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...save me your pittance...

My name is James Edward Nolan.
You can call me James, of course.

Currently I think I am registered in the realm of twelve, or thirteen different web communities, many of which I pay little attention, and some of which I pay more attention than I should.

I live in Clovis, California.

I hear I am bad, or at least, bad for relationships. I spend more time writing, than I do anything else. Apparently that isolates my partners, and pushes them away from me. Thankfully, I have no children, and am not expecting any, any time soon. I would hate to be as isolative a father, as I am a partner, and a mate. I am a writer, I write, it is what I do--it is really all that I do. That makes some people mad.


Or, so I hear.

Oh well.

I am married to my work, I cannot be saved, and I don't even want to be. I enjoy it, and I enjoy getting lost in the speed of my typing prowess (110 WPM) as my fingers make the keyboard sound like a machine gun. Only quieter, and less dangerous.

I am not clever, and I promise I will not attempt to be clever. I am not mysterious, or deep. I am not lost in some deep pool of thought, where I assume that I am shallow, or broken, or whatever bullshit these "artists" are spewing out of their asses these days.

I am J. Edward Nolan, Author. Published, traditionally, and poor enough to collect welfare, if not for the fact that I hold down a job, prefer to work for my money, and cannot afford to hit rock bottom (but who can?).

I have modes of communication I frequent while online, and these include (but are not limited to): AIM, and YAHOO. Sometimes I use Trillion which accesses just about every messenger system at once, works well, and operates smoothly. I hate ICQ, I hate MSN Messenger, so for the sake of argument, and difficulty VS Simplicity, I will only state the following concerning these details.

My AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) is: JamesEdwardNolan
My Yahoo Messenger is: J_Edward_Nolan

People expect more creativity out of my screen names, though I am 100% uncertain why, and could not even begin to understand that desire. Here is what I know. Keep it simple, and people remember. My name is James Edward Nolan. Lo, and behold. So is my AIM. My Yahoo Messenger... and so on.

:pant, pant, pant... sigh:

I am a huge nerd, and I am not particularly attractive. If there was that kid you picked on in school, I could almost guarantee that kid was me. Does that mean you hate me now? Unlikely. We outgrow childish stupidity, and develop open mindedness, or at least what we perceive to be open mindedness, and we get along better with most everyone. I have been writing seriously since I was eleven years old. I have been writing professionally since I was twenty-three. I am aware that I use passive sentences, colloquialisms, and have poor English, and Grammar. I'm not an English major, I'm a writer. Often I get the benefit of writing how I speak, or at least how I think.

I am not as pompous as I pretend to be... and if you have gotten this far, then Brava to you.
I say Brava, because I polled it recently, and the majority of my reading audience is female...

Jennifer Tibbs of Santa Cruz, California
See, I told you so. (Photo sent by: Jennifer Tibbs of Santa Cruz, California)

I am not certain why, because in the looks department (which I already covered), I am no Fred Astaire... or Morgan Freeman... or whoever it is you girls like these days.

This is the ugly part of my job, where I have to say I lied a little bit. I do have to plug my work toward the end of this rambling, and seeing as this is the end, there would be no better time than now. So you know, most of my work is Horror-Fiction, and some Adventure-Fiction. My novels are about Modern Day Witch Hunters.

I am the author of "Coven" and "Bane". My work sells locally, and is available through your local major bookstores nationally, and internationally (believe it or not). I highly suggest purchasing my work through Barnes & Noble, there is usually a three to five day turnaround, and then gratification.

It has been a pleasure to formally introduce myself, and share some things. Below are the links to my work. I truly hope you enjoy me, and everything that I have to offer.

Thank you.

J. Edward Nolan
Author / Scoundral / Bastard

Free writing that you may enjoy on the World Wide Web

1) All of the best of my free work... Free!
3) My MyYearbook Page!

A brief synopsis of my work. Some of you will like it, some of you will hate it, depending on whether you're a cat person, or a dog person.

My novels are about modern day witch hunters battling (of course) modern day witches. The novels do NOT reflect my personal beliefs, for all you cat people out there, but as far as entertainment purposes go, these books are outstanding. Included are promo photos used for past book signings, of Hunters, and a few victims of the "Inexorable Bane", and his handywork.



Black and White Death

Signature 1

Lastly, I might ask that since you are here, you should take a look at my journal entries. I posted some of the work I like to share, some stories, some essays, and some of my poorly written poetry. Still more, please do pardon my greed, if you should happen to read my work, comment. Tell me what you think. I don't pretend to work my writing around my audience, but feedback does give me an idea of what a reader wants. It helps, and I would very much appreciate that.

Talk to you soon,

J. Edward Nolan

PS: It is very important to me to keep up with you here. If you want to add me to your friends list, I don't mind. I am not picky, and mainly, I am here to network, so anyone, and everyone is welcome (provided you do not SPAM me). If you want to add me, please let me know so I can add you too, this way, we have an open communication, and can keep in touch.

Yes, I always return emails. It may take a couple weeks sometimes, but I always return emails. Thank you again for viewing my page.

The Mask of Bane

PPS: Okay. So as of lately, I have come into the sights of a few people asking my to join their online Vampire Covens. I much appreciate the invitations all. I also realize SOME can force you to join. I think that it is silly to force a person to do something they may not want to do, and the emails I am getting lately are: You should join us while you can, because if someone forces you, that's it.

I appreciate the attention here. You've all been really, really pleasant, and really cool. If I choose a Vampire Coven, or if I am forced, it doesn't really matter to me. I came to this site to network, and get my writing out into the open... which I have. So as far as I am concerned, mission accomplished, and if anyone wants to force me into their Vampire Coven, feel free. May the best group win.

One stipulation, however. If I am pulled, don't expect me to go posting your banners anywhere. Not even on my own profile. I am only a team player when I know the team I am working with. I refuse to be take an active role in a counterproductive social network. So. Thank you for taking the time, and email me if you have any questions.

Thank you once again,

J. Edward Nolan

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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I have rated you fairly & wish you a good afternoon/evening. Enjoy..

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