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The tale of Drake and Elenia

03:59 Jul 15 2007
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Main Characters:

Elenia Corvinus: Description: 5'9, 125lbs, she has longsilk blood red hair , eyes are blue with red around them, and she lives in a small villagewith her father who is a farmer. Her mother died when she was born, she was the only child. She is a very good marksmen, excellent with a bow, sword or dagger.

Drake Kakashi Uchlia; 6'2, 160lbs, he has shor siller hair at the bottom, but he ha long spiky hair at the top, eyes are green with blue around them, he lives in th place of the King and Queen which makes him there son, never liked being a prince, loves to go off to the lake 3 miles from the villiage and be at peace.

Other Characters:

King:6'0, 220lbs, very rude and stubborn, wants his son to marry someone fast so they can have heirs to the thrown.

Queen: 5'10, 145lbs, very nice , sweet and kind, always caring and loves her son no matter if there is a heir or not.

Elenia's Father: name is Itachi 6'0, 254lbs, alwaays smiling , and treats Elenia as a father should treat his daughter, with respect , honor, kindness, gentleness. He his a hard worker , and always gets the job done.

[/b]CHAPTER 1:

Itachi: Elenia, could you go and wash the clothes, I have to go and start working on the Queen's new table, and her shandler.

Elenia: Yes father.

Itachi: Be careful and take your bow and arrow with you.

Elenia: Yes father I know, bye.

Down by the lake as Elenia is washing her clothes a certain prince is trying to escape from the palace once again.

Queen: Drake Kakashi Uchila, you need to come her right now!

The king strubbles down the hall way and says: That boy is at it again, how can we be able to be at peace if we don't have an heir!

Queen: I s tha tall you think about, the only reason why he goes on these little escapes is to get away from all the pressure YOU are putting on him, besides he will come back when he is ready.

Mean while this prince was actually about to leve for another town but what stoped him dead in his tracks was a beautiful melody which was being sung by the lake.

Drake: That is the most beautiful melody I have ever heard so pure and peaceful but who is it.

As Drake started to walk down he saw this young lady with pale skin, blood red hair sitting by the lake singing while washing clothes.

All of a sudden an arrow came his way and stuck him through the arm and into the tree, and athen another one in the other arm. He looked and saw her, he was in an daze withe her eyes.

Elenia: Who are you and wher have you come from , no lies or the next arrow will be your last.

Drake said: I am the prince and I usually come down here all the time just to think.

Elenia released him from the arrow and healed his wounds.

Drake: How could you do that?

Elenia : I can heal your wounds with magic Anyways I have ti go I am late as it is.

She got up and got the clothes, Elenia was about to leave then Drake asked: What is your name ?

Elenia said: Elenia Corvinus.

Drake sat down by the tree and said: That is a beautiul name, and a beautiful woman,"sighs", she is so unique to wher words can't describe I have to meet her again.

Elenia entered the house and started putting the close away, when there was a knock on the door. She opened the door and there was a message from a guard.

Guard 1:Are you Elenia Corvinus?

Elenia:Yes, Why?, is there anything wrong?

Guard 1: I am sorry ma but your father Itachi, has been assignd to be in the kings army , and to travel to the new world.

Elenia: What ? Why? then she fainted.

( Okay, I know it is getting confusing, I know your thinking that she should be happy, but in those days getting assigned i nthe army, and traveling meant never seeing your family again, just to let you know)

The Guard picked her up and put her on the couch,and waited for here to awake. When shed did he said: I have some more bad news for you, Your father has already lert this morning .

Elenia: Thats why he told me to wash the clothes so far away, so I wouldn't see him leave.

Guard 1: Are you going to be okay my lady?

Elenia: Yes, Still a little bit in shocked but I am good.

Guard 1: Well, good day my lady.

Drake was strolling back to the palace and was going back to the villiage.

Drake: If only I could see heer face again and talk to her for a little while.

Well his prayers where answered becuase as soon as he entered the villiage Elenia came out. Both of them stop dead in their tracks and just looked at each other.

Elenia: What are you doing her?

Drake: Well I was going back to the palace?

Elenia: I was going to get some food for dinner.

Drake: Well, how about I get the food for dinner and cook it for you, you did heal me.

Elenia:Yeah, after I shot you with the arrows.

Both of them laughed then Elenia said: That would be nice.

After the yhad gotten the foodthey entered the house of Elenia and just like Drake promised he started diid, while Elenia setted the table.

The sat down to eat but couldn't beacause the were looking int oeach others eyes, As hours upon hours passed . Drake finally spoke.

Drake: Well it is getting dark and I better get home .

Eleni: Yeah, well it was nice meeting you.

Drake: Will I be able to see you again tommorow?

Elenia: Yes, I will be her 24/7 365 ....

