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Doomed to roam the lands of the dead


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(song lyrics)
All I want is to fulfill
Praise my mission, bless my will
If you kill me, break my neck
Because seven times I'll resurrect

Come! No night too dark, no road too long
Run! No rain too hard, no wind too strong
Pray! No blood too red, no cut too deep
Stay! No pain too bad, no track too steep
Faith! I'm bound to live my destiny
Hail! My longing for eternity

Forever seek my dream
Days and nights and endless stream
Come with me
My march goes on
Today I'm here
Tomorrow gone


Run your fingers through my soul,
For once, just once, feel exactly what I feel,
Believe what I believe, Perceive as I perceive,
Look, experience, examine,
And for once;
Just once,


I, Aghori, am a proud and noble descendant descending from an Ancient Master Race, whom people called the "Aryan". The word Aryan was adopted to refer to Indo-Iranian peoples and native Indo-European speakers as a whole.


Most people regard the Aghori as pure taboo. This sect was established sometime in the 1600's. Reincarnation is key belief to this religion. The shedding of egoism is a central element of the Aghori and even though it is a minority sect, it is known to be the most dangerous and feared, amongst all other sects.

The sanskrit term Aghora is the combination of two words and has various meanings: "A" is a negation; "Ghora" is the obscurity of ignorance, but it also means intense and deep. "Aghora" therefore means Light; the absence of obscurity, awareness, but it also symbolises a style of life where a person of the Aghori tradition does not have intense or deep feelings. Little is known about the Aghori and their way of life. Only a blessed few have ever witnessed Aghori rituals.


In short, I, Aghori, am of the Aghori Master Race and thou shalt knee before my very being.

The Aghori live in cremation grounds and wander around as nomads with no official resting place. Most of them usually cover themselves with human ash, but, I, a heretic within this sect, reject this practice, along with several other acts of taboo.

Our way of life is vastly different and quite the controversial one. Everything in existence is perfect and cannot be wasted or hated by the Aghori.


A true Aghori must get rid of any disgust to anything in existence to truly reach Nirvana, which I shall never reach.

Although most consider the Aghori as taboo, the Aghori are a peaceful sect and promote a spiritual .lifestyle. There is a charismatic leader, but, sometimes, the leader is too busy preparing for his own life and rituals to oversee any member in particular. The Aghori believes in reincarnation and are merely on Earth to serve Those Who Have Risen. The Aghori usually resides on the lands of the dead. They are known to live in different locations and are allowed to connect with society.

It is highly unlikely that the Aghori would ever become violent. The Aghori is not dangerous, but it is a .lifestyle. that is dangerous to its members.



+ It is extremely dangerous to one's health.
+ There is no structure as it is completely unorganised.
+ You will have to cut off all contact with your family.
+ You must be able to consume everything in creation and be unaffected.
+ Only a handful of Aghori exist in the world with the main concentration of them in Asia and South East Asia.

Among the people, the word Aghori always arouses a mixture between respect, curiousity and fear. In reality, when we are with an Aghori, The Fool of the tarots, all rational thoughts seem to fade away giving way to an intense spiritual experience.

The death's theme, so recurrent among the Aghoris, constantly reminds us of our mortality, but it is also a challenge to transcend the duality between life and death. The conventional distinction between pure and impure, for the Aghoris, is an illusion. This illusion is the birth of Surrealism, which this profile stands for.


Aghoris are prevalent in cremation grounds across India, Nepal, and even sparsely across cremation grounds in South East Asia, and the secrecy of this religious sect leaves no desire for practitioners to aspire for social recognition or notoriety.

Aghori practice healing through purification as a pillar of their ritual. Their patients believe the Aghoris are able to transfer health to, and pollution away, from patients, as a form of "transformative healing", due to the believed superior state of body and mind of the Aghori.

The Aghori follows the simple rule that the universe resides in them and they try to attain enlightenment through self-realisation. Many of the Aghoris roam around naked, representing the true human form, and their detachment from the world of mortals who, according to them, live in the world of illusion (“Maya” in Sanskrit). Through this they transcend human feelings of love, hatred, jealousy and pride.


They believe the ‘left way’ to reach god is quicker and effective than the conventional ‘right hand’, although a very few number of people possess the guts to tread on this path.

Do you have what it takes to put forth a foot on this path of darkness, taboo and mystery? If you are, you can always start now.








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