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The Raven (Unfinished)

04:48 Sep 21 2023
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The raven perched on the branch. Her wings needed a rest after such a long flight. The night was clear. The stars shined bright in the dark sky. She tilted her head toward the sky just for a quick glance. The stars were like diamonds on the blacked background.
She lowered her beak to scratch an annoying itch that suddenly crept up on her chest. One of the very few down sides of being a bird was the dry skin or even the occasional mite.
The best part of being a bird was the freedom she had to go anywhere she liked without restriction. The sky was her domain and the trees her home. She also enjoyed the look of her black feathers that protected her from the elements. She liked how the light would hit them when the sun was out, and how she could just as easily blend in with the night.
Of course she hadn't always been a bird. She was once human of average height and short black hair. It was on her eighteenth birthday that something in her had changed. She had felt fine all day, and had gone to bed that night without issue. It was when morning came that she had woken up in a tree with no memory of how she had gotten there, or even how a black feather had ended up in her hair.
It was a Saturday, and she had just graduated high school two months prior. She climbed back into her bedroom by going through her window. She slowly climbed back into her bed being as quiet as she could. She was just about to doze back off when she felt her body shrink, and something strange covering her body.
She stood up on her bed, with her new feet, and looked around. It was as if she was looking at everything with through a different set of eyes. Eyes that weren't human, but yet she could see clearly. She quickly looked down and noticed she had the feet of a bird, and the strange stuff covering her were feathers as dark as night itself. She flapped her arms that were now wings and realized she could ascend into the air. It was the first feeling of freedom she had ever felt and it was wonderful.
She was elated when graduation day arrived. She wasn't the most popular girl in school. She was bullied, and no one would invite her out on dates or just to hang out. Her dressing in black didn't help either. She was asked often if she was goth or even a witch, or worse. By her sophomore year she had become numb to the insults and the random questions. She didn't go to any games or dances. Those were her own decision. She felt no need to hangout with anyone.
It wasn't long before she realized she could change whenever she wanted. During the day she remained human, then at night she would take short flights only to return to her bed to get enough rest for school in the morning. It wasn't until after she had graduated and able to move out of the house did she spend all her time in the outdoors exploring every where she could. She only returned to her human form when she needed a rest. She wasn't too fond of sleeping in a tree. One of the bonuses of being able to change forms as she wished was she could manipulate her feathers to become clothing so she wouldn't have to scavenge for those.
She returned her thoughts to where she was still perched on the tree branch. Something caught her attention on the ground. It was a human male. He wasn't moving and was covered with blood. From where she was she couldn't tell if he was breathing or if he was dead. She flew down for a closer look.
Once her feet reached the ground she returned to her human form. She was grateful for the feathers giving her a beautiful black dress. She would be extremely embarrassed if she turned human again she was naked.
She took a closer look. He was still breathing. The blood was coming from a gash on his right shoulder. The wound didn't look that deep despite the amount of blood on his, torn and tattered, shirt. What was once white was a mixture of grey, red, and brown. His torn pants were black and dusty. He wore no shoes, or if he did he wasn't now.
He was a man of average build. He wasn't too thin, chubby, or even overly muscular. From where she was kneeling, next to him, he didn't seem very tall. She estimated, maybe, five foot eight. He was quite handsome despite the blood and dirt.
She looked around her surroundings. She didn't see any shelter or much to make one. She returned to her bird form and flew quickly home for a blanket hoping she would be able to carry it back without having to walk all that way back.
When she returned he was still asleep. He seemed more peaceful then. She carefully covered this man up, hoping not to wake him. She was grateful he didn't because she was exhausted flying with such an heavy object in her talons.
She leaned against the nearest tree so she could keep a watchful eye on the stranger. She soon fell asleep out of exhaustion.
Suddenly she felt as if she was being watched. She opened her eyes with a startle. The stranger was staring at her. He looked almost as if he was trying to see into her soul. Her instinct was to flee, but there was very little space between him and the tree she leaning against. She suddenly felt trapped. She pulled her knees to her chest not taking her eyes off him.
"Who are you?" he demanded.
"Leila." she replied after a brief pause. "Who are you?"
"I am Demoriel." he replied in an irate baritone voice.
He leaned his head closer to her. He breathed in as if he was taking in the scent of her. He looked up with his eyes locking onto hers.
"You are not completely human." he said not taking his eyes off hers. "What are you?"
