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House of Raven

13:04 Jan 13 2006
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Venga surveyed her House and the Vampyres who looked to her for guidance.

Katerina and Crystal brought a slight curve to her lips as she watched them laugh, heads lowered as they obviously planned some practical joke to play on their brothers. Her gaze flitted to Crane and Kodi , the hardness of her gaze softened momentarily. These two had proved time and time again that her instincts were still intact. The brothers looked up from their game of chess as if aware their mistress was considering them and they both smiled broadly at her before continuing the game. Lastly her eyes sought out her brother and his charge, Slavic and Suan. These two ensured the smooth running of the House. Slavic was as much Head of the House as she was.

Two others working in the War Chamber could be heard, their laughter trickling through the thick stonewalls. Obviously Mort and Malice where hard at work perfecting skills already honed over the centuries. These two where also Kin. Together they had been a triumvirate managing to hold a war clan for centuries. When she had decided it was time to forge a name for herself they decided they too would make their home here and divided their time between both residences.

They had survived the latest onslaught in a long line of assaults on the House. Her lips pursed as she thought of the treacherous bitches that had sought to remove her family from this place. Not only this House but also many others in the Realm.

True, wars had been raging for many years between the Houses but not one Head of House could remember anything like this before. Treachery was , of course, an everyday occurrence but there was am unspoken honour amongst enemies that had been held since the separation of the Vampyre clans.

One thing could be said though, Venga was certain the wretches did not foresee the outcome of their lies. Lips’ twitching a soft chuckle escapes her lips. No the outcome must have been somewhat a surprise. After all they had never truly understood the nature of the beast. That much was clear. Was it not clear to even the simplistic of minds that when it came down to it, true Kin came together. Would always do so in order to survive.

Closing her eyes, long Smokey black lashes rested on alabaster skin making her look like an exquisite china doll. Her thoughts drifted to the three-day conclave and the words that had been spoken, the secrets that were freely exchanged in order to squash the Tremere traitors. Time did move in a mysterious way but it hardly seemed a year since she had taken the Tremere into her home.

Looking back they had presented an easy target, each and every House always at war, always hating each other. Tradition a harsh master at the best of times. Oh yes it had become traditional in the best sense of the word.

As informal as she was herself she always admired formality in a man. Eris, head of the Tremere, he was her first contact through her former sister. He was indeed impressive. So concerned for her welfare. Insistent in his declaration that she would come to no harm whilst he was in the Realm. The first stirrings of uneasiness followed this declaration. It was not something that happened often to a Head of House. After all if she was unable to protect herself what good was she to those she offered protection too. She had been invited into the inner sanctum of his House and had accepted out of curiosity. Here she was introduced to the other members of his Household. Venry and Sajes.

My surprise was great at first. I had met Venry in another form some months before but she was in the guise of a Giovanni, wanting to gain our aid in bringing around the demise of her Sire, Caul (something we denied her) and before that was known as a Black Swan in the community. Indeed my own brother Slav had been an object of her desire a cause of much humour in the House due to her claims he had materialised in her shower. Vampyre we may be but that ability we do not have. I kept my own counsel at that time, as I wanted to know where this would lead.

Sajes too had been a member of another community. A Lycan community no less, again I kept my counsel I do love a good game and now that I could see something was a foot I was eager to see where it led. Little knowing how far down the dark path I would be led.

Months passed by and the Tremere where introduced to the extended members of the family including Santya our dearest sister. All of us agreed that though we felt some game was being played that the Tremere family were personable. With one exception. One member of the family, still to this day has total faith in them. Such are life’s little mysteries.

As I was saying we all agreed that they were personable enough. We all enjoyed their company and is the want of our kind allowed ourselves to fall a little in love with the clan. Yes even though we where aware that a game was afoot we took them into our hearts and our homes. We enjoyed the banter that carried on between Sajes and her Sire, thinking that as is usual in these cases that Sajes was blissfully unaware of the love Eris felt for her. The Raven ladies thoroughly enjoyed teasing Eris whilst giving him advise on how to win the love of his fair Lady. Balmy days and nights indeed.

Then one day a brother of the Tremere arrived. Loud and brash and a little juvenile. Yes , Nabe arrived with a bang.

