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12:11:56 Oct 15 2009

All things considered, the server move went pretty smoothly. There may be a few odd bugs here and there with the new server. If you come across one, please message me about it so I can fix it.

Some members may have trouble connecting over the next 24-48 hours. This has to do with how the DNS system works. ISPs don't update their DNS records all that often. Vampire Rave has a new IP address and if your ISP hasn't updated their records yet, your ISP may keep sending you to the old server (Where Vampire Bill is sitting).

You can get here via the IP address in the interim, but this isn't a perfect solution. When you're using the IP address some areas of the site will not work right for you.

I went over some advanced solutions in my journal. Section 'Dark Network'.

But if you got here via the doman name, it means your ISP has already updated their DNS cache and you're good to go ;)
Superior Sire
22:20:51 Oct 13 2009

Tomorrow, October 14th, Vampire Rave, Scifi Section, Power Punks, and Bloody Feather will be moving to a new server. The new server has higher capacity and will benefit all Dark Network users.

I have temporarily disabled a few pages until the server move is complete. The pages I have disabled are file upload pages (like premium file storage, user profile pictures, portfolios, etc.). I have done this to make the server move easier. After the move is complete, you will be able to normally access these sections again.

On October 14th at 11pm PDT (-7 UTC) I will begin the final move. During this time all Dark Network sites will be offline for about an hour. I'll be doing the final data move and the sites must be offline to ensure data integrity. After I've completed the move, the sites will come back up.

Hopefully, by October 15th everything will be complete and back to normal.
Superior Sire
21:37:57 Sep 21 2009

Coming to select cities is a new movie called Paranormal Activity. The movie looks interesting. If the movie isn't playing in your area you can request that it be brought to your home town. Full details are here.
Superior Sire
00:09:26 Sep 04 2009

All Dark Network Acolytes are now required to retake the Acolyte test every 90 days. This will hopefully ensure that Acolytes can adequately provide help to Dark Network members.
Superior Sire
02:28:01 Aug 31 2009

I've further cut the number of ads that Premium Members see. Premium Members should no longer see the interstitial (between page views) or 'floating' type ads.

Opera and Chrome continue to be the best browsers to view Vampire Rave with. These browsers automatically limit ads to those that are 'non invasive'.
Superior Sire
04:17:15 Aug 24 2009

New layout launched: Eternal.

This layout comes in 3 varieties for all users: girls, boys, epicene.

You'll need a minimum screen resolution of 768x1024 to view this layout without horizontal scrollbars. This layout looks really great on big monitors.

This layout also offers Premium Members a lot of skinning options. The left column features a rotating graphic spot. You can put anything you want there.

This layout has special skinning instructions. I'll be updating the VR Manual soon to include them.
Superior Sire
00:45:03 Aug 19 2009

I've created an HTML Site Map for Vampire Rave. The link is in the footer of all Vampire Rave pages, in all layouts.

As more and more layouts are developed and released, there will be more disparity between layouts. Some links available in VR Classic are not available in Bantam. Some links available in Cimmerian are not available in VR Classic. Now, no matter what layout you are using, you can click into the Site Map and get anywhere within Vampire Rave.

The Site Map changes based on whether or not you're logged in, and who you're logged in as.

I suggest everyone get familiar with the Site Map. It will help you when you're lost ;)
Superior Sire
01:59:32 Aug 16 2009

A member can now clear/delete their Portfolio.

On the Edit Portfolio page at the bottom is a new option: Clear Portfolio. When performed, a member's portfolio is cleared, all pictures deleted, and all ratings/comments for the portfolio are cleared.
Superior Sire
01:52:13 Aug 10 2009

New Vampire Rave layouts have arrived. Read about it here.
Superior Sire
01:06:38 Jul 23 2009

Vampire Rave Mentorships have launched. Read about it here.
Superior Sire

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