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Vampires have been reported in nearly every culture. Records of these creatures go back to the first records ever recorded. (Greece, Ancient Middle East, Japan, Egypt.)

The earliest legend of Vampires date back to Ancient Babylonia: The Edimou and Lylith. The Edimou was a troubled restless soul that wandered the Earth, looking for victims who’s veins it sucked. Lylith was a demon and Adam’s first wife. The Hebrews took care not to offend her. She seduced young men, killed young babies, and sucked the blood from teens and adults.
Babylonia was the first Vampire civilization place…in the late 1600’s, the civilization moved to Italy…and Eastern Europe.
They named the Vampire: “Blood Sucking Corpse” (LATIN)

By the 14th century, Vampirism was widespread, especially in the mountainous regions of Eastern Europe. Vampires must hunt in order to survive. They have to have Human blood to survive. Vampire Blood will only make them stronger, not quench their thirst. The Bible of Christianity clearly states that Vampires do…or did exist. “The blood is night, and nowadays, so do Vampires.

In the late 1400’s, Pope Innocent the 8th was the first person that released the information that Vampires, Werewolves, and other unusual species exist! He released a treaty that recognized the phenomena of Shapeshifters and Vampiric creatures. Both Vampires and Werewolves have always been connected somehow, starting in Eastern Europe. Vampires and Werewolves were always in constant conflict… Though the Werewolves were fewer in number…they tended to avoid and kill other Vampires. When going through an immortal change it is told that Vampire DNA invades human cells after a bite…creating new physical and behavioral characteristics. These characteristic traits include strength, speed, agility, and the ability to survive on blood, powers in both magic and combat, extended life, perfection to its fullest, plus all the little boosters.
With a Werewolf or Vampire bite, venom that invades cells genetically changes and somehow rewrites DNA. Vampirism and Lycanthropy have been labeled viruses and diseases. It today is only a hereditary “blood disease” called Porpheria and Lycanthropy.

The roots of Vampires lie within Transylvania, Romania.

Dracula goes by many names. (Vlad Surpash, Vlad Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, Count Dracula) Vlad was a 15th century overlord, infamous for his bloodthirstiness. He was called Vlad the Impaler because of his love of impalement in means of punishing his enemies. He was born in 1431 and named after his father: Vlad Dracul.

In Romania, “Dracula” means death.

Accounts of Vlad Dracula’s cruelty say that he once invited the poor, sick, and elderly to a banquet in his castle, and after they finished feasting, he boarded up the castle and set fire to it. No one survived. Another account says that he enjoyed drinking cups filled with blood acquired from his defeated enemies. Vlad was overthrown in 1462 and forced to flee to the safety of Hungary’s court. There he met a female relative of the King, a Corvenus. In order to marry her, Vlad had to convert from the Easter Orthodox Church to Catholicism. Vlad returned to Transylvania in 1474 and slain in 1476. Two years after these events of hunting killed, by driving a wooden stake through his heart. He was buried in a monastery but when the Mortals’ came back to check his sarcophagus there was no body. It is said that he was a Vampire and had risen from the dead…
It is said that if you leave the Eastern Orthodox Church, you were rumored to be a Vampire. Some people today think that all of the Vampire clans and Werewolf packs started originally from one line: The Corvinus line. Today, Vampires have more than 300 major lines, branching out into minor lines. Only about 80 of these lines are royal.

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There was a battle between the Vampires and Werewolves in 1412, a War. This war was indeed one of the largest wars ever to occur in Human or Supernatural worlds. Most Vampires came from a royal line, but only few stayed royal. The lines split and became basic…rather than stay in one position. Lots of Vampire think that they are the top of the food chain, and everything else is beneath them. As for Werewolves, Vampires thought that they were just men who could turn into animals. They thought that they were only pets that could protect them during the daylight hours. The Werewolves did eventually revolt, causing the War of 1412. In 1969, in London, Highgate Cemetery stood untouched. But, there were numerous accounts of seeing a tall, dark figure haunting the Cemetery. These accounts continue even today.

Though Vampires owned Werewolves as elite warrior guards, today, there are Vampires owning Werewolves, and even Werewolves owning Vampires.

In the 1700’s there were major Vampire, Werewolf, Witch, Kitsune, and other ‘abomination’ hunts. Humans that were killed because of this mayhem: 100,000+. These continue in France, New Orleans, Mexico, Texas, and of course Louisiana. At least 10,000 Vampires are estimated to inhabit the United States of America alone! In California: Anywhere from 250-500…and in Stanislaus County: 50-125. That is a massive piece of this race/population inhabiting just California…300 compared to 10,000? That is more than we comprehend… Crudelia is a Vampire and works as a DJ in Amsterdam. He also runs a Vampire haven. Morditha Kalavera is a Vampire and a member of Crudelia’s have. There are Vampire households, cults, haves of Vampire subculture, nightclubs…everything. (The Cave of Saty I)

Vampires by day are Accountants, secretaries, lawyers, writers, students, nurses, and business people. But by night, they change: they shift into creatures of darkness. Vampires get power with the change, yes…but they also get certain downcasts…Blood sightings cause terrible, excruciating pain by headaches, indescribable pain in the abdominal, head, and chest, and even sometimes sexual arouse…forcing them to do things they don’t know they are doing…or at least in some lines. Most lines dislike garlic…though it does not kill them…it can get them very sick, dehydrating them…ultimately ending their life.
Because blood is so rich in Iron, Humans can only ingest a very small amount without getting sick, let alone survive on it. The moon is blamed for causing transformation, thirst, and both Vampire and Werewolf symptoms.

A Damphier is a half Vampire and half Human. Some become Hunters, and some stay and serve Vampire, Werewolves, Witches, and Demons. The garlic that Hunters used was not to repel the Vampire, but in fact, the smell of death and decay.

Sharp fangs are a common Vampire trait the fangs are meant to pierce skin, giving a clean and easy bite on unaware victims. Like Vampire Bats…Vampires also drink blood. Vampire Bats are named after their “immortal” comrades. Though some Vampire lines still hunt, prey, and feed on humans, others resort to raiding blood banks and having a bleeder. Bleeders, or pets, are very common in certain Vampire lines. Some are more discreet than others.

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