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Who I am, Is not as important as what I am.

What is an Angel

The word angel is thought to be derived from the Greek word Angelos which means messenger.

In Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other theologies an angel can be one who acts as a messenger, attendant or agent of God.

Throughout the bible it is generally seen that the will of God is usually imparted or carried out by angels.Angels are
spirits without bodies, who possess superior intelligence, gigantic strength, and surpassing holiness.

Angels are composed of ethereal matter, thus allowing them to take on whichever physical form best suits their immediate needs.

They enjoy an intimate relationship to God as His special adopted children, contemplating, loving, and praising Him in heaven. Some of them are frequently sent as messengers to men from on high.Angels are the essence of love and joy and stem from the Heart of God/Goddess.

Now, you will ask why God/Goddess? Is God a female or male?
He is neither and both at the same time. What is referred to us as God is just the Supreme Source of the hole Existence, a Spirit of such a magnitude, so unconceivable, that has no sex and could be both at the same time if it chooses to. So the reference to God/Goddess was just to emphasize that however you choose to call upon him/her/it it's of no importance.

Angels are countless in their number, and flock around
the Universe in their millions. Angels are dedicated to serve the needs of all free will entities so that you may experience the same level of unconditional love as they do. Each Angel carries out its assigned task without any hint of hesitation as they take great joy and pleasure in offering their Loving Wisdom and Guidance. Everyone has Angels around them constantly, without exception, and they are eager and excited at the opportunity to communicate with you.

Angels was created with one purpose, the purpose to love and to serve all without condition. In doing so, Angels hold a focus of pure love throughout the Universe and are therefore able to set up a resonance for the vibration of pure love wherever it is needed. You on the other hand, are a free will entity. That means that you have chosen to develop your ability to exist with unconditional love by gaining much experience through many lifetimes and many varied forms of existence. The Angels have been created to counter balance any energies or actions that move in the opposite direction to love so that you will eventually remember your true essence.


The Fallen Watchers ~ Grigori

There is a group called the Watchers or Grigori. This is the group that this passage speaks of. They are said to look like human male, but taller/larger, they never slip and they are silent. In Jewish legend/lore it is said that there are good and evil watchers, the good watchers residing in the 5th
Heaven, while the evil ones reside in the 3rd Heaven.

The mysterious eighth order of angels, the gentle Grigori were created by God to be Earthly shepherds of the first humans. The Grigori were both physically and spiritually gigantic, at least by the standards of the
people who later wrote about them. They served early humanity as vast reservoirs of information concerning the finer points of civilization, and their selflessness was beyond compare. They were also called the Watchers,
as it was their job to observe humanity, lending a helping hand when necessary but not interfering in the course of human development.
In the Book Of Enoch, it describes that God had sent a legion of angels to earth in order to watch over and assist man during the beginning of civilization. These
angels taught man sciences which were forbidden by God such as the magic in herbs, reading the stars, divination and sorcery.

Enoch goes on to say:..but they chose husbands and wives from among the humans and led greatly debauched lives, neglecting their heavenly duties...This angered God
greatly and he banished the fallen & Sadly these
angels were not suited to this job and instead of playing a positive role they began to teach man sciences that God had deemed to be forbidden.These subjects included astrology, divination, herb craft and magic. To compound this, they also began to lust after some of the women they were
supposed to be guiding. In order to cohabitate with these women they even assumed physical forms. Although the church might argue that angels have no gender and therefore are unable to procreate anyway, the following excerpt
from Genesis 6:4, points out that "the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them . The resulting half-breeds were named as theNephilim This kind of bad
angelic behavior could not be tolerated and as a result the Grigori were taken from their posts and imprisoned in a layer of heaven. Although they appealed to Enoch to speak on their behalf to God, they remained bound for
70 generations. As for the Nephilim, it has been suggested that one of the main reasons for the great flood, was not only to punish man, but to cleanse
the earth of the half-bred creatures created from the union of fallen spirit and flesh. Among the Strega
the Watchers are called the Grigori. Originally there were 4 royal stars or Lords and they were called the Watchers. Each of these Lords ruled over one
of the 4 cardinal points...North, South, East, West.
North - Formalhaut - who marked Winter Solstice
South - Regulus - who marked Summer Solstice
East - who marked the Vernal Equinox
West - who marked Autumn Equinox
In the Strega Mythos, the Watchers were Gods who guarded the Heavens and Earth. Over time the Greeks made them Gods of the 4 winds, and the Christians made them
creatures of the Air. In Stregheria we call the elements from the altar. The Grigori are of a higher realm and guard the portals to the gods.

In A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson, the good Watchers are portrayed as a high order of Angels, (Archangels), also known as Grigori or Irin Chief of the
Good Grigori are Archangels:
Uriel, Raphael, Raguel, Michael, Zerachiel, Gabriel, and Remiel


Recently Im awakening and remembering something Ive always been. Im changing in many ways. What I can share is Im a soldier, a angelic soldier my angelic army is The Dark Knights.As things are coming back to me Im growing, awaiting what will be.


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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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