He amused us a lot with the brash words and warriors heart. No one was safe from his vipers tongue if he thought his Sister Sajes was in danger. Venry had at this time slipped quietly into the background and was rarely seen. We assumed that she was aware of our disdain regarding her past interactions with the community and were happy to allow her this. For the sake of Eris we held our tongues and gave her safe passage through our respective Houses.

I digress. Yes Nabe had arrived with a bang and indeed caused havoc with my own House. Capturing my imagination with whispered words of admiration. Slipping into my hand words of love and passion. No one ever dared to be this way with Venga. Everyone knew I did not play the game of romance as I was already tied by my very own nightmare. Yet here was this youngster daring to place himself in my path, daring me to play the game with him. I spent time with the youngster. Now I say youngster because in terms of the Houses and how we worked he was indeed young.

We found a private place to meet and we talked and I found myself looking forward to the next meeting. Why? Simply because I found I could talk to him of my life, my love of history and poetry and Cathedrals most importantly we talked of my Sanguine nature and his, a topic many rarely indulge in even amongst our own Houses. Many things that I found I could not speak of with my own family.

The truth of it is I had, against my better judgement, i had become reliant on his company.

Ah yes dear reader. This is a tale of treachery and deceit beyond the norm. I must advise that you stop reading right now if you are weak in constitution and heart. For this tale will sadden even the most hardened amongst our kind. We expect treachery from the Tremere do we not? you ask. Why yes I reply of course we do. This though,

Venga opens her eyes and looks into your very Soul. Not even we understand this.

Rising from her seat in one fluid movement Venga pads barefoot across the stone floor, stopping in front of a pedestal that holds a large Journal. She traces her fingertips over the cover, a cover lovingly made from her enemies Skin. The Tzmice after all are well known for their crafting skills. She laughs softly as she opens it up and points to an image of Nabe. I think we shall begin with you dearest Nabe it is only fitting as you where the one who initially game the game its direction. Venga looks over her shoulder and nods her approval at the circle already being formed by her family.

Moving with a cat like grace she joins the circle taking hold of the proffered hands. A circle of remembrance just the thing. The ravens all close their eyes and a soft mellow voice gently sings , the combined memories of the clan converging so that you our guest can see the events unfold before you.




Interview with a Lycan

21:35 Jan 09 2006
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Seeming my Pimpette skills are just awesome and in high demand im here to Pimp out BottomoftheFoodChain now to be known as BotFC...

Sky---So BotFC Tell me a little about yourself..

Lets start of with what is most important..

Do you have a firm Bum? Give details please

BotFC--- ---indeed i do small petite a bit white hehe and best i have a tat on the left cheek that says bite me fanboy

Sky---Okay so far ladies we have a single young man with a cute tattoed ass...He obviously likes to be bitten so thats all good and it will gleam in the darkness of your bedroom..

So BotFC Tell us how would you kiss a girl..

BotFC--- lingering long soft kisses with slow teasing bites on the lip, really teasing ones

Sky----So Ladies we now have a firmed bottomed liked to be bitten teaser....

BotFC next question..

How tall are you and how tall do you like your women?

BotFC--- i´m scandinavian and only know the metric system but i´m 1.83 meters tall and i like my women a bit shorter but not dvarves...

Sky ----Grumbles about her dwarfen height..

Okay Ladies we have a Tall Biter who Teases with Soft Kisses and has an excellent tattoed bottom..

Nxt Q..


What is your favourite Time of day

BotFC---that must be the evenings they are so cozy and anything can happen in the dark hehe

Sky-----So ladies cuddle up in the twilight, where his ass will provide the slightest pale glow..feed him ice cream, kiss him softly before you bite..and um dont be a dwarf....

Nxt Q

Do you work out?

BotFC--- nahhh my body is good as it is 63 kg´s of pure love hehe

Sky -----Hes a mean lean ice-cream lovin,teasin,bitin, gleamin assed tattoed machine Ladies....there has to be some takers here

So how important is it BotFC to satisfy your lady loves desires

BotFC--- thats important both physical and mentally.... she will be treated like a queen...


