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However cold the wind and rain, I´ll be there to ease up your pain;However cruel the mirrors of sin, Remember, beauty is found within


My name is Bernadette Fischer. Yeah… Not a very common name I think. This is my profile. Don’t you just love people who state the obvious? If you do, then cool… if not… then get off my profile. Savvy? I’m pretty damn annoying actually and I’m quite weird, but I suppose everyone is in their own way… So I guess that makes me normal. To think, people can be grouped together by their weirdness to be called normal for that one group… random talk I had with a dear friend of mine named Brittney. Probably not how you spell her name but I love her anyway. If your curious about that conversation which you probably are not, feel free to ask.


If you don’t know me, then you probably don’t know what I look like, not that it matters. I have brown hair with natural red highlights, which probably comes from the Irish side of me. I’m average built I suppose… maybe a bit more… don’t know, don’t care. OK, I guess I do care since I’m going on a diet, but you know… whatever… fuck it all anyway! My hair reminds a lot of people of a lion… I am a leo, born August 15th, 1989, and I let my hair go out like a lion’s. Not that I do it on purpose, but I think it looks fine the way it is really. If you know me then you definitely know that I have an ass… might not be the best looking ass but I’ve got that to make up for my small breasts *laughs* yeah I know, weird, but thought I’d mention. I’m also 5 foot 1 inch… yeah, I’m short, I know. But I love it :-D

*hint hint* in the pic below… I’m the one with glasses and in the middle kinda sorta.


I am not a democrat. I am bisexual and I am Pagan, but I am not a democrat. Thought I was for a long time because of those two things, but I sure as hell am not. Most of my friends think they are democrats… really… they aren’t. I love you all and if you are reading my profile and disagree with me, I am sorry and do not mean to offend you. But just because ya’ll agree with gay marriage does not mean you are a democrat. And another thing about gay marriage. Although I am bisexual, I am confused about gay marriage… seriously… what is the definition of marriage? Doesn’t it say between a man and a woman? I think there is a problem with the definition of marriage and once we decide to change that, then we can start talking about gay marriage because gay marriage is a contradiction to itself. I know I’m going to have all the gay rights people after me now, but seriously, don’t start ranting to me about it. I’ve defended gay marriage since I was 8 but I still cannot find a defense against the definition of marriage. So yeah… done with the rant there.


Note from above: Well I thought it was funny… heeheehee

That leads me to the next topic… I’m blunt. Extremely blunt. Don’t ask me a question unless you want a blunt answer. I also have a pet peeve on the truth. I used to be a complete LIAR as most of you probably know. I have come out of it with therapy and now I hate it when people lie to me. Recently, I had a friend who I would consider a great friend lie to me because she was apparently in love with my boyfriend. So I asked her and while she was telling EVERYONE else that she liked my boyfriend, she told me that she didn’t like him. If I ask you a question, I probably already know the answer. Crazy, I know… just don’t bother lying. It’s stupid and won’t get you anywhere with me. I lost a great friendship because of that lie. I know she won’t ever read my profile, but I still love who that girl was. I just wish she could have told me the truth. Funny part is, now she’s dating him. Funny isn’t it? But I know she isn’t stupid and she’ll also see past his lies… hopefully… for he was also a liar sadly. I’m done with my rant on that… Now I hope you all get the point with that one.


Okay now, onto my religion! As if your still reading… I am a pagan. I was raised Catholic and left the church quite a while ago. I guess you could say I was influenced by my sister who also left for paganism at one point. She is back to being Catholic of course, but you know, I love her anyway. She probably feels guilty about that, but you know… it’s not her fault and I hope she knows that. Anyway, more on my religion… It’s a mixture of many pagan relgions which is why I just claim to be pagan. I believe religion was made to give people hope about death and to keep things running smoothly… so I made up my religion somewhat. Sadly, I will be whatever religion my husband is for the sake of my children.


Okay well I thought the pic was funny!


Now isn’t this beautiful?

I am an army brat and I am daddy’s little girl. Keep that in mind. The threat my dad gives my bf’s is this: “I have an AR 15 and from 300 meters away and with a scope I can shoot off your left nut.” Keep that in mind boys and girls! My dad was in the Army for 20 years. And my brother is in the Navy right now, and he is also very protective over me. So there’s your warning… actually more warnings… I also have a million ex bf’s and ex fiance’s that would die to protect me, so yeah… keep that in mind too. Why? Just so you don’t try anything stupid I hope.


Note for above pic: NEVER FORGET!

So anyway, onto a lighter topic… I am a writer. I LOOOOOOVE to write if you couldn’t already tell. I write poetry, short stories, and am currently working on a novel. I started writing when I was 7 or 8 and I haven’t stopped yet… probably never will… Hopefully I never will… I have taken a college course on children’s writing and it was the best 600 dollars spent in my life.


Anywho, I love to argue… well debate. But it depends on who I am debating with… I won’t normally debate with someone I’m going out with only because I don’t want to start some big useless fight. I don’t like drama even though I tend to get in a lot of it sadly. Nothing I can really do about it though except to accept it. So anyway, back on track, I like to discuss relgion and politcs, so if your up for a debate, be my guest. Just be sure to stay on topic and don’t start in “You’re stupid” or something like that. It just shows your maturity level and is idiotic.


Note about above pic: So funny… so true… haha

My fears… I fear being betrayed. I’m just a little Nixon now aren’t I? tad on the paranoid side. But that is one of my biggest fears… Everyone starts out with my trust, but when you lose it… good luck getting it back. But if you lost my trust in the first place, I guess I wasn’t important enough anyway, eh? Another fear of mine is dead spiders… yes the dead ones… Don’t ask me why… I don’t know. I just really hate dead spiders… And iceburgs. I dislike how there is that tad bit at the top and then that huge mass at the bottom… just weird to me and kinda scary… Yes, the part in titanic where you got to see the iceburg scared the shit out of me.


IF your still reading this then you must be bored… but yeah… I am extremely protective of my friends. You can hurt me all you like, see if your important enough that I even give a shit, but if you hurt my friends I will track you down. My friends are the world to me and I love them more than I love myself, my god, my anything. The main friend that I will seriously track you down for are the following: Kasey, Kari, Des, Drew, Christina, Dallas, Erick, David, Blain, Emily, Megan, Mallori, Monique, Kelsey, Nikki, Patrick, Jack, Jenny, Jessie, Erin, Dani, Sammie, kyle, todo, and of course Claire. IF you don’t know who they are, then good. If you do… then watch it. Most of them are related to me in some way or another. Whether or not they are my school children, sisters, brothers, or anything… One of them is actually related by blood… but yeah… The rest might as well be my family even if I don’t see them as much as I would like.


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