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The Vampire is one who awakens in the land of the sleeping and is the man who can see in the country of the blind.

First of all, I am the founder of the "Sinister Pathway Triangle Order", and Grand Hierophant of the Temple of Atazoth (Coven founded in 2002). Atazoth is a Albion Dark God of the Tree of Wyrd. The Temple of Atazoth is independent of the Vampire Rave.

Years ago, you brought me in the coven purgatory due to a misunderstanding, refusing to accept a coven laid upon me. I did not ask to enter a coven, so don't expect me even in the coven purgatory to collaborate. I am not interested. If I want to be in a coven, there are covens surface, while I am a coven master myself as you will read above. I am not a puppy on a string. This is the reason why I am not a premium, until you alter and repair.

My story is a long one. It all started when I was 17. No longer interested in Catholicism as such, and did not believe in "Hell" as it was described. However, my life was very religious, and attended a Theological Institution, and afterwards distant learning in theology and metaphysics with diploma’s and certificates. I have always been extremely interested in Occultism and became a leader in a Meditation Group for French speaking countries world-wide. In 1974, I received ordination and the episcopate in Old Catholicism. I quit in 1998 becoming interested in Satanic Philosophy. My hobby is art-painting and writing. I have 82 items on Scribd: Opposite Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, translation of the Bhagavad Gita in relation to meditation, in English, Dutch and French, and obviously Occultism. Last August 2010, I had blood transfusion (three bags) due to a bleeding stomach, and this let me to Vampirism, and started writing on the subject. I had an open heart surgery in October 2010. Feeling fine now. However, I am a Psychic Vampire ever since my knowledge in Occultism (1960), but unaware at first until last year. I like to enjoy every facet of life, from the sensual to the hard. My vampirism is the way, the only way. I don't like the "church" idea of an organisation. Vampire Rave is a great community of like-minded, "oneness in diversity".“Ad Multos Annos”.

My latest work, the Hagur Vampire Tarot, Major Arcane and four Aces:


My Disclaimer as Vampire

These are my pages on Vampire Rave. They are all non-commercial. All opinions expressed in them are only mine unless otherwise stated and do not necessarily represent any opinions of my readers. All content is mine as well, unless otherwise attributed. If you are an owner of an image, piece of text, or a website and have a problem with its appearance here, please me.

I am an adult, and my pages reflect that; please, exercise your judgement. If you cannot, perhaps you should not be here. I am not responsible for anybody's children; parents raise your children yourselves. In all likelihood, there will be stuff not meant for them somewhere in my pages, “Journal or Portfolio”, you are warned.
Religiously, I am not safe, but politically correct, not nice to everyone, not "open-mindedly" indiscriminate, not always polite, not sensitive, not moral, not full of intentions which everybody would consider "good." Remember, I am a vampire.

I am (sometimes) offensive, rude, uncensored, funny, sarcastic, sardonic, mocking, immoral, cynical, cold-hearted/heartless (whichever you prefer), extremely pessimistic, discriminating, open-minded, silly, crazy, outlandishly, eccentric, shocking, exacting, relentless, smart, educated, bitchy, impossible. Especially and mostly if one deserves it.

I do not love everybody; I firstly love myself and those who are close to me, my own clan. I love my work and my art. I do not respect everyone, only those who I think deserve it. I know what I want, and I will not step down from it. I know what I think, and I will not shut up just because you may dislike what I have to say. I will not have patience with badly formulated, sloppy, illogical, unintelligent, and uneducated opinions driven solely by faulty dogmatic and religious moralities and pathos.

I appreciate and enjoy intelligent and educated communication. I like a sense of humour also. I have impossibly high standards for me and everybody else. I call myself an aristocrat. I put myself entirely into my art, writing, vampirism, and I do my very best with my work on this webpages. If you do not like it, give me a good "bite" and leave.

The Vampire – The Creator

Only when the vampire submits himself to the discipline of his “Vampiric Codex”, and own will-power, controlling the lives around him, he is oriented to the goal as it progressively makes its appeal to his vision, will arrive at a true understanding of the Cosmic Plan, which constitutes the Will of the Prince of Darkness as far as we can grasp it on “Earth”.

At a certain stage, when the vampire is no longer a new-comer or neophyte, he or she will start to create because he or she daily learned to think and act correctly.
The vampire is first of all the creator in mental matters:

1. Learning to build the power of thought intelligently.

2. Giving the impulse, through right speech which animates that which he is building up for his own good, and so enable the thought-form to convey the intended idea whatever it is.

3. Sending out his thought-form correctly, oriented to his vampiric goal, and so truly directed that it will reach his objective and accomplish the purpose aiming at.

