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Nil Bastardum Carbarundum

Enter The Coven of Inari, be enlightened.

Proud and Honoured Current Member of the Coven of Inari.

Last Edit 15th April 2008

Recent Harddrive issues have forced me to loose my portfolio and revise my Profile. I will endevour to continue to re-work my Profile over the comming months and I would recommend anyone who has an interest to drop by every few weeks and see how things progress.

I thank you for your understanding.


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Who I am………
My name is Druidic (friends call me Hamish, which isn’t my real name either, when you’re a friend you will know why) and I’m a druid. This does not mean I run around the woods with no clothes on, have you any idea how cold, wet and sharp it is out there? It means I live my life by a set of ideals and beliefs which differ from the Church of England normal. I’d like to say they are an ancient set of beliefs handed down through time as aged wisdom of a better past, I really would, but they are not. I believe in personal responsibility, respect for one’s self and for others, re-incarnation and the eternity of spirit. I believe in a pantheon of gods who watch over us, but do not have control over our lives or any right to judge our actions. I believe in an afterlife, but I believe in a before afterlife life as well!

Oh, and by the way, I’m not a vampire, have no desire to be a vampire, and have no taste for blood or to psychically feed from others. As to why I’m on a Vampire site, that’s a discussion for a couple of beers in a nice bar! Make it local.

Who I am, When I was born, What I look like has no relevance. So don’t ask (but there may just be a picture of me somewhere on my Portfolio).

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I like stuff and do shit. What….. you want to know more?
You name it I’ve probably tried it or know someone who has. I’m familiar with magical practice in many forms (Shamanic, Jewish, Eastern, Kabala, all sorts) but choose not to practice for my own reasons. I have practiced many eastern martial arts, but find my home in Kunst des Fechten and the teachings of Liechtenaur, Silver and Fiore. Most of my weekends are spent in the 13th Century. I read… lots. I can’t stand Anne Rice. I love food. I like Ale, but only “tie one on” twice a year, the rest of the time I like a good beer buzz, but that’s it. I smoke cigars or pipes when the fancy takes me, but not daily, or even weekly! I’ve ridden Bikes but like having steel between me and the other nut on the road trying to kill me, so I now drive a car. I have a nice job, a good home, and a clear conscience.

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I enjoy life, even the bad bits, cause that’s life for ya! Far too many people forget that. We are all individual “yes, we ARE all individual”……

I’ve lost people over the years, but I’ve never lost myself. I am the one person I must always look eye to eye with in the mirror without flinching, and so far, I still can.

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I thought I’d let you into a few facts which stun me.

1) The current record for erecting of a Brand New McDonalds in the UK, from a Green field with Services laid in a pit, to completion, including the drive through, and serving the first burger is a grand total of six and a half hours!

2) Cost Assessment has shown that the Digital Switchover Project will cost more to implement than it would cost to provide every house in the UK with a free Satellite Dish.

3) The UK Government needs to provide 95% coverage for Digital by 2012, however 75% of the country already has digital before the first DSO project has even been completed!

4) The White House is white because the British Navy set fire to it when the “Young Upstarts” were first trying for independence, and the whitewash was the only way to hide the smoke damage.

5) My favourite drinking establishment (the Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham) was founded before Columbus “discovered” America.

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Friends of mine, say hi!

I have a lot of friends on here, but some of them are special, in some cases VERY special!

My Love, My Life, My reason for Cheese!

Welcome WhiteRavenWolf to the Rave. Polite warning, mess with her, you mess with serious trouble.

My Angel of May

A good personal friend of mine in real life, A sound man, and a gentleman to boot. Mess with him, you mess with me….. and the Dyslexic Dogs Company of Borat!

Welcome TheHellequin, Coven Master of Bohemia

 TheHellequin, Dog Of War and Friend

We have had many interesting “discussions” shall we say… many of them ending in a mutual agreement that the other is some how wrong in the head!

Religious Heretic FelixFelix and a good solid dependable rock to bounce my faith off of!

Felix ‘Your going to hell for that one’ Felix

One of my first contacts on here, a solid chap, with a long path to walk.

Sex God AtYourWindow Gentleman, Scholar and hung like a goat!


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I thought I’d post up a few of my favourite Web Comics and a brief resume of what I think of them! Enjoy!

Control Alt Delete Comic

A most entertaining Computer Gaming comic with plenty of “In Joke” geek references and slapstick humour. Been running for many years 3 times a week or there abouts.


About as classic as you can get! If you’re an engineer, or a “Cube Farm Worker” you will immediately get the in jokes and silly references! Daily just for ever! Archives are limited, but who cares! There is a new one every damn day!!!!

Giant In The Playground

If you have not heard of Order of the Stick you have not lived! Simply drawn but HIGHLY HILARIOUS stick figure Dungeons and Dragon humour! Also now has the mighty unusual and entertaining Erf World comic…. I don’t get it yet, but it entertains me and that’s enough!

Least I Could Do

Ok, Silly Adult humour with many references to bodily functions…. HILARIOUS! Worth registering for the chat board just for the Daily Hotty (or Daily Beefcake is that’s your choice!) Rayne Summers is the man/boy in all of us! Again extensive daily archive, however there has been serious changes in the art over the years.

