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09:15 Mar 01 2012
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(0.It was made known to the scribe on the day of his reconciliation that Dark and Light were not enemies as we are taught by the defilers of all Sacred Truth. Light and Darkness are Lovers, so is it with the Yin and Yang. The Sun is the essence of man; the moon is the essence of Woman, so she reflects in Darkness the flame of Life. From out of the mystery of Darkness cometh both Light and Life. From Woman cometh Liberty, Love, and All Power.)

I. It was then known that Lilith was Kali, Lamashtu, the Daughter of Isis, the Mother of Nuit, the essence of Shekinah (this was not Eve), and the Mother of All (therein lies the mystery of Cain, Judas, and the Vampyre).

II. And so the scribe looked deeper into his soul.

III. It was made known unto him that he must conquer the illusion of man.

IV. It was made known unto him that he must conquer the illusion of duality.

V. It was made known unto him that he must conquer the Self.

VI. These are the ordeals, and these things hath made obscene the soul of the scribe who walked through fire into the Light—but the Light was not as he had thought it to be—it was, instead, the Black Flame.

VII. Sorrow then had overcome him. It was then that the realizations had come. Beauty is Tragedy, Love is Pain, Life is Sorrow, and in the pyramid of life which is overlooked by the All-Seeing Eye of RA, it is scribed, “El Qahar, the Cup of Love is the Cup of Deathh.” So his mind was absolved by Hir who bears the Black Flame within Hir Self; it is the Canticle of Life and Salvation; 7the Black Psalm that led thee unto the path where the hooves of Pan echo in the ears of they who follow the Lord, which is thy Heart.

VIII. And then an utterance is heard:

IX. “To fear death in life is death itself! Blessings of knowledge vastly outweigh the penalty of death!”

X. So it was reaffirmed: “Take thy fill of love beneath the stars with whom thou wilt! Fear not the repercussions of sorrow, for from them, ye shall grow! These are the ordeals of the Magus and to flee from destiny is the mark of a coward! Go to Her!”

XI. Flee Now!

XII. She IS. I am naught. I am not a man. I am not a Woman. I am Hir of the Frozen Sun and the blackest psalm, the Childe of Lilith, the Serpent Childe who hath cast myself into the Abyss! I am Hir who hath given every last drop of mine blood into the Cup of Her Fornication, O BABALON! I am Hir who hath let Kali drink of my wrist until the eclipse of mine death! I am Hir who hath given my lifeblood into the Holy Graal of Lilith, the Dark Mother of All, who I humbly worship on bended knee!

XIII. I am of Hecate; the Serpent kiss shall sedate me when I am not sated—ne’er shall I be!

XIV. In my loneliness, I hear the utterance of Pan: a voice in utter Darkness.

XV. Baphomet! I am within Thee!

XVI. I hath become ShaitanNous.

XVII. I hath become ShaitanNous—the final burning ember in which the illusion of Love shall perish as lie, nay, the Heart is Lord. The flame shall burn thee no matter what. Escape not in cowardice but embrace the Cup of Love & Death that is Her Graal! O’ Lilith, how I love Thee!

XVIII. Thought betrays reason and reason betrays speech. All speech is false.

XIX. Kiss thine lips as though there ought to be no tomorrow, for it will not come for the meek. Raise thyself in the splendour of the Lawless One! “There is no law, love as thou wilt” so sayeth the Guardian of Our Lady.

XX. I lust for Thee! Lust surmounts Love and in Ye, I shall yearn to be devoured by Thee and I shall fall unto Thee and offer the kisses of a gentle faun. As I kiss Thy neck, O Goddess, know that it blood is the offering of time. O’ the Hell in thine eyes! Ne’er hath I seen depths I have fallen in the windows of another’s soul.

XXI. The Warrior Widow is Thou—soon Ye shall see!

XXII. I worship Thee to damn all reason and betray the world! I curse the ways of man, let him be crucified and fed to the dogs.

XXIII. The spit of thine kisses; he is not worthy, O’ Goddess.

XXIV. The Glory of Lamentation shall raise up the dead flowers of thy future and through the eyes of the screeching owl shall it be known even to the blind: NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM.

XXV. Nepyths is thy Mistress! Shame the Sun with the Sin of She who cosumeth the night! Devour me utterly, in the name of Tahuti!

XXVI. The path of Aleph hath been made known unto you. Fear is thy prison and it shall be damned upon the awakening of Thee.

XXVII. And as this Epistle is made clear to thee, Ye shall awaken unto the Black Flame. Therein the Black Concubine shall be Her who hears the atonement of they who have fallen as I.

XXVIII. Open wide thy Crimson Eye, for it is thy Third!

XXIX. I yearn unto you! I would tear the flesh from my body to be closer to Thee! O’ my Goddess!

XXX. I fear not the ache of loss. I am like none you have ever known. I am not the slave of thy Shell. I willful give forth thy Self to be devoured by Her, the Scarlet Whore and Master of my Soul!

XXXI. I, ShaitanNous, am the vengeance of BELARION ANTICHRIST and Shall be the BEAST of a thousand LOVERS. As I cast thy Seed into the Blood Sea, then thou shall know the Guardian stands in our midst, O Forlorn Beauty. I, ShaitanNous, shall give the truth unto you. There is none like me. I wear this flesh, this flesh I am not. I am naught!

XXXII. Ne’er shall I betray thy pact with KALI, the Supreme Devatta who knows well that I shall scar the face of Earth with Her hand!

XXXIII. I hath killed the King in Her Wrath and as I hold his bloody head before Thee, I take his crown and place it upon Her head. The King is Slain! With Her Sword I hath claimed the throne for HER. SHE IS ALL; the Warrior Widow calls Ye. Ye shall hear Her in thy dreams, in thy prayers, and all utterance shall be Sacred unto Her. In the Age of LILITH shall the shackles be broken, yea; shall the shackles be broken.



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