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The Badlands


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"If hell hath no fury then why not today."

ATTENTION!!!!!!:I will be leaving the rave for one to two months because I am moving. So do not take offense if I do not reply for a bit. I will try to catch back up when I buy a computer and get the internet again. Thanks.


It's been the Devil's court today. They found my reason, I've found my way to the blood soaked hell that's made for play.
He's breaking backs for now in more than many ways and all but fire has paved the way for all your petty games.
I'm living with the livid and terrorized the meek. Cause Satan's biding loftily for the morals he can't shake.
He's surfing through the channels for a more eclectic show while children will step softly, A shame their heads will go.
So you with all your castles have stolen laughter's game. Heads will bow for shiftless and wasteful men will shame.
A prayer so dead and selfless. That bleeding mouth's can't close. The Devil's making angels dressed up in wolfing clothes.

No part of me does want this, you fiend beyond these broken ties.
Nor hell found in such solitude, from sand to shore my love doth lie.
The greatest of all lovers, her demon side to dread.
A beauty mount this island where dead men fear to tread.
This creature an abomination from devil's tears must cry.
No waters tread behind her, a warey faint and roaming eye.
A story gone unspoken from the lips of ravaged course.
To lure the foolish sailor with ill and er' remorse.
A journey I have taken upon these seven seas.
A love I must unshackle. A loss I must reprieve.
I search these hellish waters. A mad man in my soul.
Desire I will not tame, no mortal I console.
From ruins bathed such beauty, desire laying in her arms.
My love speaks so profoundly with queer and blatent charms.
But look not in her bosom, look not in her eyes.
For in those lips lay waste, a sightless hateful guise.
A sword of broken conquest, a deal I must not turn.
For lovers it is deadly, for only fools will learn.
I raise above my consquence this blade in turn, in tide.
For these blood drenched hands by no cold heart I bide.
If love is loss in this revenge, I have surely found.
Inamorata you are forever mine just six feet in the ground.

© KLoch 2005

Proud Memeber of La Bella Oscuridad


It is always hard to write about myself and for someone that has to do so often I have yet to master the art.

I am an author from the midwest. My work can be classified as anything from horror, macabre to science fiction. You can read some of my work located in the JOURNAL section of my profile.

You may find that I am one of the few people who actually enjoy most people in general. I find them fascinating. They often inspire characters in my work.

I have so many other interests that what I may list will just scrape the surface.

I do consider myself to be a lady. I will always be polite and am extremely easy to get along with. I do not enjoy the company of men who apprach me with a crude attitude though so I ask that you please keep your comments in good taste if you do choose to message me.

Most days you will find me working. I wish they had work rehab for people like myself. I need it. I have a job in the telecommunications field (really exciting) as well as writing.

I go to alot of shows with friends. We always have a good time and come back with alot of strange stories.

I have a thing for iguanas. I have been raising Rio since he was a couple of months old. He is the most spoiled lizard I know and I spend way too much money on him.

Classic cars are another one of my passions. Chevy BelAirs, Hearses, Nomads, Woodies, Cadillacs are just a few of my favorites. If you ever wanted to drag me out of the house a classic car show will do the trick.

I love classic pinup girls. I am physically attracted to men however I have come to the conclusion that women are made like works of art. Sorry guys we just look better on canvas or in a photograph.

History, although likely to be repeated, has always been so fascinating to me. I can't seem to exsist in just one time period. I been through a million of them. Like a stationary time traveler. I can eat, sleep and breath an entire century for weeks or months. Once I have learned all there is to about a culture I will move on to the next until I have devoured them all.

I am a treasure hunter. Ebay is the map. You want it, believe me I can find it. Anything and everything.

I own too much crap and never like to get rid of anything. Among the tons of stuff I collect:
Evil Tiki Heads,
Cameos (vintage for modern),
music boxes,
black or red roses,
victorian porcelain dolls,
books (1903 Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe is my prized),
Egyptian statues,
cheezy halloween decor(yes it stays up year round),
old horror movies,
japanese horror movies,
records (for all of you stratching your head that isn't paper work your mum files thats those big disks shaped like CDs that your parents used to put on that spinning thing with the needle and sound would come out.)

Along with old movies I love old radio shows like The Shadow and The Creaking Door. My sister and I would scare ourselves to death right before bed listening to that stuff. Of course most of the time she never lasted and left the room. I was the one up all night with my head under the covers.

I watch my horror movies late at night by myself with the lights out. I know what you are thinking..."Oh she just isnt scared of them" Well that all depends. Some of them do not frighten me. Most modern horror movies have no affect on my nerves. I have seen Saw and SawII. Sorry excuse for a fright and way to predictable. Now if I watch say Black Christmas (1974) or Halloween yeah you might say I make sure to turn all the lights on in the way to the kitchen.


