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Savannah, Cracktown GA

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im the most vampirey vampire of all eternity and etc...infinity

Grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things i cannot accept, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people i had to kill today because they pissed me off...

In my mortal life, I am a tattoo artist. The real reason I do it is for all the B L O O D, though. The experience of altering someones life vessel permanently through my craft is almost sexual. I am also an artist in other mediums. Performance art is one of my passions, and I use a digital video camera to capture many of my pieces. They vary in their content, but one of my major inspirations is the use of ribbons. I prefer to stay away from wired ribbons after a particularly bad experience with some artificial flowers, but I'll pretty much take what I can get.

For more accessible artwork that really inspires me, check out some of the artists on Elfwood.

PET PEEVE: Kids that "play" vampyre. This is a lifestyle for me and I'm not interested in meeting up if this is just a fad for you. As one of my early mentors said, "Black eyeliner does not a vampyre make!" I am also an avid believer in certain facets of "witchcraft," and I don't take dabblers well. It also bugs me when it hurts when I pee...Why does it hurt when I pee...? Damn it...

What is your name? Rick James Bitch

What is your zodiac sign? It would be much more fun if we talked, and then you guessed.

Where were you born? In a bar (really)! Mom's water broke and before the ambulance got there, the bar had an underage patron :)

Where do you live now? Beautiful Savannah, Georgia. There's so much history here. Buildings are full of the energy of past souls. The streets are lined with hundred-year-old live oaks draped with gray Spanish moss. It is truly picturesque. We also have lots of bums that are fun to feed on because they are always high and drunk , so when I feed I too get high and drunk...and oh i forgot all of the sensless violence, the gangs are alot of fun, its like a disney ride in hell, highly recomend it....

What color are your eyes? I once had them described as the color of rich mahogany.Poop...poop eyes...Ron Burgandy you hurt me Ron Burgandy!!!!

What color is your hair? What's left of it is rhubarb.

How tall are you? as tall as a vampyre should be. and when i say vampyre, i mean a complete and total loser that goes on this website and talks about a bunch of gay shit.

Do you smoke? Out of a cack pipe bitches

Do you drink? Mint Juleps are my favorite (mortal) drink. Unfortunately, the bartenders get uncomfortable when you ask for blood... :) I also love any thing that has razmataz in it mmmm, and I love a good cosmo

Do you play an instrument? I was trained on the dulcimer when I was younger, but I now dabble in creating electronica.

If you had a choice about how you wanted to die what would it be? I don't believe that death is really about the cessation of life functions. I believe that death is about a metaphysical journey through the horizons of experience. Fighting through a gay zombie attack would be fun too, lots of butt grabbing there...

Are you evil? Like my panties are tight...Like a frickin shark with a frickin laser on its head....

Do you believe that you can be possessed? I believe that the energy of the souls of those who have come before us can linger in our spaces. But when dancing I seem to feel something that overwhelms me , like I am actually the devil, or our lord Tskrang.

Do you ever get jealous of somebody else? Of course. I'm only human. Oh, wait... Really, I'm terribly jealous of true immortality (which I DO believe can be attained). I am also jealous of Phil Collins and Zorro...

Are you obsessive and/or compulsive? I am a bit of a perfectionist... It takes me three hours to press my velvet cape to my satisfaction. Wait what are we talking about, Oh shit is that a spot on my keyboard? uigurcyjhniun ok got it, ewww i hate dirt.

Are you a violent person? Are you threatening me? I will cut you, you rat bastards....I am an aggressive person, but I am also a disciplined person. I channel most of my violent energy into my work, my art, or my physical development. I am dedicated to the study of Tai-Bo. I've really become a much more centered person through that. Don't make fun of Billy Blanks -- he's a true inspiration. I also loooove Cher.

Do you take your anger out on other people? only when they refuse to put themselves inside me

Do you blame other people for your mistakes? I don't think we make mistakes. I think we have experiences that are simply not what we expected them to be. To answer your question , you are wrong and I am god...

What is your favorite color? As an artist, I'm constantly working with a full palate. I wear mostly black, but I find real excitement in experimenting with unusual color combinations, like ochre and seafoam green.

Do you like biting? Is the Pope Catholic? Is Don Johnson a brilliant actor? Does Chuck Noris spend every waking moment grooming his beard? Do I look like that guy on American Idol? Fuckin A- right I do...!!

Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color? How many pots have you smokin?

Do you have any self inflicted scars? i have scarred myself for life by coming on this site. Im also giving myself a sex change, yeah thats leaving some marks...whew

Do you stand for originality and creativity? I stand for NOTHING if not for creativity. If we can not be original, then our entire existences are in vain. As a matter of fact I am wearing colored saran wrap as underwear right now....

Do you like to rave or go to clubs often? The atmosphere of a good club full of enthusiastic people is unbeatable. I especially enjoy "Goth Nights," particularly if there is role-play involved, and I also enjoy drag shows.

Do you go to many concerts? if by concerts you mean gatherings of tons of lost souls that enjoy listening to dudes in eye liner sing about how much they like to lick balls, then the answer to your question is yes. I miss duran duran

Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe that at any given moment there could be a hundred "right" people for one person. That said, chemistry is an incredibly powerful thing, and I am certainly not immune to it...you dont love me..., you just love my doggie style.

i used to be an apprentice to Tskira Mothra, but then i got fired cuz my tits fell out in public, i wasnt embarassed though cuz i was about to get dirty girl tattooed right above my naughty bits

and i eat spam raw with my fingers, sometimes i use spam as a personal lubricant...then i eat it....

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