Looking For Group Comic

Done by the same guys who do LICD above, new weekly comic about World of Warcraft. Now I don’t play WoW myself, but I still get the humour, excellently written and drawn, and what can I say except Richard is my HERO! “ ‘I .. Like .. To .. Kill .. People ‘ …. Which part of this do you not get?” Priceless!

Player Vs Player

Online Gamming Reference comic about a fictional magazine and its staff. Has been running daily for many years and has an extensive archive. Many in jokes and farting, which as a brit I find especially entertaining! Fear Scratch Furry Destroyer of Worlds!

Schlock Mercenary

Plasma Cannon Powered Humour of the highest SCI FI order! Daily for many years again with extensive archives! I dare anyone to argue with Foxworthy! Howard Taylor delivers the goods day after day with alarming regularity!

The Whiteboard

The Whiteboard Link

A vaguely paintball related webcomic about anthropomorphised animals and tinkering! Doc is the coolest Polar Bear on the block! Engine Block that is! Many geek, sci fi and paintball references, crossovers from other comics, and general silliness, well written, well drawn and a pleasure to read!

As I continue with the development of my Profile, I will add more to this list. I in no way intend this to be an exhaustive list of web comic humour; this is instead a range of sites WHICH ENTERTAIN ME! Feel free to message me with other suggestions however!

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I personally dislike quizzes, they bore me and don't really say much, so instead, some humour!

!!!WARNING!!! Filth, depravity and general bad taste may/will follow!! If you’re easily offended, continue no further….

I mean it!

Seriously, if you don’t like it, don’t complain to me!

How do you tell and McDonald from a McDougle?

If you put your hand up is kilt and feel a couple of quarter pounders he’s a McDonald!

An old priest was discussing how best to deal with questions of a sexual nature with a younger brother in his order.

“Many years ago a pretty young lady in my congregation asked me ‘Father, what is the churches opinion on falatio?’

I replied ‘I’m sorry my dear, I’d like to tell you, but unfortunately I have no idea what falatio is!’

So… she showed me……

And ever since when ever I am asked ‘Father, what is the churches opinion on falatio?’ I always reply….. ‘well, I’d LIKE to tell you… but unfortunately I have no idea what falatio is!!”

Old mother hubbard
Went to the cupboard
To fetch the postman a letter….

But when she got there
The cupboard was bare!
So they had it without, it was better!

When we were a kingdom we were ruled by a king!

When we where an empire we were rules by an emperor

Now we are a country…. We are ruled by Gordon Brown!

Santa asked a little girl what she wanted to christmas...

"Barbie and Zena" she replied.

"Barbie and Zena, but doesn't Barbie come with Ken?" Asked Santa..

"Don't be silly" replies the girl

"Barbie comes with Zena...... she fakes it with Ken!"

That’s all for now, but check back as and when, more may surface, or I may totally re-vamp and change it for something else!!

Blessed be

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Stuff About Me (ish)

Some time ago I posted this in my journal, but as I’ve cleaned up, here it is again, now on my Profile!

I was born many years ago, but I’m a much older soul then that.

I’ve taken a few bashes when it comes to the road of life, but every dent represents a lesson learned.

I do not suffer fools gladly, in fact I’m known for telling them to their face “hay, you’re a fool!”

I have learnt many things, but primary amongst them are these.....

1) You are the one person you can never leave behind, respect yourself, never lie to yourself, and give yourself the chance to make mistakes and then apologise for them.

2) Treat others as you expect to be treated, and low and behold they will treat you that way. Which means if you were being a dick, you would expect to be bitchslapped…. Be the one delivering the needed bitchslap…..don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.

3) There is no excuse. Period. Mistakes happen, admit it, accept it, accept the consequences, and move on.

4) Vodka is your friend, and good friends sometimes make you sick to the stomach, but they are still your friends.

5) Laugh….. sometimes it’s the only option left open to you, and it solves everything!

6) According to the media I am fat, always will be, always have been, a Six Pack will not make me happy, unless it’s a six pack of beer. Course, that’s my opinion, and other people disagree with me, and that is perfectly acceptable! And the moral is? If your unhappy with the shape you are, change it, or accept it, but don’t bitch about it!

7) Sometimes plastic surgery is the ONLY answer, and when that’s the case, it’s a bloody stupid question!

There is no trick or secret to being happy, just be happy. Life is not SUPPOSED to be a bed of roses, if it was, you would soon get fed up of all the thorns! Life Is… and that’s just about as deep as it gets.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m with you, I hate my boss, wish I had more money/time/beer/toys, but, non of them MAKE you happy, or MAKE you unhappy, they just help define that happiness.

As they say, Money does not make you happy, but is sure makes being poor much easier to bear…..

Here endeth the lesson.

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Hussites of Bohemia
I just thought it may interest people to read a little more about the Hussites of Bohemia

Hussite Museum of Tabor

Vampire Rave - The Ultimate Vampire Resource and Directory - http://www/VampireRave.com

Heiliges Blut, Heiliger Stahl

Huss, Zizka, TABOR

Vampire Rave - The Ultimate Vampire Resource and Directory - http://www/VampireRave.com

Having lost most of the pictures I used to have on here, currently no pictures below BUT I will be back and will be adding things.... so watch this space!

And on a final note, I urge EVERYONE to visit Martins Jerked Meats as he is quite right...

You Don’t Make Friends With Salad!


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