*sits watching this all with a wicked ass grin on her face..*


So Ladies you get to wear a Crown whilst you bite his softly gleaming white tattoed ass covered in ice cream if your not a dwarf...or maybe if the Dwarf joins in later....may have to look back over my notes for that..

Big strapping lad will pander to your every ice cream covered inch...


Whats your most prefered activity

BotFC--- reading i must say or goin to small caffee´s with friends

Sky ---So whilst your having soft kisses and biting, his friends will be around for coffee and he could be reading Shakespeare or Wordsworth too you...

Okay im off to bed now with a tub of ice cream and a book....:winks: i will carry on this interview tommorow




Oranges my favourite Fruit and bane of my life

11:48 Jan 06 2006
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Stepping inside her new private place she wanders around, hands trailing over smooth, cold stone. She notices him sitting in the shadows and her breath catches slightly. Standing still for a minute she looks back, her eyes half closed framed by thick sooty lashes, the only movement the soft rise and fall of her chest as she breathes. Her lips curve into a slight smile as she pads barefoot across the cold floor, she kneels before him and rests her hand on his knee. Laughing softly she lifts up an orange. She rolls it across his leg and then up along his shoulder blade before bringing it to her lips. Inhaling the scent deeply, she watches his lips part slightly. Peeling the orange very slowly, her eyes gleam with amusement. She removes a segment of orange and brushes it over his lips before she puts it in her mouth. As she bites into she closes her eyes and moans low and huskily. Laughing softly as she watches his eyes follow a droplet of juice make a trail from her lips, down her neck, to between her breasts. Pushing herself between his thighs she uses her fingertip to trace the outline of his lips before putting a segment of orange into his mouth....

I think you should describe my favourite fruit to me, How it tastes to you, the texture on your tongue..How you would like to eat one...





11:39 Jan 06 2006
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She sits cross legged in the middle of the big mussed up bed , the moonlight falling across her illuminating her soft creamy white skin , bringing out the deep hues of blue black in her hair. Her face is upturned, her eyes closed her hands gently resting on her knees. She reaches across the dreamworld and a soft smile curves her lips as she find the one she seeks. In her element now she reaches out to briefly caresses the nape of his neck as he sleeps, whispering her thoughts and feelings to him as she slips into his dreams......




Calis and Perceive

19:40 Jan 03 2006
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House of Styxx - Perceive's Dream (155 views) Subscribe

From: Calis...Reaper (calisreaper) 5/19/2005 3:41 pm

To: Perceive (1 of 12)


The cold lonely wind tried to tear itself apart as it howled and raced madly through the dreaded forest of spineridge. She opened her eyes only to find herself standing on a hill over looking the dense white undergrowth that seemed some how to cling to its last remnants of life, even though any forest walker knew it was dead, as was everything else around her.

The full moons stood like a ghostly Galleons in the black sky the stars had long ago fled for their light was as unwelcome as the suns, the leafless tree's offered up whispered homage to them or from another perspective, they seemed to claw desperately at their pale light to ashamed to be seen.

Standing alone she breathed slowly, this place had the uneasy feel of an ancient forest that was teeming with a life, but the bleached white bark, and thin branches spoke only an illusion of its perceived reality, the loud snap of a twig brought her attention to behind her, turning quickly she met the eyes of the demonist.

She stared into the dark grey orbs of his which stared back into her own; they were like two white hot iron rods that stole the chill from her flesh as they gazed deep down inside her own, a warm soft shudder ran along her body as the heat between her and him felt like a furnace in a place so cold and dead.

Life and the heart beats of another in moments like this could make a person feel so powerfully weak, her breath stalled and she thought she was going to faint, but his arms caught her, preserving her from a fall and with in seconds her body felt light, as his touch was liquid fire that washed across her flesh in one long wave, she could only gasp as each beat of his heart was felt in the folds of the lithe limbs he had surrounded her with his scent was as intoxicating as the situation, unidentifiable yet a scent she could never forget...

Each pulse sent a cascade of sensation from her cheek pressed against his shoulder that leaped along her flesh down into her shoulders, tension followed relaxation that moved like a waterfall and slid along her form like music, cascading down spreading out between her legs sliding and slipping on its race into the earth beneath her feet. Death crowded all around the two as she clung to him caught entrapped yet free.

