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The depths of the river Styx



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I dreamed the dark shadow cried as I sighed and said goodbye, then died

My Chemical Romance Lyrics

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Join me in my insanity.....

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Hold me like you held onto life when all fears came alive and entombed me and love me like you loved the sun, scorching the blood in my vampire heart.

My name Is Josh and I live in bumfuck Egypt, Im married to the most perfect woman that I could have ever hoped to meet, she is everything to me, so if u fuck with Kim I will kill you, leterally. My interests are my own so no need to ask, if I want you to know I will tell you, I have a tendency to say what I feel which isnt always a good choice but whatever if you dont like it fuck you.

(Note to nosey motherfuckers who wont stay dead)

If you ever stick your nose where it dosent belong I promise you you will know Hell like you could never imagine, KIM IS MY WIFE, MINE!, SHE DOSENT WANT EITHER ONE OF YOU PATHETIC BASTARDS! this goes to car following losers and wing slinging, dick sucking faggots as well as any other mindless fuck who wants to test me. That being said, let sleeping dogs lie, and let the dead stay buried, or rue the day you cross me or my wife, nothing is stronger than my love for Kim, nothing.

My name is Delwynn, and like so many others that have confessed before me, I am a vampire.
I became what I am in June Of 1881 in a little town in what is now The Texas Pan-Handle. At the time, I was no more than an outlaw, wanted for stealing cattle so that my family could eat.
I was married to the most beautiful woman that I had ever laid eyes upon, Rosmarita, How I loved her. She and my simple home meant everything to me and for once in my life I was happy.
That was until they came, but I'll come back to that later.

I was born Joshua David Matthews in the year 1858. My mother having died in childbirth, my father was left to raise me alone. The first six years we lived just outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Then in 1864 we mad the long trip to Lincoln County, New Mexico, where my father took work as a blacksmith.
After being kicked in the head by a horse, my father died in 1879. I stayed in and around Lincoln and in May of 1881 I met a young man known as Kid Antrim who had just broken out of jail and would later be called Billy The Kid. I rode with Billy for several weeks until a dispute over a matter of two dollars left me shot and without a horse alone in the desert.
It was here that Rosmarita found me dehydrated and near death. She found it in her heart, to take me home and nurse me back to health. By June we were married and as I stated before I was happy.

They came on June 27, 1881. Me and my new bride were getting ready for bed, when I heard a knock on our door. Being late in the evening and not expecting anyone, I grabbed my pistol and headed for the door. I was just about to answer when the door exploded into a million pieces, throwing me backwards and into the wall.
I saw only a blur rush past me and into our bedroom. Rosmarita's screams still haunt me. I tried to get up, I tried so hard but my back was broken, I couldn’t move.
The screams stopped and I heard only silence. Then as if out of nothing, they appeared at my feet. A man and a woman, both seemed normal except that they were both exceedingly beautiful. Their eyes shone like mirrors and their skin was as white as fresh milk. I guessed the male was somewhere in his mid thirties, while the woman seemed much younger and the clothes were strange to me.
After what seemed like an eternity she spoke,

"And what of this one"?

He answered,

"Leave him; let him die on his own".

At these words he was gone, leaving his young companion behind. She stared at me in the most heartbreaking way and then to my amazement she began to cry. She explained to me what she was and how she didn’t want to come here, but her master had made her. She also said that they had been watching us for over a week before this blood filled night.

"I have been this way longer than I can remember. I’m tired of killing!"

I somehow found the strength to speak and curse her and her master for what they had done to us. She then fell to her knees, begging me to forgive her and what if anything could she do to ease my pain? I could only utter a few words

"I don’t want to die."

What happened next is hard for me to remember in detail, I was dying, you know. All I can tell you for certain is that she told me to drink from a wound in her wrist.

I don’t know how long I was out that first time but when I awoke she was still there. My body had gone numb! I panicked and tried to stand, but I still could not.

"What’s happening to me?"

I asked and she told me that my body was dying, but no to be afraid. She told me that I would pass out again soon and that I must listen to all that she had to say.

"You are becoming like me. You will never grow old and there are only three things that can kill you. First is a direct blow to your heart, the second is to have your brain damaged beyond repair, the last and most important is the sun. You must hide from it at all costs. You will sleep by day and you will hunt at night. The dawn is coming. I will hide you away from its light. When you awake, I will be no more."

I once again awoke but this time in darkness. I found myself seemingly buried beneath the earth. When I realized I could move again, despite the great amount of weight of the dirt, I easily crawled my way to the surface. My back was completely healed, and MY god could I see! My sight was so strong that I could see for what seemed like miles, then I remembered everything. My God! Rosmarita!
I ran to her room in seconds, it was like the blink of an eye, but her body was nowhere in sight, what I did find was a note that read simply 'Please forgive me. Your wife is in the garden'. I found a perfect grave with a single stone on top of which laid a flower over the name, Rosmarita. I simply lost it, I cried for what had to be hours and as I lay there next to her grave, I noticed an odor, like something that had been burnt.
I looked only for a while before I found the charred remains of the female vampire that had made me. I remember what she had told me about the sun. I understood why she had killed herself. She had told me of her pains. I guess she thought that by doing this she could atone for her crimes. I like to think this anyway.

Since then I have simply existed, doing what I must to survive. Maybe at a later time I will tell you about it. Until then I thank you for delving into my madness, Delwynn.

Thank you......... Mercy let be off: damn them who pity! Kill and torture; spare not; be upon them!

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But first on Earth, as Vampyre sent,
Thy corpse shall from its tomb be rent;
Then ghastly haunt thy native place;
And suck the blood of all thy race;
There from thy daughter, sister, wife,
At midnight drain the stream of life;
Yet loathe the banquet, which perforce
Must feed thy livid living corpse.

Lord Byron, The Giaour

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Beelzebub's Tail
1 oz. vodka
1 oz. cranberry liqueur
2 oz. cranberry juice
4 to 6 oz. club soda

Half fill a tall glass with ice cubes. Pour vodka, cranberry liqueur and juice over the ice and fill the glass with club soda. Stir and serve.

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