Those rules may sound very simple for our scientists, but for the willing ones, it is a safe guide into occult truth, enabling the beginner to pass the tests for initiation. Let us always express our truth just as it is:

1. The vampire views the world of thought, and separates the false out of the true. In this way he or she is protected.

2. The vampire learns the meaning of glamour (illusion), and in its midst locates the tendril of truth. This is very protective.

3. The vampire controls his emotions, for the waves that rise on the stormy seas of life swallow up the swimmer.

4. The vampire should always remember that he has mind, and if developed a very special one, and must learn to use it for his own good and the vampiric community (ecclesia/church).

5. The vampire should always remember that in his mental work that concentration is the main thinking principle.

6. The vampire should know that the thinker and his thought, and that which is the means of thought are diverse in nature, yet but one in reality.

7. The vampire should always act as the thinker, and learn it is not correct to prostitute his thought to the base use of meaningless and low desires. He or she is an aristocrat.

8. The energy of thought is for his own good, and of his clan or vampiric community. For selfish ends “yes”, but also for his clan small or large.

9. The vampire constructs the thought-form with a vision, a definite purpose, ascertain as such its goal, and having verified the motive. In this he or she will be successful.

10. The vampire knows that his way of life, and his way of conscious building is not yet the goal. He or she needs to bare the doors of fear, jealousy and meaningless living. Watch your “aura” vampire!

11. Vampire, watch close the gates of thought. Sentinel that which does not belong to your vampiric aristocracy. Cast away all fear and greed. Look out and always “up”.

12. Vampire because your life is “now” centered on planet “Earth” and concrete life. Pay close attention that your words, speech and acting indicate your thoughts. Your thoughts of power make you strong.

13. Vampires do know that speech is triple in kind (idle words; vulgarity and words of hate against your own community members). The idle words will each produce its effect. If correct and powerful, naught needs to be done. Remember, you will always pay the price if the wrong effect is produced.

Idle words sent forth with strong intent; build up walls of separation and imprisonment. It takes a long time to break the walls, to free yourself to have your free flow again. Always ponder on your motive, and how to protect yourself, blending your little life with the larger vampiric purpose.

14. The idle thought rendered into words produce a prison for yourself, poisoning your very special life as vampire. Keep your vampiric secrets well for yourself and in your clan, to prevent delay and disaster. Keep silent and the dark light will enter in.

15. Broadcast not yourself around, also pity not your fate. The thoughts of “self” and of your lower destiny prevent your magickal work.

16. The power of thought and of sex attraction is a great force. The central teaching in Tantrism and in Vampirism as well, is that all of life is important (sacred), especially our sexuality. This is because Tantrism and Vampirism view the sex power as being the same inner energy that powers our enlightenment. Especially, the practitioner of sexual Tantra attempts to use the powerful sexual force as an agent for awakening and transcendence.

These simple vampiric rules are the sure foundation for the carrying forward of the magickal work described in this manuscript, rendering the mental body so clear and so powerful that your vampiric motive will control your aims to the full.

© March 2011 – Hagur, Grand Hierarch of the Sinister Pathway Triangle Order

To become more vampiric

To become more vampiric intelligent on the path of abyssal fostering vampires must be more open to persons and people with whom vampires can benefit in receptivity. We need to suck energy. For that, we need openness, and being exposed to take some risks in order to meet our needs. We must be spontaneously ourselves.

• If I believe that I am vulnerable, I am vulnerable.
• If I believe that others can control and affect my energy, they can.
• It is not their strength; it is my weakness, and it comes from my beliefs about myself and my fears of others.
• If I know (know, not think; know, not believe) that I am powerful, I am. I am the Power, I am the Glory, I am another god.
• If I know that I, and only I, am in control of my energy, as “I am”. If I am truly earthed and centred and connected to the source, I know that I am powerful.
• Being powerful is marvellous - it makes us better able to help our kind as well as ourselves, and it makes us better healers if we are interested in that.
• "Power" is not bad or good, "psychic" is not bad or good, it is what I do with it that counts.
• The power to heal is the power to curse. It is what I do with it that counts.
• I cannot heal someone who is not ready for healing - although healing and other things I do might help them to become ready for transformation.
• I have no power over you, except what you give me, as for instance the energy I need.
• I am powerful within myself when I am earthed and centred. When I lose that, I tremble.
• When I tremble, I think about fear, about shielding, about protection, BUT, what I need is “earthing and centring and remembering my connection to the source”.
• When I am earthed, centred, and connected, I am energetically invulnerable.
• When I am starving, I suck energy, but not from everybody.

© April 2011 – Hagur, Grand Hierarch of the Sinister Pathway Triangle Order

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