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As nights children sing to you, I lie upon My bedding; cool satin against my fevered flesh and my thoughts turn to you, and sleep will not come... this night....

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Standing at 6 feet, showered with beautiful blonde hair, smelling of the most exotic flowers as he walks, face painted of the most beauty, very respected and feared by many, well mannered and yet intiminating, loved and hated by all who want to be him......

The man whose corpse lieth in the desert -
thou and I often seen such one -
His spirit resteth not in the earth;
the man whose spirit hath -
none to care for it -
Thou and I have often seen such one;
The dregs of the vessel -
the leavings of the feast...
And that which is cast out into the street are his food......

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1432 was the year, the winter breeze had just began in the beautiful city.. while walking the night's street's I remembered feeling alone lost and sad.. thoughts of death... And then I saw him there he stood the one that created me.. not a glance but a stare.. a stare inwhich he impowered me, a stare of the souls.. running with fear for I knew I saw death... I ran until my legs hurt not knowing that It would of been no use... I turned as I ran.. I stopped.. feeling safe and without fear.. He called my name I turned again.. I remember a sharp pain but yet not hurtfull just an awakening to the life I will soon lead... I feel him now and then... I haven't seen his face he watches me from time to time centries have past and I feel him yet still... five hundred seventy three years have passed and I have lived without fear... Immortal is this body for I have seen wonderful things... feeding of a woman and her families.. how this is as close as I get.. men have a delightful taste but the young ones yurn to be taken... I do not mean to offend.. for I am a Vampire.....
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mortals have longed to feel what I feel... see what I see... they think that it is a game... I read the thoughts of some and how I laugh inside.. the pain they seek and wish to hide.... do you really want to be this beautiful and see what I see... or do you really wish that you could care so little....

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1532 was the year… I had once again awoken to darkness in search of a quickening… the years had seemed lonely... And because I was in search of a companion, I longed for the company of a woman… A sinister woman… One with the touch of an angel but yet as evil as hell’s demons… It was spring this time of year and the smell of summer was in the air… It was warm that evening when I first felt her... She drew my very soul… I sensed her mortal heart beat with happiness… I would wait for her in the shadows… not knowing I was there, I felt wicked but very much in love a fool’s love.. Her beauty was empowering…One evening I waited in the shadows no longer as I approached her she knew what I wanted… She looked upon me as if she had known me from long ago... with one touch of my cold hands I embraced her, holding her with passion… A passion of death… She gave herself to me… To be one with me… She is in my very soul now… She torments me… I have created my love for she has learned fast…

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1638 was the year, Spain how beautiful it was... seeking a new sense... a sense of knowledge and power… I waited in the shadows for the presence of him… And then it came, a scent... a faint scent one longed remembered… Erebus Montenegro-De Leon how he had grown with power… as I admired him for he was a sight… without looking at me he called my name, I laughed with joy to see my old friend… I stepped out of the shadows and into the busy street and greeted him properly for he has always been well respected… we talked for several hours, which seemed more like eternity… it was once said if I remember correctly this time of age is silly in there thoughts… “A friend will help you fight someone… but a true friend will help you hide there body” Erebus was very true indeed….. thoughts of the past sang in my head just as it did his… laughter was heard thru the city and lives were sparred that evening for we had lots to catch up on… how life is sweet and may the living continue living for we shall feast…

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1742 was the year, London again back to my home land how things had changed… walking thru the streets filling my veins with the mortals of the night… lost souls searching for an answer… easy as it may have seemed thru the years and centuries past mortals had changed extremely… a sense of self worthlessness began to fill my veins as I drank their blood… no one set of ideas or jesters had come unnoticed… for all mortals had changed their views and beliefs… funny it had seemed that to taste the blood of the century meant to be displeased with what was in the minds of mortals and to feel there self pity… the times had changed indeed.

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1856 was the year, London another spring the birth of a new… woe to the one chosen for this century for I have aged magnificently… the trades of the century were quite forthcoming this time of age… new towns men and women shared the busy streets of London… I was in search of a pupil… a sinister pupil one with out question but in search for answers… this would be my greatest accomplishment, for my pupil would seek death but not find it… a tortures death filled with violence but sweet to the thoughts… there would be no burial for his soul would seek darkness… Vrykolakas!!!! That is what he shall be named… as the thoughts of my sinister pupil filled my mind, I caught a sent… a tradesman so pleased with his days wages walking into the local tavern… wondering why at that moment as he walked into the tavern , why did I taste his fear with such happiness in his heart… I decided to stalk my new found pupil… for was he the one that sought to leave this forsaken life of mortals and give him the strength of an immortal and the life that I live… five nights of torment would be sufficient… as he would be given a choice to live or die a horrific death for the power of Vrykolakas is very powerful indeed… waiting for him to seek death would be a test in itself for he was a strong one… on the last deadly night of my stalk I appeared before him… swift for it had seemed that he tried to scream but because his soul had left his body he could not even whimper… not wanting him to feel the treacherous death that his body would endure… I took him in a mind set and drained him after his brutal death… he would not remember that fatal night for out of his body would arise Vrykolakas my devoted pupil… as he awoke I had my quickening for it was a magnificent sight… as he stood looking at the world… long raven hair covering his dark skinned face… I would lose sight of him in the darkness as I walked around him examining him… as he took to the darkness I again told him as I had told him in death… come my magnificent pupil and see a whole new world with your new eyes, eyes wide open… with that said he vanished in the darkness… I could feel his hunger… his hunger was of vicious intent… how happy I was indeed with what I had accomplished… I will again meet with him… for when the time is right so we can share the laughter of the night and the innocent blood within…

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