scooter's voice "o.k., General what have you tell us of our plan"? "How much support would the military give us"? Vampire heard a voice he did not recognize state " not much, because most of the military hates you". "It is apparent to all that you mislead the country and the military on Iraq". "My colleagues are mad and most of them will not assist you"

The voices grew louder and angrier. Vampire Boy heard the former vice-president's raspy voice "Eric Queen, how about support from your organization Wellwater". Yet another voice Vampire Boy did not recognize stated " not much, we are in turmoil, as you know I no longer run the company". "The company is also fending off a number of lawsuite filed by the pesky families of those killed by Wellwater". As Vampire boy listened he heard words such as "coup, Dallas, 1963, a patsy, affirmative action". He promised himself that tomorrow he would go on the internet and look those words up but for now he was tired. As he entered his bedroom and prepared to climb into his bed,Vampire Boy glanced over at the bottle of baby oil that sat dust covered in a corner.



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