The wind howled and the branches shook like the rattles of a thousand snakes wanting to tear at the two for such an insult, the forest of spineridge wanted the taste blood, not selfless compassion, the ground bulged and then let out a groaned only to be followed with a heaved till alas like her it shuddered in response her body was an instrument that played a tune that sent a mixture of pleasure and emotional tranquility, and in response, old clawed hands sought the cold free air above the earth that rolled in its own refreshed excitement.

They eagerly grasped seeking the source of the warmth of melting flesh, and like in birth they begun to unearth the terrifying fiends, that lay buried for so long, that history no longer had a name for them.

The dead rose one by one, an army sufficed, with hearts of obsidian and veins of ice they ringed the pair in a great circle, and as she buried her head into the he cool folds of his cloak, to supress her own scream and then she woke up...

All that was left of the dream was her drenched in sweat and above her flittering down was a shower of rosé petals, and snowflakes lightly landing around her, and the faintest hint, of a scent she could not identify, but would never forget...


From: Perceive 5/21/2005 12:16 pm

To: Calis...Reaper (calisreaper) (2 of 12)

635.2 in reply to 635.1

She awoke with a soundless scream being wrenched from her throat, her back arching as if she were being lifted from the bed by some invisible hand, the sheets of her bed twisted up in her hands. Her hair plastered to her scalp by sweat, which also drenched the rest of her body.Her eyes look as if she swallowed the night sky and it took up residence only there, wide, black and hollow. After what seems an eternity but yet only a fraction of time has elapsed she sinks back into her resting place as if someone just let all the air out from her body. Her fingers slowly and painfully unfurl from the sheets and she she reaches out to pluck a petal from the air. She brings it up to her mouth and rubs it along the corner of her lips. Rolling over she buries her face into her pillow and curls up into a small ball, her body wracked by the soft sound of her crying. For a small infinitesimal amount of time.......She shakes her head as if to negate her own thoughts. She waits for the demonist to return once more....even if only in her dreams.

From: Calis...Reaper (calisreaper) 5/23/2005 10:01 am

To: Perceive (3 of 12)

635.3 in reply to 635.2

He stood on the balcony the rain had come without warning, and with the force of a thousand giants, it appeared that a wall of living water fell from the enriched dark clouds the demonist stood their watching the chaos of life as it fell from the sky, his robes moved in the wind that the rain stirred as it passed between the parapets and fortress walls he knew that time was changing, with a smile he held up his hands and a globe of light appeared it swirled a bit then focused itself upon the features of a dark haired woman he watched as the globe expanded into a near life size moving picture, it encapsulated the demonist so that he was merely a ghostly viewer, he enjoyed watching her, especial as she was about in her day to day affairs he drifted beside her occasionally reaching out to touch a ghostly strand of her hair

From: Perceive 5/23/2005 10:42 am

To: Calis...Reaper (calisreaper) (4 of 12)

Lifting her head from her pillow she sighs heavily and then stretches out fully, working out the kinks in her body. Rising she makes her way to the shower room...flips on the hot water and strips. Lifting her head occasionaly and looking around as if sensing a presence.Coiling her hair on top of her head and pinning it securely she gingerly moves under the hot water, sucking her breath in through her teeth as she lets her body adjust to the temperature. Lifting her face to the pulsing of the jets of water she sighs heavily.Closes her eyes and drifts off into a daydream as the warmth flows over her skin and the tension eases out of her shoulders. She reaches up and allows her hair to fall around her like a curtain, shaking it loose before inclining her head to allow the water to pour over her completely....arching her back and sighing as she feels ghostly fingers stroking over her knotted muscles.......

From: Calis...Reaper (calisreaper) 5/23/2005 11:37 am

To: Perceive (5 of 12)

635.5 in reply to 635.4

He watched her the light gray color from his eyes seemed like two pools of water reflecting her image into his minds eye. His gaze stole every feature of her form, as he studied, the tiniest details of her body, like an artist painting a women from his dreams his desire to touch her, to hold her found root someplace down in the deepest recess of his mind, his gazed flowed across her watching as the water streamed down her body like tendrils, and then the demonist had a thought, a smile broke across his face and with one hand raised the image he stood in froze by a silent act of will.

