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01:43:51 Jul 04 2009

New feature launched: Beloved Threads.

You can now mark threads as Beloved. When you do this, the thread is highlighted and stands out on the main forum page. Additionally, you have a page called Beloved Threads that lists all the threads you've marked as Beloved.

The link to your Beloved Threads page is in your User Menu, just below the link to the Message Center. Using this feature will make it easier for you to follow specific threads. You can mark a thread as Beloved and keep an eye on it.

This feature works for all Forums, just not the public forums. You can mark Society or Group Forum threads as Beloved.

For more information, search the VR Manual for Beloved Threads.
Superior Sire
22:50:30 Jun 24 2009

A balancing change has been made to status computation. A new penalty has been added: Overblock.

If you block more than 25 people you are assessed this penalty. For more information about this penalty and how to avoid it, click here.
Superior Sire
01:49:29 Jun 23 2009

The Status System has been majorly overhauled. Please read this thread for more information.
Superior Sire
02:25:16 Jun 19 2009

New feature launched: Dashboard.

You'll find the Dashboard link just above where your Message Center link is. The Dashboard displays a bunch of information for you, all on one page. You'll find how long you've been on the site today, a summary of messages in your Message Center, your online friends, and more.

The Dashboard also allows you to set your kismet. Your kismet can be up to 70 characters and is displayed on your Profile and in some friend lists (on the Dashboard, for example).

Also, the Dashboard shows the last 3 members who have visited your Profile, and the last 3 ratings and comments you've received. This information is available to all members.
Superior Sire
01:20:13 Jun 17 2009

Updates I completed today:

  • I reworked the referral system. I know a few of you have been having trouble with referrals. The new system should be much more stable. In addition, if a new user tries to sign up, and they just come into the site normally (they don't follow a referral link), there is an option to fill in a member name for their referral. They will *not* see this box if they properly followed a referral link.

    I also reworked the postcard system to make sure referrals were properly being awarded. Postcards are the best way to refer people to the Dark Network. You can include a custom note, and at the bottom of the postcard is some additional sign up information.

    Remember, there is still a contest going for referral points. The first member to obtain 1000 referral points gets a Dark Network Lifetime Premium Membership.

  • I updated the Acolyte test to reflect recent changes to Vampire Rave's Society System. I also updated the VR Manual.

  • I unlocked hundreds of locked member names. These were old members who self-deleted. If they never posted to the forum, their name was unlocked.
  • Cancer
    Superior Sire
    00:09:58 Jun 05 2009

    Please take a moment and read this Forum thread which discusses a major change to Vampire Rave's Society System.
    Superior Sire
    19:47:02 Jun 04 2009

    Morrigon has been promoted to Master Vampire and leader of House Bella Obscuridad. DarknessBound will be continuing on as a Vampire Rave Consul.
    Superior Sire
    06:44:06 Jun 01 2009

    Vampire Rave is 5 years old today.
    Superior Sire
    04:32:02 May 22 2009

    The File Storage limit for Premium Members has been increased. All Premium Members now have 10 megabytes of available space. However, there is still a 5 megabyte upload limit per file (no single file can be greater than 5 megabytes).
    Superior Sire
    02:55:36 May 16 2009

    I've added a new section Movie Trailers. I'll be building this section up as time allows. Right now, there's 50 trailers to start.

    Also, you'll start to see trailers on movie pages within the Vampire Database. For example, if you go to the Queen of the Damned database entry, you'll now see the movie trailer for that movie listed within the entry.

    I will be slowly incorporating more video aspects into Vampire Rave. I hope to add a video version of the site news in the very near future along with a few other enhancements.
    Superior Sire

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