Drake gave Elenia a kiss on her lips they both didn't want to see each other leave but they knew the had to after the kiss Drake said goodbye once again the left.

Elenia spinned around the house with joy, she has a boyfriend , well not offically but almost. She then took a shower and got ready for be, and with a smile she went to sleep, Eagerly waiting for tommorow.

Chapter 2:

Drake went home to the palace just full of joy nd wanting to tell his mom of Elenia.

Drake walked into his mothers room and said: Mother I have just found an angel whhich fell from the heavens I have fallen for her .

Queen: Oh really? and what is this angels name that has captured your heart?

Drake: Her name is Elenia Corvinus, Doesn' that name sound so beautiful?

Queen: Of Course dear, well I have some good new for you as well.

Drake : What is it?

Queen: Me and your dear father has decided to go on our honey moon, it will last about three months and so you don't worry about hte kingdom your grandmother will come and watch after it

Drake : That is great mom but do I have to stay in the palace while she is here?

Queen : of course you don't but you need someone who you can stay with for threemonths? Hm.... How about yoiur little angel*she giggled*

Drake : Really? Thanks mom, I will see her tommorow morning, I know she would say yes!

The sun rose up and touched Drake face, which woke him up(by the way it is 8:00 a.m.) he got quickly dress and his bags packed, and like a flash of lighting disappeared in a minute.

There was a knock on Elenia dooras she was in the kitchen.

Elenia: Who is it?

Drake: it is me.

Elenia quickly ran to the door opened it and gave Drake a big hug.

Drake: Wow, you missed me that much?

Elenia just smild then said: What aare you doing here with these bags?

Drake: Well I was wondering if I could live with you here until my mom and dad comes back from there honeymoon?

Elenia: Sure, now come on in I just cooked breakfest and your just in time to eat.

Drake came in and saat his things in his room, but wishing he could sleep with Elenia in her room, but he respected her and he will wait untilthey become more aquainted witheach other.

Elenia: Okay breakfest is ready.

Drake came from his room and saw the table fille dwithe bacom eggs ham biscuits , panacakes, orange juice, lemonade and friut>

Drake: WOW, oYou sure know how to cook fo ran army>

Elenia: Well I will take that as a compliment.

As they sat down to eat Drake couldn't help but look at Elenia with desire and lust for her, in his mind he daydreams about her and sees her in a portrait with him and they have a child.

Elenia: Hey Drake *snapp snapp* Wake up.

Day dreaming again I see

Drake: Sorry I sometimes tend to go off like that and I stay there for a while.

Elenia : I is okay, Well I have to go wash some more clothes , wantto come? and whiel I wash the clothes you could catch dinner.

Drake: Sur that would be no problem after all I am going to be staying here for quiet a while.

So they finish supper and started to head out towards the lake. hen when out of the blue they get attack by some a gang of bandits.

Bandits: Give us all your money and we won't have to do away with you.

Drake and Elenia: Over our dead bodys.

The fight goes on and on never seeming to still go on and on even more,Finally the bandits admitts defeat and run away with ther tails between their legs.

Drake : Says hey Elenia are you okay, Elenia!Elenia, Drake quickly turns around and sees Elenia lying on the ground bleeding. He rushes over to her side and says: Its going to be okay just don't talk and I will get you to the hospital, and everything will be okay, just don't talk.

Elenia: No, just take me to my house and I will be okay, trust me.

continueing chap.2

Drake ran as fast as his legs could go and got to her house in under ten minutes.

He knocked opened the door an dcarried her to her bed then gentle laid her down.As soon as he looked back at her wounds they were healed with not a scractch on her he put his hand on her stomach just to see if there was any internal wounds, but evereything was healed. When he started to get back up he heard her say:

Can you please stay with me for tonight ?

Drake: His inside was saying yes, but on the outside he kept his cool and said sure. He cuddled up next to her and she did him. She fit perfectly into his every curve on his body like a missing piece of the puzzle joining the other half and becoming whole. He gentle wraped his arms around her and laid his chin on top of her head, he pulled up the covers and they went to sleep.

Chapter 3:

Drake woke up, but quietlyso he wouldn't wake her up, he thought to himself that skelooks like an angel in heaven. He started cleaning up starting at the bathroom and working his way to the bedroom, Whe nhe got ther Elenia was in the shower cleaning herself. The water stop and she got out. Drake yaw droped down to the floor when he saw Elenia stop naked.

Elenia: What Drake ? You act like you have never seen a girl naked before, now do me a favor and put your mouth back together. Drake blushed because he realized he has just been embrassed. By the way is someting burning?

Drake hurried and went to the kitchen breakfest was burned.

Elenia: Itis Okay Drake, we can go out to eat.

Drake:Um...Okay thanks Elenia he said embrassed.