"I...I don't know what you're talking about?" she stammered with a feeling of fear rising from within.
"Your dress and scent tell me otherwise. I advice you to be truthful with me. I can assure you, if you don't, I will rain my wrath down upon you without regret or remorse." he threatened with a low growl that emanated from deep within.
She contemplated whether or not she would be able to shape shift into her raven, and fly in hopes of escape. She quickly calculated the chances, inside her head, but quickly concluded that the probabilities were slim to none.
"I am a shapeshifter." she said, finally, finding her voice.
"That's what I thought." he scoffed. "Just my luck I would run into a shapeshifter."
"This shapeshifter is the one who found you, and brought you the blanket." she retorted trying not to sound afraid.
"Do not try me. My patience is short, with the likes of you, and should not be tested."
"Why are you here?" she asked calmly.
"Why should I answer you? The same could be asked of you." he asked still glaring at her.
"I was just resting on that branch above, after a relaxing flight, and saw you unconscious on the ground. I don't need a reason to go where I wish." she said not taking her eyes off his.
"I do not know why I am here." he said with a slightly calmer tone.
She looked at him more confused than afraid. She suddenly had a feeling that the man before her wasn't completely human himself. After his reaction to her she was afraid to ask.
"I don't understand." she said after a brief moment of silence.
"You will never understand." he retorted.
Demoriel closed his eyes and took a long deep breath. He sat back allowing only enough room for her to stretch, but not far enough for her to escape. He wasn't sure if he, at the moment, be quick enough to catch her. The only thing he was positive about was who he was, but not why he was there. Something must have happened, but he wasn't sure what.
He wasn't sure what to do with the woman in front of him. Not just a woman, but a shapeshifter. He didn't know what she knew or even how much if anything. He couldn't just let her go, and not know what she would say or do. He came to the conclusion he would have to take her with him wherever that may be.
He grabbed Leila's wrist standing. When he stood he noticed, for the first time, his clothes being tattered. He wondered briefly how it had happened. He didn't dwell much on it. He had other things to do.
"What are you doing?" she asked trying to free herself.
"You are coming with me." he said forcing her forward.
"Where are you taking me?" she asked with renewed fear threatening to consume her.
"I do not know, but you are coming with me." he replied scoffing.
The trip seemed to take hours. Leila spied a small cabin in the distance. She wondered, to herself if that was where they were headed.
"How much further?" she asked becoming tired.
"Stop your complaining. We are almost there." he said pulling her roughly.
She could almost feel him roll his eyes. He seemed like such a brute, and not someone who keep pushing. She knew she shouldn't test him, but she needed to know who or what he is. He seemed to know a lot about shapeshifters. Most human believe shapeshifters are only in stories of myths.
They soon reached the secluded cabin. He opened the door, and quickly ushered her inside. It wasn't until he had securely locked the door did he release her.
Leila scanned the room quickly. The cabin was not large, but it wasn't really small either. She estimated it could easily house at least four people.
The cabin was sparsely furnished. The room they were in only had a worn, brown couch, a small table in front, and a matching chair in the corner by a window that was only big enough for the smallest of creatures to escape.
The kitchen was the only other room she could see. Again, it had very little, that she could see. There was a one sided, stainless steel sink, a mini fridge, and a one burner camping stone on the counter. There was a window, but it wasn't much bigger than a standard bathroom window.
Both rooms were dimly lit with overhead lights. She didn't mind. She never liked bright lights including the glow of the sun.
The front door was the only door, she could see, that led inside and out. It had a chain lock on top, a slide lock at the bottom, and a pad lock in the middle. She couldn't help to wonder if this person was afraid of something or someone. It wouldn't surprise her if what windows there were, were made of bullet proof glass or something close to it.
Her heart sank with the realization there was no escape from her captor. She knew she just had to accept her fate, and make the best of her situation.
She tried to shapeshift. At least she could find some peace if she was back in her bird form. Her attempt was unsuccessful. She tried several times failing. She was more confused than ever. She couldn't escape. She couldn't shapeshift. She was more disheartened than before.
She was being held captive by a strange man who she knew nothing about, and there was no way out. She didn't know what else to do.
As night descended upon them Leila felt her stomach growl. She forgot she hadn't eaten all day.
"What is there to eat?" she inquired.
"Just fix us a something. Everything is in the fridge." he said dismissively.
She didn't like being ordered around, but she walked into the kitchen not wanting to start an argument.
