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Caveat Imperator. This is a work in progress, an outpouring if you will of my thoughts, and conclusions along my path. Read, Ingest, Comment upon, and mail me should you wish to discuss my beliefs further.

Life, The Universe and Everything

Wow, that’s one hell of a title. But really, is there any distinction? My belief is that we are all connected in a very fundamental and all encompassing manner, the pool of spirit that exists flows constantly through everything in our material plane of existence. The energy of spirit can not be destroyed, but can leave this plane to rest if you will, and process the knowledge’s gained through corporeal existence.

With this one simple tenet comes peace, acceptance and understanding in your place within the circle of existence. There is balance, while your corporeal existence is ephemeral and relatively short, your spiritual existence is eternal. While your actions today have little bearing on the universe as a whole, they are the only important thing to your spirit right here and right now, and leave a lasting experience through all eternity. There is no good or evil but there is right and wrong, and they are person specific, indelibly defined by your conscience and the conscious decisions of action.

Your life has meaning as your spirit learns from your corporeal existence, your actions have purpose in guiding your future, and your choices are yours alone to make, for no matter how futile or meaningless your actions may appear to your corporeal existence, your eternal spirit knows of your intentions and purpose no matter the outcome.

So what does that all mean?

Damn good question that, I’m glad I thought of it!

Honesty of intent becomes more important then outcome. It matters not that you fail to fulfil your potential then that you did what was right for you and that your intentions were true to yourself.

External opinion is meaningless. It matters not how others perceive or judge your actions only that your purpose and intention is true to your own convictions.

Falsehood harms non but yourself. What is gained by lying to yourself, when you always know the truth in your heart, and that truth will not change no matter how much you try to deceive.

Sounds like hard work, so what’s in it for me?

Acceptance, Peace, Contentment and Power.

Acceptance comes from understanding

Peace comes from Acceptance

Contentment comes from Peace

And Power comes from the spirit within.

There is no greater power then control over self, control only comes from understanding yourself, and the acceptance of the fact that the power is there to understand and control yourself.

What you then do with that power will be the judge of what you have learnt about yourself.

This is tricky to explain, but allow me to provide examples.

Should a stranger criticise your actions, without understanding you will question yourself, no matter how certain you are, with understanding you know your actions to be right, no matter how others may perceive them.

Should your actions fail to achieve all you desire, you will try to blame external sources, either external interference or environmental problems, with acceptance the fact you did all you could is enough, achievement is not a measure of success, intent is.

Self doubt no longer plagues your life, content in the knowledge of the importance of your actions to self and self only, responsibility to others only extends to your own level of accepted responsibility rather then imposed unachievable levels of responsibility and the stress which comes along with it.

So now what?

Well, really that’s up to you, or weren’t you paying attention?

You see that’s the key, it is all up to you, you can do what you damn well want! But you take the responsibility for what you do 110%, there is no one else left to blame!

You can’t blame your parents, they may have ruined your life, made your childhood hell, but while you may be damaged, and need psychological help, you choose how you will live the rest of your life afterwards.

You can’t blame society, you may live surrounded by druggies and killers, but you choose to live the life you live, no matter the physical consequence or the actions of those around you.

Others may mistreat you, and that may hurt, but they do not shape you, or your actions, YOU do

Corporeal existence has meaning in that your spirit learns from it, the corporeal challenges and tests which shape your life, no matter how bad, or apparently meaningless have meaning, they make you who you are, but on the flip side they do not last in any other way then what you learn from them, by their nature they are ephemeral, temporary and meaningless!

That is the great contradiction which frees your physical existence from pain, suffering, hurt, and the agonies inflicted by others and yet gives existence meaning at the same time!

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

We stand as one, though our paths are many.
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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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