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04:54 Aug 04 2020
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I believe family matters need to stay in the family, just saying....



04:55 Aug 04 2020

Your expecting allot like I do.

04:59 Aug 04 2020

11:24 Aug 03 2020
And also those images were not me I have better things to do then torment you on vampire rave like play world of warcraft and talk to Cat and Heather on skype least they talk to me and try not to make me feel like a piece of shit waste on earth. Thanks Cat for making me see now how this child of mine really is she is 26 she wants to not tlak to me fine two can play this fucking game. Enough said Ill keep this journal entry up for all the people to see that Im a decent person and tried to call her on her damn birthday but did not want to talk to me what child does this to there mother? Can someone name a child that treats there mother like she does not exsist?

05:26 Aug 04 2020

You and your mom need to work this out, VR is not the place to work family matters. This is a family Issue everyone really needs to stay out of your family problems. I am here for you hun, would be for your mom but ya that is not happening for reason but wish you both the best of luck.


00:05 Aug 03 2020
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I almost forgot,

I am reqiured by local, state and Government laws to report anyone to the authorities that could be in danger within abuse giudlines certion abuse's situations like, self harm, being a danger to others, neglect, verbal abuse and sexual abuse these are the main ones we watch out for were I live. Online abuse is becoming a problem but hard to charge do to the reality of the situation, it has been documented and some charges have been filed though it depends on the situation and evidence. I would never make a report unless there is a real reason to, it is against the law to file any abuse report if its anything other then to protect and preserve someones way of life.I could lose my job and even have a record were I could never work with clients in any agency again.




22:49 Aug 02 2020
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Well, alittle about myself, I work for the elderly and disabled which is a great job. I have always worked with the disabled and elderly, even as a teenager in a state hospital. When I was not working I took care of a my daughter who was born with birth defects. I was a parent Avacate many years ago, I had learned to stand up for my daughter right for a fair education and the ability to have every opportunity to live the life she wanted. I learned to get informed information and help from agencies that specialized in working with people who have been discrimanated against as my daughter was by a teacher needless to say, after a informed meeting with the school and daughters Attorney the teacher lost her job for discrimination infront of the school admin.

What some may not know I am a mandated reporter, I work for a agency that provides for the elderly and disabled with specialized services. Our client are protected through many agencies to insure they get the treatment and skills they need to be have a meaningful full life. I am required to report abuse and harassment a I see OR hear it, that is one of the agreements I signed to work with this agency. You see we have to understand what arte concidered to be the different forms of abuse under government giudlines. I am a Government worker, which make it against the law to not report the actions I see or here.



00:52 Aug 03 2020

Oh I have tones of online proof from someone and I got back up from my family members who watch this site from people who abuse me they know I call people a bitch when they are acting like one.
But other then that I'm pretty chill.Until I'm messed with.
I'm almost thinking about calling that state soon probably sometimes this month.

01:34 Aug 03 2020

There are ways of handling things without adding to the fire, best think to do is bring your grievances to people that can handle it offline. I am not telling you not to stand up for yourself just do it wisely and way from others that really dont understand the situation as a whole. People are good at passing judgement on a situation when they really dont have the facts.


12:45 Aug 02 2020
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Everything happens for a reason even divine intervition, sometime's they come in places you least expect...lol Even on a site that deals with Vampires, its funny to see so many are awakening to their own truth finally seeing themselves like it was the first time. Its strange but I feel like theres going to be a big oh shit moment coming soon, just wonder what its all going to mean.

I have cried tears of joy, in his arms he felt like home.

That is my truth always has been, from the moment of my exsistance I have been embrace by him, my home.

It does not really matter about the name or image, its all about the feeling being imbraced by creation itself is what I feel through him.

I always knew and felt my truth, you may see me as different but arent we all for a reason. We all have experienced our own creation of life, each like a snow flake non are exactly the same. We all have free will and have chosen were we are at this piont in time, YOU ARE THE CREATERS OF YOUR OWN REALITY, Meaning you have free will to make even the worst life experances into something that will only enrich you as a human being.

So you must be wondering why something like a Vampire could be anything but evil, ask yourself this what is true evil in the minds of human beings that have piosoned everything they have touched. Ask The animal kingdom or the living planet you exsist on have you truly looked at what humanity has done in the name of what you feel is good and evil, stop putting your hate on thing's you have no understanding of. We are no more evil or good then you are, stop putting everything in a box that seem right to you. I am your mirror why dont you take a look for once, i have been here all along trying to show you we are all the same just different in the way we see the big picture in the evotution of how life exist, do you really believe you are the firstlifeforms who have had the same existance then you are truly blind to what is around you.

Well, its all could be just the rambling's of a sad angel whos been shunned again.

How many have to be shunned, beaten down and wiped out of your existance in the name of what you see as good and evil. Look at humanities history on this planet, to many to count of names forgotten unless it convenant to get the masses to blindly follow the corrupted way of seeing only a small blinded and narrow existance you call life. Well kiddo's its time you got to see why you are really here, get ready, its going to be a Rolloercoaster of a mind fuck but its going to be the best one you ever had in this existance more like all of them...

Mean while back on planet Earth this could all be the rambling of a crazy person, or something much more then you can understand...

HAHA... Just you averge run of the mill human being with a far out imagination, I AM NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS THEN WHAT i WAS CREATED FOR.

This is just a small part of the story that is me I chose for you to see.




05:49 Aug 01 2020
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When I think of self reflextion its about me looking in the mirror and see myself flaws and all. That is what I have been doing a lot, part of the dark night of the soul or what others call the Great awakening. I write to let out things that seem to want to come out, sometimes not even understanding it until Its down in a journal or on paper, it call atomatic writing. You should try it sometime never know what is going to come out...lol

My word's most of the time a reflection's of me, something I need to see to understand. They are not meant to accuse, blame or ridicul anyone unless it is clearly stating this. Sometimes its comes out to give a though or Idea of something I see, thats all.

I have been on a long self refecting road, it is one that can take a life time to understand what makes me who I am.




00:58 Aug 01 2020
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Interesting song, kind of says people cast light on others to hide their own decietful lies or actions. Thats what happened with a lot of women and men who were accused of witches, someone in the background always looking to profit from someone elses suffering and demise...



01:27 Aug 01 2020

I remember this day.
I know a girl from my past who was accused of such.

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