Inside the refrigerator she found bread, cheese, and ham. There wasn't much else there. She saw a gallon of milk, a pitcher of water, bread, a couple of different types of lunchmeat, and cheese. She sighed and rolled her eyes. She made a couple of simple ham sandwiches.
She sat one of the plates on a table next to where Demoriel was standing. (At least he was no longer pacing angrily.) She sat on the couch placing her plate in her lap.
The sandwich was dry, but there were no condiments in the refrigerator. The bread tasted stale as well. She sighed and ate the sandwich anyway. It was at least food, and edible.
She noticed Demoriel had even taken a bite of his. It still sat on the table untouched. He had began pacing again.
"Aren't you going to eat?" she asked.
"That? Are you kidding me?" he replied glancing at the plate.
"What is wrong with the sandwich?"
"I don't eat sandwiches." he stated bluntly.
"What do you eat? Do you even eat?"
He stopped pacing briefly, and glared silently at her. She froze, swearing she could see flames form in his eyes, for a only a quick moment. She blinked, and chalked it up to her imagination.
Her irritation grew with every passing moment. She sat on the couch, until she couldn't take the silence any longer.
"What do you have against shape shifters?" she asked standing.
"They are disturbing creatures." he grunted, still pacing, not missing a step. "No one really knows their true form. How can we trust a creature as cruel as that?"
"Trust? How can you speak of trust when you kidnap me?" she asked.
He stopped pacing. He stared at me as if I had asked a stupid question.
"You may be right, but my statement holds the most honesty."
He laughed not taking his eyes of her.
"What is it you want from me?" she asked. "Why am I here? I don't find anything funny about this situation."
"It's funny because you ask me all these questions that I won't answer all of."
"Why is that? You may not know me, other than what I am, but I do deserve answers."
"You only deserve what I think you deserve." he said with a sudden growl.
"None of this make sense." she stated. "I helped you and I get no gratitude."
"You don't deserve gratitude. Any decent person would help another. You did nothing special."
"Then let me go, and we will pretend none of this happened." she said exhausted of trying.
"I am not going to let you go. I let you go and you will go tell others of your kind what happened."
"Others of my kind? I have not met another like me."
"I highly doubt that." he scoffed.
Suddenly he turned his attention toward the door. He stood still as if he had heard something. She tried to listen, but she couldn't hear anything.
"What is it?" she asked.
"Quiet!" he demanded in a hushed tone.
"I will not." she said defiantly.
"Don't make me silence you myself." he threatened.
She stood, back quietly. She tried to focus on what he was hearing that she couldn't, but she still couldn't hear a sound.
"Hide!." he quietly commanded. "Hide now!"
"Why?" she asked.
"Do not question me. Just do as I say."
She crouched down behind the closest chair. She remained silent. She stabilized her breathing hoping no one could hear.
She heard the door slowly creek open. Suddenly, she heard more than one whisper. She knew one was Demoriel, but she didn't recognize the other two. She held her breath.
"Demoriel, we know you are hiding a shapeshifter. Did you think you could hide away someone from us? Does your traitorous nature have an end?" One voice asked.
"I never said I wasn't hiding anyone. My question is how long have you watched me since you had thrown me out of the heavens?" Demoriel asked sternly.
"We watch all of our kind. You are nothing special. Now where is the shapeshifter?"
"I am not hiding anyone."
"Don't lie to us, Demoriel. We can smell her." he said.
"I will turn her in myself." Demoriel replied standing his ground.
"More lies."
"You are not welcome here. I suggest you leave while you can."
"Take him into custody." the first voice said. "I will find the shapeshifter myself."
Leila could hear footsteps closing in on her hiding spot. The steps were heavy and with intention. She tried once again to shift into her raven form without success. All she could do was remain where she was hoping he couldn't find her. She held her breath trying to control the fear coursing through her veins.
Suddenly the footsteps ceased. She slowly looked up and saw a man towering over her like a skyscraper. He. bent down, and without effort, lifted her over his shoulder. He swiftly carried her out the cottage, into the darkness.
She struggled to free herself to no avail. His hold, was that of a rusted vice grip that no matter what you did it wouldn't open.
"Where are you taking me?" she asked with a slight quiver in her voice.
"You're going for your execution." he said without hesitation.
"For what?"
"If you don't be quiet until we get there I will make you, and you don't want that, shapeshifter.
She looked, silently, looked at Demoriel. He walked with his head up with the others. He seemed unconcerned about the situation.



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