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I have put together a Vampyrism FAQ. Below are some questions that people on this website frequently ask me about Human Living Vampyrism. Please, before you bombard my inbox with questions about Vampyrism, read through this FAQ list. If you don't see your question listed here, or don't understand the answer, then you may message me and ask me about it.

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What is Human Living Vampyrism?

Human Living Vampyrism is a strong desire or need by a human to drink the blood of the living for psychic and pranic energy resources that others have. It is also a desire or need to injest the prana from another being through psychic feeding forms. One is born into this life path and normally will awaken sometime in their early adulthood. The majority of Vampyres have a need to fill an energy void through pranic sources such as that in blood and sex, psychic sources such as that in the emotions of others, and Earthly sources such as the energy found in weather events such as storms. The vampyre seeks out these energy sources as often as they feel the need to "feed".

What are some common misconceptions of Vampyrism?

The film industry is largely responsible for these misconceptions. Many of us have seen how vampyres are portrayed as immortal and turn to dust in the daylight. I love the sun and can assure you that I will not live forever. If anyone tells you that they are such, please stay as far away from them as possible. Another misconception is that we are harmed by garlic, certain metals and even Christian crosses. One of the biggest misconceptions is vampyres turning others into vampyres with blood, being bitten or by any other means. As with any other ability or talent, you are born into Human Living Vamyprism. No one can turn you into a vampyre.

What is "Psychic Vampyrism"?

Psychic Vampyrism refers to Vampyres who do not drink blood to feed. A Psychic Vampyre feeds off of the energy of another human being for personal benefit. It also includes the ability to benefit from the energy of other sources in the environment such as animals, weather events such as storms, and even the changes in the earth and moon. This is the most common form of Vampyrism and exists in some form in most vampyres. There are also several types of Psychic Vampyrism, including, but not limited to Elemental Vampyrism, Emotional Vampyrism, and Sexual Vampyrism.

What is Prana?

Prana is just another term for energy. Therefore, if someone says "Pranic Vampyre" then you know that they are referring to an Energy Vampyre.

What is Sexual Vampyrism?

Sexual Vampyrism involves the energy sources made during sexual contact. These energy sources are the most quickly satisfying and require less by amount than any psychic source. That is, a vampyre's energy needs are more quickly met because of the density of the direct contact of this energy source. Some vampyres combine an ability for both sexual and psychic sources, and this enables most to assure an available source if one is absent. Some people may refer to these types as a Succubus or Incubus.

What are some safe blood feeding techniques?

I recommend the use of a sterile lancet device or some other stainless steel device with perhaps alcohol or bleach for sterilization and then make small incisions somewhere on the body. Good places I recommend include the thighs, arms and neck. This is one way to approach safe blood play. Amounts vary with each person. For most it does not take much. It depends on how strong the blood-lust is running. Some need just a few drops every few days to a week while others need more of it and more often. Blood is a natural emetic and too much of it will cause one to be sick to vomit. It is important to remember here to be confident of your donor's health. With the threat of deadly bloodborne diseases such as AIDS, you should frequently be tested and have your donor do the same. Also, be aware of any mouth infections in direct contact with the blood at the wound. Some take the blood in small cups and mix with a red wine. Health and safety are the important issues here.

What are some health problems associated with Vampyrism?

Because vampyrism is based on needed energy sources, true vampyres can suffer without them. Symptoms and problems vary but there are some common problems shared by many. Headaches, general tiredness and irritability are common. Other experiences can also include depression and inability to sleep or irregular sleep patterns. Many also become more sensitive to sunlight and temperature changes. Some may experience blood sugar fluctuations. Many vampyres are naturally sensitive to emotion, and so are naturally affected when there is little of the emotional energy available. It is important to note, that vampyrism is directly tied with the health of a person and so makes up an important element of that person's well being. A well-fed vampyre is a healthy and happy vampyre.

What is shielding?

Shielding for the vampyre refers to the blocking of unwanted energy for the vampyre. This is an important element in a vampyre's health. As energy feeders, vampyres are greatly affected by other people's energy and some of this energy can be detrimental. This is especially true with psychic vampyrism where many kinds of energies are absorbed. There are bad forms of energy such as what may be found in the emotions of others and the mental probes of other vampyres. Learning shielding techniques is then paramount to any psychic vampyre's health. There have been many methods introduced to help with shielding development. It is generally recognized that use of your imagination combined with focusing skills can help here. Some vampyres have had success with using light sources such as candles or focusing on one specific object in the room with you and "blocking" out other distractions around you. These are just suggested behavioral learning techniques and what may work for one may not for another. Generally, these approaches are a foundation to developing your own shielding abilities.

What do vampyres face in society?

The most important problem vampyres have is acceptance and understanding. Vampyres are ridiculed as not being believable and so many are denied the recognition and understanding important for any person. Many have to deal with the misconceived notions and ideas of what vampyrism is not. Combine that with personal relationships and family rejection, and you have an uphill fight for the vampyre. Many stay in the "closet" for fear of these and other problems. Of major concern is the hate and threats that come from a too closed ultra right religious society. Vampires are too often attacked in public and misunderstood in family and personal relationships. It has become a life long pursuit of some to help dispel these public and personal attitudes.

Can vampyres really change into other animals?

No. Look at the name Human Living Vampyrism very carefully. We are human beings. We can not shape shift and cannot do anything that a mythical creature can do.

Are vampyres immortal?

No. While vampyres do seem to have a stronger immune system than normal people, we are human beings and we do die. If you stake us, yes, of course we will die. So would you if you were stabbed in the heart! We will not live forever. We will die just like you.

Why do we use the term "mundane"?

We use the term mundane to refer to anyone not related to Vampyrism.

Are there any documented cases listing vampyrism as a medical disease?

To the best of my knowledge, there are no documented cases listing Vampyrism as a medical disease. There is Renfield's Syndrome which is a mental condition that causes a human to feel the need to drink blood.

Do vampyres hunt unsuspecting victims?

Some Psychic Vampyres feed from unsuspecting people, but the attacks leave the person with no greater harm than a feeling of exhaustion. Sanguinarian Vampyres have resources available to them for the need to drink blood. Most depend on donors to drink their blood. If you know someone attacking people for their blood, than I suggest you call your local police department, as this person is committing a crime.

Are there resources for the vampyre?

There are several resources available for those who are Awakening to their Vampyrism. All you have to do is get on Google! There is also an abundance of misinformation about the vampire on the internet, so please be careful with what you are reading. I would suggest sites such as Sanguinarius.org. That is probably the best one out there for those wanting to learn about their Vampyrism.

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