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I love Kryz

for you for visiting my Rave!!!

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My name is Erela, which is Hebrew for angel. I just thought it was pretty. I guess I should say a little bit about myself, though I really can't say enough. A person can't really be defined by words, but I'll give it a try...
I am pretty tall, about 5'11" maybe, I have blue eyes and auburn hair (obviously). I am really easy to get along with partly because I forgive easily, partly because I love to have fun, and partly because I feel life is too short and precious to waste time hatin' on people. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Kris who I am head over heels for and vice versa. Things I do in my spare time are writing, spending time with my friends (pretty much anywhere and everywhere), and working. Well, usually. Right now I am trying to get a job closer to where I live because I used to work at Hot Topic but it was too far away for me. I still live at home with my parents, my 18 year old brother who is engaged, my 23 year old sister who is engaged and expecting, and the dog we've had since I was 4, Biscuit.
I love to write simply because it is an escape with no restrictions, no rules, and I can do whatever I want! I love creating places, people, and adventures that I wish would occur in real life.
I also love to draw but mostly things that I can see. I have to work really hard to pull things out of my head, and let's face it, most of the time I am just too lazy.
I don't "party" because personally I think drinking and smoking and being around them even are really nasty habits, but that's just me. I have plenty of friends that choose to do so, and I love them all the same, I just choose not to do it myself.
I love my family and my friends and I love life. Most of all I love God and all of the blessings in my life. I give really good advice so if anyone ever needs anything, I would love to help!

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  • God
  • my family
  • Kris
  • concerts
  • music in general, I couldn't live without it
  • writing, drawing, reading (yeah so what I'm a nerd)
  • animals, especially penguins and puppies
  • pictures, I would be a photographer if they got paid more dollaz
  • BEN N JERRY'S any flavor, but preferably the ones with the caramel core mmmm
  • my friends of course
  • DRAGONS and fairies, anything fantasy or medieval
  • candles
  • big baggy sweatshirts
  • thunderstorms put me to sleep
  • bubble baths
  • the beach
  • the mountains and hiking

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  • smoking, drinking (alcohol)
  • when people inflict undeserved cruelty upon others
  • when animals get hurt
  • ok when anything gets hurt (what can I say, I'm a pacifist)
  • lying
  • tomatoes ewww
  • "playas" and "pimps," so overrated
  • crappy internet quizzes
  • when chicks decide to only cover 1/123,327,975,809 of their body in a picture and post it all over the internet
  • inflated gas prices
  • conformity
  • when people mess with my friends or my boyfriend, that's when I get gangsta
  • when people mess with me, that's when my boyfriend and my friends (and my DADDY OOOOOO) get gangsta
  • getting hit on by complete strangers
  • emo (cheer up man)

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    Here's my story...
    It had been the longest day of my life... Work was exhausting... My closest and dearest friend had vanished from existence, which couldn't help but remind me of him, my love, that had also vanished about a month before. His name was Kryz. He had taken me out for my 17th birthday to my favorite spot. We lied under the stars next to a waterfall just outside of town. As he walked me home, a man approached us and began talking to Kryz. I didn't hear much of what was said, but Kryz had a strangely concerned and thoughtful look about him as he walked me the rest of the way home. That was the last time I had seen him and probably missed him more every second he had been away. Now I was all alone... My father had turned in after relieving the day's stresses by beating my mother as I was forced to listen to her cries, interrupting my thoughts. I sank down into the warm water of my bath and closed my eyes, trying to pretend I was somewhere else, in another life... I slowly opened my eyes in relaxation to witness a silhouette casually sitting on the windowsill. I could barely see him through the candlelight. Not a word was said as he stood and approached me as if with a purpose. As the light fell on his face I realized that I knew him. By the time he arrived directly next to me I felt either I would faint or become blind from my tears... It was Kryz, but it wasn't. Something about him had changed... His brown eyes were now gray, his once gentle expression now fierce, but inviting and somewhat seductive...