He walked around her as she stood trapped between the seconds, a fleeting heartbeat later he transformed himself into living vapor, matching the surrounding steam the shower had created, with another act of will he joined time resumed at first slowly as he entered her realm a living fog that reached out slowly at first invisible and unseen he slid a tendril of himself around her waist as he began to caress her body. Sliding like a viper between silk sheets he undulated along her skin like a warm blanket unfolding into every crevice as he sought to touch her, the warmth of his presence was comforting and seductive, he traversed her skin melting into her pours cleansing out debris in his wake, the water washed away as he slid a gently massaging force of energy pulsating with every turn of her head, to any one outside she appeared to have been wrapped in a drapery of silken strands that seemed to writhe and constrict and release she was for a moment an exploratory incident, of passion his mind touched her flesh with the thought and images of a thousand soft fingers…

From: Perceive 5/23/2005 11:58 am

To: Calis...Reaper (calisreaper) (6 of 12)

635.6 in reply to 635.5

Her eyes flicker open as she realises something is different, her skin feels like it is being caressed by a thousand soft lips...her mouth parts and small gasping moans escape her lips..Stood under the hot jets of water her body undulates, in a primitive rhythm...she slides her hands over her soapy slippery skin, moving them slowly up over and between her thighs, over her hips, moving her fingers in small circles over her stomach before reaching up to smooth them over her breasts and then up into her hair, moving still to an unheard beat...She suddenly goes still, her cheeks flush and her eyes open wide,

''Who's there?''

From: Calis...Reaper (calisreaper) 5/23/2005 12:10 pm

To: Perceive (7 of 12)

635.7 in reply to 635.6

Words whispering softly in her ear, of dreams, and passion of future promises and past exultation, the scent of jasmine sandalwood, and dragons blood hangs lightly clinging to her taunting her teasing her flesh he wound himself around her a light weight of pleasure that seemed intent on bringing her to a place in her mind where her past lovers could meet his voice echoed around the shower in a deep vibration that caused the water to shimmer for the briefest second “I… Am…” she could see the demonist outlined in clear liquid holding her and then the image breaks apart falling away leaving her alone, for now… the hint of a scent lingers, clinging to her reminding her of something someplace and yet nothing…

From: Perceive 5/23/2005 12:41 pm

To: Calis...Reaper (calisreaper) (8 of 12)

635.8 in reply to 635.7

Her eyes dilate in surprise as her hand grabs at the outline only to come away with nothing...A heat suffuses her body as she blushes....She wraps her arms about herself protectively and turns off the running water...standing absolutely still, she inhales the scent around her whilst staring intently for any sign he is still there.. frowning slightly she wrings out her dripping hair and steps out of the shower.....grabbing a bottle of her favorite lotus oil she sets about salving her skin

...Stopping every so often to lift her head up and look around...murmuring about slippery demonists under her breath....

''He could have at least stayed to brush out my hair'''

She knows he is still watching and listening somwhere and makes a show of walking back into her bedroom, knowing the fading light will softly illuninate her oiled skin....

From: Calis...Reaper (calisreaper) 5/23/2005 1:25 pm

To: Perceive (9 of 12)

635.9 in reply to 635.8

He stood in her shadow, sliding along behind her and pooling at her feet his eyes glitter in the deepening light yes he was watching, some how the demonist had become fascinated with her he studied her composure as she murmured to herself his mind reached out across the room feeling along her vanity until he found a comb, he allowed it to slide along her desk drawing attention to itself as he picked it up, it hung suspended in the air before drifting over towards her and drew itself along her wrist the bristles making a soft plinking sound, the edge of it trailed up along her arm to her shoulder, it was cool against the warmth of her flesh eventual he lifted it up to the top of her hair as he materialized behind her, the comb in his hand. The mirror did not show his reflection, as his long fingers touched the base of her neck and his other hand slid down the length of her wet hair “comb your hair?” the words slid along her ear seeking to take root in the warmth that spread down her back “hmmm I suppose I could be kind enough to do that…”

From: Perceive 5/23/2005 5:59 pm

To: Calis...Reaper (calisreaper) (10 of 12)

