Lycan Abilities And Limitations

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Lycan Abilities & Limitations

The ages of lycans A lycans power grows more powerful the longer they live. Some lycans have lived as long as vampires have. And it has been surmised, that at one time the lycans and vampires used to live in peace. They measure this in the following way:
Childe. Childe is a term for young lycan. A lycan is considered a childe until he or she has reached an age of at least 100 years.
Kine. The kine is a term for a lycan who has reached what most vampires might consider an adult. A Kine, is somewhere between 101 and 300 years of age.
Elder. The elders are lycan who have reached a level of respect in lycan society. They range anywhere in age from 301 to 700 years of age. This is the maximum starting age for most lycan created characters.
Advisor. The Advisors are usually the rulers of tribes and such. And tend to be very old. These lycans range anywhere in age from 701 to 1500 years of age.
Ancients. Ancients are usually the creators of the lycan tribes. Each one is usually unique with their own special powers and abilities. These lycans range from 1501 + years of age.
Methuselahs. Most methuselahs are considered myths to most lycans. Though legends may be based off reality, it seems some lycans might be anywhere from 3000 to 7000 years of age. Around the time of ancient egypt.

The Sireing or Bond
There is a ceratin affect that is shared between lycans that turn another into their kind. The newly created lycan developes a bond known as the sireing. It gives the newly created lycan, a certain intuition into what they are based off the memories of the Sire (the one who made them). Sometimes it allows a sire to know what the one they made is thinking or feeling, but after awhile that affect fades away as they become more powerful. But the one thing that remains the same is the bond it creates, a certain level of respect,loyalty, and love to the one that made them. This is hard to break.

Lycan Abitilies & Limitations
Shape shifting. A lycan can shift into a powerful animal-hybrid humanoid form, that resembles a wolf in some ways. In this form they can utilize many of the lycan abilities and powers. This form can only be assumed during a full moon, which is why many are bitten during one so they undergo the change. Lycans who are elders or ancients, can assume their lycan form at will.
Strength. Lycans are exceptionally strong, but not as strong as vampires are. Childe can lift up to 150 lbs. Kine can lift up 300 lbs with ease. Elders can lift up to 600, and Advisors can lift up to 1200 lbs. Ancients can lift up 2400 lbs.
Leaping/Falling. A lycan can leap and survive great distances and falls. As a child that can leap 10'/and survive falls of 20'. An adult can leap 20'/and survive 40'. An elder can leap 40'/and survive 80'. An advisor can leap 80'/and survive 160'. An ancient can leap 160'/and survive 320'. Lycans can perfom this at half-effectiveness in their mortal form.
Fangs. The bite of a lycan can change a mortal into another lycan. Trasnmiting the virus quickly throughout the body.
Damage Regeneration. A lycan is also immune to age, and most normal diseases like the common cold. But are not immune to poisons. A lycan can sustain great levels of damage, by regenerating wounds very quickly. The older a lycan is the more damage they can take, and shrug off. In para style play this is hard to dictate what is considered a killing blow. Let the OPS be the ones to determine that based on the age of a lycan, and the deadliness of a weapon.
Silver Allergy. Lycans are allergic to silver, and contact with silver causes extreme burning to a lycan's skin. Weapons made of silver, bypass damage resistance all together. A lycan cannot regenerate either, as long as silver remains imbedded in their body. And if any major organs are pierced the lycan is bound to die.
Claws. A lycans claws are vicious weapons, and their primary mode of attack. They are great for rending flesh. A lycans claws also allow them to climb walls just like a vampire can, but it rends at the material.
Enhanced Senses. All lycans can see in the dark , and have enhanced senses of smell that allow them to track their prey. This allows them to detect vampires and other lycans.
Lycan Speed. Lycans are fast, very fast. The older they are the faster they become. Childe Lycans can run 30 mphs. Kine can run 45 mphs, Elders can run 60 mphs, and Advisors can run 75 mphs, and ancients can run 90 mphs.

The Lycan Tribes. Some lycan tribes are created by ancients who started the line along time ago. Each tribe has usually developed its own special powers and limitations.
Creed. The Creed Tribe was created by vincent creed, who was born in the year 385. Those of the Creed tribe have the power of Savage Attraction. Allowing them to draw upon the nature to sexually attract prey to them.

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