I listen to alot of different types of music including, PSYCHOBILLY, ROCKABILLY, DEATH PUNK, DEATH ROCK, SKATE PUNK, SURF PUNK, 77, NEW WAVE, 80'S, CLASSICAL, THE OPERAS, a few metal and industrial bands.


A few bands I enjoy: The 5,6,7,8s, AFI (sorry just the old stuff), Against Me,
Agent Orange, Anti-flag, Bad Religion,
Balzac, Bouncing Souls, Devil Doll,
The Cramps, Cradle of Filth, Dead Kennedys, Dropkick Murphys, Good Riddance, Guttermouth, Gwar,
Justin Sane, Leftover Crack, Mc Chris,
The Misfits, Nekromantix, NOFX,
Nerve Agents, Operation Ivy, Placebo,
Rise Aganist, Strike Anywhere, Swingin' Utters, The Aqua Bats, The Clash, The Cure,
The Unseen,Horrorpops, Tiger Army,
Tsunami Bomb, White Zombie, Rob Zombie,
Frank Sinatra, Reverend Horton Heat, The Adicts, Ministry, Johhny Cash, Greg Graffin,
TSOL, The Damned


I dont really watch TV very often but I do love movies. Any Vincent Price and Bette Davis movies, silent classics, Japanese horror films, Splat Stick, B movies, cult classics, and musicals.

Vincent Price movies:
House On Haunted Hill, Return of the Fly, The Masque of the Red Death, Edward Scissor Hands, The Raven, The Pit and the Pendulum

Bette Davis movies
Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, Dead Ringer

Horror or suspense:
Black Christmas (1974) I Walked With a Zombie (1943) The Bad Seed (1956), Die! Die! My Darling! (1965), White Zombie (1932), The Terror (1963), The Phantom of the Opera (1924) (Silent Film), The Blob (1988), The Amityville Horror (1979), Night of the Living Dead (1968), The People Under The Stairs (1991), Children of the Corn (1984), Poltergeist (1982), The Return of the Living Dead (1985), Return of the Living Dead 2 (1988), All of The Evil Dead movies, All Friday the 13th movies, All Halloween movies, Arachnophobia (1990), Cube (1997), The Shining (1980), Psycho (1960)

Japanese Films:
Old Boy, Ichi the Killer, Ichi 1, Dark Water, One Missed Call, Versus, A Tale of Two Sisters, Battle Royale.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, A Clockwork Orange, Sin City, The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, Ernest Scared Stupid, , Monty Python Search for the Holy Grail, Great Expectations(1981), SLC Punks, Nightmare Before Christmas, American Graffiti, Hairspray, Cry Baby, Grease.

My collection:


TV Shows: Dark Shadows, The Addams Family, The Munsters, The Twilight Zone, X-Files, Chrono Chrusade, Family Guy, Unsolved Mysteries


I Would Kill For One of These Babies:


The Worlds Best Looking Women:


The Worlds Most Fascinating Men:


Some of my favorite art:


Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

Myspace Layouts


1. I will be reincarnated as an apple. Be careful what fruit you eat in next life and if you will not heed my warnings I hope I have a couple of worms in me and some of those black squishy bruises.

2. My mind is like one of those fun circuses. Only made of nothing but those twisted mirrors and the whole thing goes in a circle but not like a hallway. More like a round room, a cold one where they forgot to turn the air conditioning off.

3. The only living creatures that will really miss me when I am gone are the bacteria that live in my eyeleshes. You know we all have them, Mine have a thing for deep black mascara layered on rather thick.

4. Jesus loves me this I know because it was beat into me by a bunch of nuns at preschool when my mom's check bounced back in 86. Sister Grace said her lights were getting turned off and God's loan sharks were going to be breaking a few knee caps later on.

5. I'm have the parents from Leave It To Beaver. "Golly gee dad please don't lock little Tim in the basement agian. He didn't mean to bury old lady Batey in the sandbox. He was only playing treasure hunt with her bladder. I promise we will sew her up good as new."

6. I am having a white elephant funeral so make sure to bring a gift that can be for a guy or a girl. Nothing over twenty dollars. No cheaters. I know how you wealthy people are. You think you going to spend just a little more so your gift is the best. Don't make me put "all participants must bring receipts" in my will because I'll do it.

7. My house just so happens to have the best crest in the world. It was design by a cat. Not the one in the hat of course but sometimes he comes in black and white if you are really good and you listen to him for a long time. He recalls the war of Cartoon back in 1872 with fond memories of blood drenched drawings scattered on the ground limbless and dying.

8. If the devil were in your court you would play basketball with him wouldn't you? He always wins no matter how hard you try. Of course you were not born like me, the darkest of the albinos. Its not the sun that kills you, its the thought that counts.


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