635.10 in reply to 635.9

Arches her neck into his hands and sighs....She is thinking about a promise made to one she held dear. Leaning back into Calis she savours his warmth and the heat of his fingertips as they briefly touch the nape of her neck....She idly picks up a small, neat obsidean blade from her dresser and trails it over her thigh, remembering her new chylde....so little time really when you think about it...but she knows Kristine will forgive her. Anyone who knows her, will forgive this of her, most know what a promise made by Perceive means.She rises from her seat with an easy grace...raising the blade she holds the point to her heart as she presses tightly up against the demonist...a sigh escapes her lips.as the cold blade slides under her ribs..She looks up at Calis the pain and suffering she has held tightly onto blazes in her eyes even as her life slips away...catching hold of his face she pulls him down and kisses his lips.....Her fate has been sealed by her own hand...She whispers her apologies to Calis for using him like this...

From: Calis...Reaper (calisreaper) 5/24/2005 12:24 pm

To: Perceive (11 of 12)

635.11 in reply to 635.10

"You were merely a tool my dear, just a step along a path that I am walking"

The Demonist smiled his light gray eyes turned a dark grey he listened as the knife slid into such soft supple flesh, it sent a shudder through him he requited the sound it was a musical throng of pain he could never disagree as being the most pleasing, whisper that he could never grow tired of.

He held her as a lover would hold someone they never wanted to let go, their lips met as his mind’s voice echoed around the room. It left any who could listen with the impression of a dark storm brooding across a hot desert plain in the midsummer’s heat

“Ahh such a sweet parting the sound of life can be, but death my dear! Death is not the end for you my beautiful kitten, it is merely, just the beginning…”

His wings slid from his back expanding until the enshrouded them both the long pearl feathers cascaded in a prism of colors, sending a scintillating effect that danced madly against the wall, as his lips met hers, his eyes narrowed and he begin to inhale. Her last breath was as sweet, as honey and slowly with practiced patience he began to drink…

He became lost in the ebb and flow of her life. Her memories, her passion, her secrets all of these mixed expanded and fell in to the demonist, her love, her thoughts, her experience her sin followed leaving her with bitterness, rage, hate, and vengeance but he was not done those he coveted he took his time leaning into their dark epiphanies until they to slid deep into the etheric throws of the Bordeaux of death.

The thread was falling splitting and he was there to capture it all, if she felt anything it was the hideous pleasure and succumbing pain of being consumed, unlike a vampire who needed blood to survive he rejoiced in the dispossession of another’s existence, another’s primal being, he knew she would be reborn again, elsewhere and his mark on her soul then would be cleansed but here and now she was his her own blade quiver as he found himself reflecting everything that she was, everything that she ever would have been, found pause to become one long final exhalation, all that was left was her innocence he parted knowing that certain laws, unbreakable bonds prevented him stalled him, daring him to commit and break an archaic law.

The demonist let her go he watched as the last of her life slipped between the grains of time smiling he drew the Morganti blade, Rapture hissed her displeasure of being denied such a fine sacrifice, he touched her tip to her now dead flesh, within an instant long after her spirit had left, her body turned to ash…

He knew their would be war, their would be blood calling for blood, the blade extended itself as her twin waited in another sheath Bliss wanted to be drawn as well and like a dutiful father he did both blades vibrated resonating with the dark energies of the abyss and negative plane, they wept for the loss and cried out for more, he bowed one last time before vanishing in a shower of snowflakes and rose petals, all that was left on the pile of ash was 13 black roses with red thorns that bled, his calling card…

From: Death ™ (LadyDomina) 5/24/2005 8:21 pm

To: Calis...Reaper (calisreaper) (12 of 12)

635.12 in reply to 635.11

There will be another life for her as you said Calis, however there will not be a war, nor blood calling for blood. As her elder and her sire (at least in part) I can assure you of that. What happens to her from this point on is in our hands now and no others. Take it as you will.

*Reaches down moves the flowers aside and carefully collects her sisters ashes, placing them in a crystal urn. Taking up Perceive's blade, she slips it into her belt and turns to walk away, never looking back*

Morganti blades....there is something I have not seen in a very long time.



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