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Hurt my heart and I will hunt you to the ends of the earth and beyond..... hurt my body and I will sigh and beg for more

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I am many things to many people. My best advice is to get to know me and figure out who I will be to you. But a word of warning if all your looking for is sex talk or some such... turn and leave now this is not the place for you. And you will not like my attitude of you continue on.

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I have many hobbies but reading is at the top of the list. And anything crafty is something I will enjoy. But I enjoy being outdoors, being with friends, really anything that I can do with other people. I do enjoy my private time.. that is where reading comes in.

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My family means the world to me. The first member of it is of course my Troll. He is always there for me no matter what I need to desire. I also am very lucky to have a few very good friends in my life that have become family. One of them more so and he knows who he is. Again someone that has been there for me when others ripped my heart out he was there to hold the pieces and help fit them back together and for that I thank the God and Goddess.

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mm this one is a bit harder to condense into just a few lines. I am involved in more than one alt. lifestyle, of course the vampire goes without saying. But I am also a slave and very proud to have found a Sire. I am a Wiccan and a Witch, and to me they are not the same thing it is possible to be one and not the other. I was partly raised with Navajo beliefs so my magic workings are different and my own. My path is one I walk with very few people. Those of my family that wander with me make the path far more fun.

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A very good friend of mine asked me to read a poem of a sort she did and I liked it so much I requested to be allowed to use it. A fair warning it is Satire and intend to be humor. If it offends I am sorry.. but as I happen to agree with the points made....

So many thanks for the grin and laugh Trouble.

Sacrificing Chickens

Meet the defendant—

A solitary Pagan practitioner.

Meet the victims—

Artemis of Greece representing the Divine,
the Union of Grim Reapers,
and one solitary farm chicken who happens to be an atheist.

The premise of the case—

One solitary farm chicken who happens to be an atheist is dead.
The Union of Grim Reapers is anxious about job security.
The Divine are upset because their proposed offering is a chicken.
The solitary Pagan practitioner is currently in hot water instead of the chicken.
Peta is lobbying for the chicken’s rights.

The commentary—
The sacrificial chicken in this case is not religious. The Pagan practitioner has sacrificed an un religions chicken. I compare this to grabbing a Christian to sacrifice on the alter of Artemis. The chicken and the Christian having an equal right to be upset, and if one believes in ghosts, I would think a Christian and chicken haunting would be equally unpleasant.
Let’s pretend the chicken consented to it’s own sacrifice.
All wavers are signed, lawyers are happy, the chicken agreed to the non haunting clause. The gods are hungry so you offer them a chicken because the divine beings that created everything are not capable of making their own supper. They are not capable of killing the chicken themselves and you are simply feeding the hungry deities.
Let’s consider the Grim Reaper’s union. They are in this case suing for the interference of the Pagan practitioner in their job duties.
Onto the deities discontent for being offered a chicken. If Artemis of Greece, representing the Divine, wished to take back the chicken She would be quite capable of this feat without human intervention. The free will of humans asserts that the Divine has no bearing on what we do with our time, or bodies, our short presence on this earth. Isn’t making this count the better sacrifice by embracing the offerings here on this earth and treading with the utmost care to the damage a single being can do? A drop of blood on the earth to acknowledge the bond we ignore as modern beings in a world that does not make it a priority to make the time to stop and enjoy.

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World peace
end of famine
all of the normal things people want for the world
but for me on a personal level I would love to find people that are as open minded as they claim to be. Sadly I am learning this is not how it usually works. Which is why I am so happy to have found VR.

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I hope this has helped you to decide if you wish to get to know me more. I tend to lurk in the shadows till something pulls my attention... will that something be you?

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Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

And now some images I just like... and yes I have a thing for penguins... so feel free to pm me penguin pics you never know I may add them too

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As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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