    "It's been a while," he said, looking only into my eyes, without even a glance at my naked body. He held me with his gaze, not moving or even blinking his strange eyes.
    "It has been a while…?" I replied, making obvious my sarcastic tone. Suddenly my speechless shock was replaced with anger and hurt. "Well a month can go by pretty fast I guess when you have each morning to look forward to. Too bad all of my hopes disappeared along with you, and it’s seemed like years since I’ve heard from you. Except for the rumors of your death."
    "I can explain," he replied. His attempts were extremely disappointing. He began telling me stories of vampires and only being out in the dark to feed. It seemed like a part of my heart believed him, but in my mind I felt as if I could scream from the lies I was hearing. But then...How did he get into my window? Sure it may have been unlocked, but there is no way up here from the street below. He must have noticed my lack of confidence in his words. He stalked closer toward me and breathed in. I stared, afraid but anxious, watching his lips part as he opened his mouth and what I saw amazed me...

    “Can you explain to me… how it feels…” I found myself admiring his transformation.
    “If you so choose, I can show you…”
    What reason did I have to say no, when all of my heart longed more with every second to be near him forever and feared more with every breath that I would lose him again? I answered him with my eyes, and a cautious nod. He bent forward and leaned his head gracefully toward my neck. He placed his hand gently on my cheek and I closed my eyes, waiting for a feeling that I knew I had never felt before. I felt his fangs pierce my neck and I gasped… I grew colder and colder as my blood drained out of my body… I started to cry though I could not feel the tears…
    “Wait… stop…” I could only utter through a whisper…
    After that I could no longer feel… I could no longer speak… I could no longer think… I could barely see so I kept my eyes closed and waited for death to overcome my weakening body…
    Instead I felt sudden warm sensation flowing through my body. I opened my eyes and Kryz was gazing down at me in approval. My lips were on his skin… I was thirsting on his blood until he removed his wrist. It was a process he performed as if he had done it for years… I regained feeling and tried to speak, but his eyes bid me to remain quiet. He held my face in his hands and kissed my forehead…
    “You’ve taken to your new life quite well… Welcome, my love…”

    If you’re thirsty for more (haha)… check out Kryz’s point of view on my boyfriend’s profile, MorbidThoughts…



    My favorite type of music is ska and alternative, but I do love all music and here are merely a few of my favorite bands...

    The Starting Line. Even though Kenny looks kinda gay, Matt is HOTTT... I love them both...

    Green Day back when they rocked...


    mmm hmmm...

    Led Zeppelin

    The Gorillaz


    Of Montreal


    Reel Big Fish


    Sublime ( Rest in Peace)

    Nirvana (Rest in Peace)


    And there are so many more of course...


    My favorite movies are generally fantasy or medieval based. I love movies with dragons and vampires obviously, I love horror movies as well.

    Business minded and a natural leader, you are a canidate to be embraced by the Ventrue clan. You can be rather dominant with a high stamina however, you tend to have obsessive compulsive tendencies...especially when it comes to your food. You are the clan the others look to organize groups and factions. Generally princes are among this clan.

    What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?

    The Ventrue

    Elegant, aristocratic and regal, the Ventrue are the lords of the Camarilla. It was Clan Ventrue that provided the cornerstone of the Camarilla, and it is Clan Ventrue that directs and coaxes the Camarilla in its darkest hours. Even in the modern age, the majority of princes descend from Clan Ventrue. The Ventrue would, of course, have things no other way. In the tradition of noblesse oblige, the Ventrue must lead the other clans for their own good. In ancient nights, Ventrue were chosen from nobles, merchant princes or other wielders of power. In modern times the clan recruits from wealthy "old-money" families, ruthless corporate climbers, and politicians. Although Ventrue move in the same social circles as the Toreador, they do not fritter away their existences in frivolity and idle chatter. The Ventrue proudly wear the privileges of leadership, and stoically bear its burdens. Thus has it always been; thus shall it always be...

    ~These are beautiful sketches by Jessica Entis~

    She portrays dragons in a more innocent way that I am extremely fond of. That is how I view dragons; beautiful, graceful, elegant, wonderful creatures as opposed to dark, evil, pugnacious, and destroying. She displays them, my favorite creatures, in such a unique way, I love it.

    Come back anytime...

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