Elenia: It is okay, but you re going to have to learn how to cook, besides At this rate your might try burn my house down *hehehe*

Drake:I didn't mean to Elenia I swear.he said

Elenia: ITS OKAY DRAKE. You don't have to be so sensitive, besides it was just an accident, be a man*hehehehehehehe*

Drake:I guess your right Elenia

Elenia: Really? You are going to grow you manhoodback?

Drake:Very funny Elenia.

Elenia: I am just stating the fact.


Elenia: So your a woman?

Drake:No hell no

Elenia : I understand now your gay, it is okay let your true feelings out, I mean it will be shoccking to your mom and dad but I am okay with you gayness.

Drake: I AM NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elenia: Than prove it.

Drake waalked over to Elenia and started to kiss her , surprised at first, but then she started to kiss Drake back.

For a moment there it seemed like they where the only two people in the world

Dat after day drake would meet up with Elenia at the lake and they would spend there whole day just gazing into each others eyes, they where in love , every where they went people could tell and they ahhhwed at them, who would have guess that complete opposite would fall so much in love it was magical

Drake went to go get Flenia the next day and said: we need to talk

Elenia thought she new what it ment . so he toopk here down by the lake

Elenia : Just say it is over so I can get on

Drake: I wasn't going to say that

Elenia: Then what where you going to say

Drake: five words

Elenia: let me guess it is not you it is me

Drake : No

Elenia : than what

Drake: I "m in love with you , see five words and I want to know if you feeled the same way

Elenia: So yo uwern't going to break up with me

Drake: NO, what made you think that

Elenia: well to a girl when a boy says we need to talk that usually means it is over sorry

Drake: It is okay , but do you

Elenia : of course I do

Drake grabbed elenia and swinged her around he had never felt so happy in his life than that day.From then on you couldn't split them apart. wherever you saw one you saw the other

Queen: are son is so in love with her

King: but she is not a princes , she is a blind PEASANT

Queen: so , you should be happy for himn, he is in love

King : he won't be soon

Mean while Drake was walking up and down infront of Elenias house, when Elenia opened the door

Elenia: Are just going to stand there or are you going to come in

Drake: Coming

Elenia: What is wrong drake you seem so fidgetty

Drake : well I am quite nervous. you see i need to ask you something but I don't know how you will react to it

Chapter 4:

Elenia: Well you don't know unless you try

Drake sat down by elenia at the table looked deeply into her eyes and started to speak

Drake: you know we have been going out for quiet some time now

Elenia :yes

Drake and I want to know...............................if you take the honor and be my wife, i can't imagine mem without you anymore , and if your gone away for more than an hour i can't stop thinking about you, i pray for you more than i pray for myself, I will literally but femimine product for you

Elenia: I knew yo uwere gay

Drake: Elenia

Elenia: listen husband i was only joking

Drake: husbad ....so that is a yes , your saying yes , you...i.. whooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooo

Drake spun elenia around for at least a hour he was so happy

Drake: Elenia I be right back I have to go tell my parents , they will be so happy

Elenia: Okay come back soon

Drake left the house and elenia decide to start cooking a big meal, while she was cutting up the pork there was a knock at the door it was Drakes father

Elenia: Yes your majsty

King: You.... you.. you peasant , how dare you trick my son into marrying a filthy no good , slim of the earth like yourself

Elenia: Excuse me

King : I will not tolerate you talking back

and with that the king slaped Elenia and she fell to the floor

King: I will make sure you fell pain today young lady

The king kept on beating her until she can hardly move and the he spoke

King: now this shall be a lesson t oyou and if you tell my son that I was the one who had beated you up, I will make sure your father heads to the front line

The king left and Elenia started crying tears flowed from her face like a water fall.

She slowly got up and went to the closet to get some different close on so the bruises and cuts wouldn't show. Elenia just finished getting dress as Drake came through the door

Drake: Elenia, where are you

Elenia: I am in here I will be out in just a minute

But drake was already in the room

Drake : guess what my parents areso happy for us .

Elenia: thats fantstic

As Drake went to give her a big hug, Elenia moved back

Drake : Whats wrong?

Elenia : I fell from the roof today and got a little bruised up

Drake; oh, ar yo uokay?, do you need anything

Elenia: yeah , I will just take a nap , could you finish dinner for me

Drake: Okay, you just get you rest now and everything will be okay

The next morning Drake went to go and wake Elenia up, he sat beside her on the bed and

Drake; Elenia wake up, wake up, wakey wakey

Elenia: Leave me alone

and she pulled the covers over her head

Drake: whats wrong

Elenia: your annoying voice in my ear

Drake looked a ther woth a questionable face, then he went to give her a kiss on the check and noticed that Elenia had a fever



22:55 Jan 29 2008

this is one of my first stories

04:40 Jun 16 2008

love the story

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