The Seven Heavens And Seven Hells

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The seven heavens and the 7 hells

The seven heavens and the 7 hells

The 7 celestial mansions and the 7 palaces The 7 heavens and the seven earths. These would be similar to the lowlands and highlands of our world. The seven heavens stack one over the top of each other in a straight line.I am presenting this information by combining in order both 7 Heavens 7 Earths.

The First Heaven

Shamayim or ShamainThe 1st heaven,Shamayim borders the Earth and is ruled by Archangel Gabriel.This is the lowest of the heavens. It borders our world and is thought to be the dwelling place of Adam and Eve. This heaven being the first and closest to Earth acts as a shading agent for the Earth. This heaven has clouds, wind and upper waters. It is the home to two hundred astronomer angels who keep watch over the stars. To complete the visual picture of this heaven one would see legions of guardian angels of snow, ice and dew living in this vicinity.

In the Apocalypse of St. Paul this region is called the promised land. It is described as , "Now every tree bore twelve harvests each year, and they had various and diverse fruits, and I saw the fashion of that place and all the work of God, and I saw there palm-trees of twenty cubits and others of ten cubits, and the land was seven times brighter than

The First Earth

The inhabitants of this world are the descendants of Adam. It was said to be dull and cheerless but little is known about it.

The Second Heaven

Raquia or Raqia The 2nd heaven Raquia is ruled by the Archangels Raphael and Zachariel, and, according to Enoch, it is within this heaven that the fallen angels are imprisoned waiting final judgment in complete darkness. This was at one time suppose to be the dwelling place of John the Baptist.

The Second Earth

The people of this world, also descendants of Adam, were hunters and cultivators. The were cursed with almost constant sadness. When not sad they were at war. It was also believed that visitors here came in with a memory and left with no recall of prior events.

The Third Heaven

Sagun or Shehaquim

The 3rd heaven is unique for many reasons. According to Enoch, hell lies within the northern boundaries of the
third heaven. Sagun (or Shehaqim) is ruled over by Archangel Anahel and three subordinate saraim: Jagniel, Rabacyel, and Dalquiel, and is the residence for Archangel Azrael, the Islamic Angel of death. The northern region of this heaven has a river of flame that flows through the land of cold and ice, here the wicked are punished by the angels.The southern lands are a bountiful paradise, thought
to be the Garden of Eden, where the souls of the righteous will come after death. Two rivers, the river of milk and honey and the river of wine and oil flow here. This heaven if where the Tree of Life can be found. The beautiful celestial garden is where all perfect souls go after death and is guarded by 300 angels of light. It was also recorded
that the entrance to this heaven is a gate of gold.

The Third Earth

Although this world was one of shadows it also had woods, jungles, forests and orchards. The inhabitants lived off the fruit of the trees.

The Fourth Heaven

Machanon or Machen

The 4th heaven it is ruled by Archangel Michael, Is
the site of the heavenly Jerusalem, the holy Temple and its Altar. It is here that, according to Enoch, that the Garden
of Eden is actually housed, not in the third heaven.It is said to house the city of Christ and is the native seat of the angels.St. Paul's Apocalypse describes it as It was all
gold, and 12 walls encircled I and there were 12 walls inside. There were 12 gates of great beauty in the circuit of the city and 4 rivers encircled it. There was a river of honey and a river of milk and a river of wine and a river of oil.

The Forth Earth

This world has two suns and is very dry. The cities here were rich and wondrous, but the dwellers were constantly looking for a source of underground water. It was said that these people had fair features and were full of spiritual faith.

The Fifth Heaven

Mathey or Machon
The 5th heaven Mathey is the seat/home of God, Aaron, and the Avenging Angels. The beautiful southern region is where God can be found while the northern boundaries are said to be ruled by Metatron's twin brother Archangel Sandalphon or Samael (Camael, Chamuel). This region was like a great void of fire and smoke, which had no firm ground above or below. A terrible desolate place where it is said the fallen Grigori
(watchers) angels who sinned and cohabited with woman were imprisoned; Well personally I find this to be very unlikely so, as we, mankind, have been blessed with His greatest gift Free Will I would have expected at least the Angels to have been blessed with the same gift also. I believe that if an angel chooses to fall down to mankind to experience life and follow the paths of re-incarnation there is nothing wrong in that, let's not forget that we are angels too which have forgotten how to fly.In the southern regions, on the other hand, reside the ministering angels who endlessly change the praises of the Lord.

The Fifth Earth

The people here live off the land and seem to be a bit simple minded. There world has a red sun and is very dry. The people have two holes in theirs heads instead of noses making it easier for them to breath the dry thin air.

The 6th heaven

Zebul is ruled by Archangel Zachiel (Sachiel) and his
subordinate princes Zebul (during the day) and Sabath (during the night)This stormy, snow ridden dwelling is home to the seven phoenixes and the seven Cherubim who sing the praises of God. A multitude of other angelic beings also reside here.It is like the angels University of knowledge who study an array of subjects including astronomy, ecology, the seasons, and mankind.

The Sixth Earth

Here the seasons are very long. These inhabitants can travel from earth to earth and are credited with being able to speak all languages. This earth is said to be the place where Hell can be found, all seven layers of it one on top of another. The topmost layer being Sheol followed by, perdition, the gates of death, the gates of the shadow of death, silence, the bilge and the lowest pit.

The Seventh Heaven

The 7th heaven is the holiest of the holy heavens. Araboth is ruled by Archangel Cassiel and is home to God and his Divine
Throne it is also the abode of human souls waiting to be born.It is also home to the highest orders of angels - the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones.It is in the 7th Heaven that Isaiah has a glimpse of God and the Christ and hears the Most high dictating the program on his (Christs) earthly manifestation and return.

The Seventh Earth

This world's form is very much like that of Earth's, having hills, mountains, valleys and flatlands. Here lies 365 different types of bizarre creatures. These creatures range from having two heads, to having multiple bodies, but are considered to be righteous. They are considered quite superior and live off the aquatic life found there. They have the unique ability to prolong life or bring the dead back to

In Enoch 2,8, the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life are both found in the 3rd Heaven. The Zohar mentions 390 Heavens and 70,000 worlds. The gnostic Basilides vouched for 365 Heavens.Jellenek (in Beth Ha-Midrasch) recalls a legend which tells of 955 Heavens.

In Enoch 2 the Heavens number 10. Here the 8th Heaven is called Muzaloth. The 9th Heaven, home of the 12 signs of the zodiac, is called Kukhavim. The 10th, where Enoch saw the vision of the face of the Lord, is called Aravoth (Hebrew term for the 12 signs of the Zodiac). The confusion of the Heavens is clear here from the fact that the signs of
the zodiac do not lodge in the Heavens named after them.

The notion of the 7 Heavens appears in
The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs and other Jewish apocrypha, and was familiar to the ancient Persians and Babylonians. The Persians pictured the Almighty in the highest of the 7 Heavens, seated on a great white throne, surrounded by winged cherubim.The Koran also speaks of 7 Heavens.

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