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Blood is more then just life.... How many licks dose it take to get to the Blood of the Innocent?

Greetings to everyone! Just a little about myself,
I am a Night Angel and always will be you cannot change who you really are. I have a Dangerous personality but can be pleasant too. There isn’t much about people that I like but at hand are a few that I love. My mind is very complicated, to understand my thinking is hard to comprehend for most. I am a very dark person by nature but extraordinarily I have a good soul. I can be your best friend or beyond your worst nightmare. I play No Games and get pleasure from crushing the ones who try to play me. I cannot stand Fake people! I don’t lie nor do I wish people to lie to me for I always will find the truth..

What does it take to be or be come a vampyre?
Is it because of all the movies you watch, the way you dress, the way you wear your make up, how you style your hair, because you have pale skin and sleep all day…
Or is it because some freak just comes up and bite you screaming that they are immortal and can’t die…
Is it because you like to wear black and go out to the clubs at night?
Or could it be from drinking the blood of one who claims to be a Vampyre!

Answer; you can never be born then become a Vampyre; sorry it just doesn’t work that way.. People who think that their body is immortal needs to get some fucking help from those nice people in the white coats..

The True Vampyre is a born vampyre, one who has a blood lust from birth. One who doesn’t stand out of a crowd unless they want to be seen? One who will not claim to be one, or openly talk about who they are or how they truly feel. Nor do they believe they are immortal, the only thing immortal about our bodies is our soul!

Note; a real vampyre can spot another one or fakes in person. You cannot fool us to our face. What is one of the biggest turn on for real vampires, could it be the site of blood or is it the fear you can smell from another person.

Me, it’s the fear I can smell that comes from another and that’s what makes me want to drink more!

Now, by me telling you this; does this mean I am a fake or could I be a real one that just wants you to think other wise!

Think about it! The eyes are the real windows to the soul and mine is very old!


I cannot stand men or I shall I call them boys because that is what they are; Boys who find it okay to just start talking to someone in a very sexual way just because of the way you look or just because the way you are. Thinking it is okay and that is what you want with out feeling out the person first to see if this is an okay thing to do. Know whom you are talking to before you speak! For speaking this way to me never ends up in a good way unless I like you….. I will rip your little dick right off and feed it to you, and we all know it is small if you find it a need to talk to people this way; real men know how and when to talk sex to someone they do not know! I am not a porn star and will rip the dicks off all who see me in this way. I am a woman, a strong woman and take shit from no one! Talk to me like this and I will fuck you in your own ass with your own dick!! DICKS!

Okay, something’s have come to my attention and so to all the idiots out there this is for you! (not aimed at to the one who brought this up to me) Just because someone has photos with a little nudity in it dose not mean this person is a slut, easy, a porn star or a prostitute. They could just be a nude model! LIKE ME! Maybe some of the sexy shot could be because they do Fashion shoots. LIKE ME! Maybe these people are Artist and they are good at what they do and just like to share their work. LIKE ME!

Now, I don’t care what you do with my photos, give your self a wet dream, I do not care! But REMEMBER THIS, I AM AN ARTIST, I DO PHOTOGRAGHY, AND I MODEL! So do not get me confused with your lack of Culture and Art. If you cannot tell art from a porn magazine. Then your ass should go back to school for a few years until you grow a brain! If you cannot be mature then do not speak to me because I hate people who waist my time! Grow up!

Favorite Quote!

People want to know why I do this, why I write such gross stuff. I like to tell them I have the heart of a small boy- and I keep it in a jar on my desk.

(Stephen King)

To all who wishes to email me wishing to talk on the messenger please tell me who you are and where you saw me from or I shall delete you in my mail!

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