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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Presenting my new video of 48 min. on You Tube:


Self-Immolation Rite Lyric from Christos Beest (ONA)

Further interesting reading: Falcifer, the Lord of Darkness.


This is a novel as means to teach our philosophy. Our traditional Satanism is an organic process, a sinister process, of change, disruption, subversion, evolution, which will last centuries and whose initial aim is the downfall of current worn-out religions no longer of our time. Satanism is a philosophy for today, by whatever means are useful and effective; whose immediate aim is the emergence of new inter-racial societies; and whose longer term aim is the exploration of the star-systems and planets of our Galaxy and the creation of new colonies on other worlds as it is being achieved today by NASA. As proof we are right, watch and ponder on the amazing today’s discoveries. The forms of the old order are breaking down, so that those of the new order may built up. Today, more than ever, everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Even the Pope of Rome as he does today is free for whatever reason to leave his pontificate; he may even if he wishes change his belief or even religion, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. At the end of the book, the reader finds a self-initiation ritual in Satanism and Psychic Vampirism (there is no difference).

Wednesday, 16th January 2013

I just published a new E-Book (pdf), on "Those Who Have Risen", the Acheron Lyrics illustrated, and other articles of interest. Here is the link:


Sunday, May 13, 2012

My new attempt in drawing the Great Arcane of the Tarot, now called “Hagur Vampire Tarot” of 22 trumps for pathworking (meditation). My first work dates 2003/4, now I thought for a renewal of the work since my transformation from being a human like all others, into I now am “a vampire”, even if I think in all modesty that I still am in my transformation time. However, I am steps forward in hunting after human Lifeforce, and night work in the reality of the dream. You find the first trump on my page as well as on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.389230637794346.110963.100001222408041&type=1#!/filcosart

The description of the trump is:


The Fool

Lust for Experience

The Fool represents the mystery and the lie.

It is the breath that gives and takes away life.

It is the treachery, the sight in the mirror.

It is the irrational. He is present in each arcane.

He is the axe in the moving wheel, the cosmic

movement of existence. He is the total dark side

of himself, manifested in different ways.

He outward is not what he innerly is.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am pleased to inform you about highlighrs as my Artwork (erotic I'm afraid), Vampiric living, exposition in Citadel Park in Ghent (fictive graves), and so on and forth . Link: http://www.facebook.com/filcosart#!/filcosart

Also: (vampires will like this.)

Self-immolation Rite in three parts.

These are the seven spheres explained in a beautiful lyric, your black pilgrimage as psychic vampire in the first place, and for all those loving the Dark and Musick.




Easter, April 8, 2012

Today, and even more in the future sounds like a better place for the vampires and humans than ever before. While in the West church membership is dropping off rapidly, some, the very few find necessary for adult baptism and confirmation in the Roman Catholic Church at Easter, while other leave the church in mass . However, it is believed that this is a matter of convenience. For instance to complete a feast around the birth of a child, solemn communion when the infant is now an adolescent, marriage and death. For many people whether they believe in it or not, a ritual is very important to round up their feasts, and they are willing to pay fees for it. In Belgium, we have “rent a priest” associations, to fulfill the demand, and this outside the Roman Catholic Church. They call themselves “Old Catholics”. But before we pop the cork on the champagne, we must confront an unavoidable truth: it is a hierarchy of attractiveness which will yet remain for a while. Religion is not the better place, but I say no more. Just refer to European and world history, and judge for yourselves. In the year 2000 when the “Holy Year” was proclaimed Pope John Paul II has asked forgiveness for the pain caused by the clergy down the ages. At that time pedophilia was not questioned as much as it is today. That which once was hidden is now openly revealed and sanctioned. Can you still trust the churches? Ponder on these things. Do know, I am not imposing my ideas. Just think and judge for yourselves. Happy Easter anyway!

New Year Message on January 3, 2012

Like all human, I am an astral being, with a physical body to walk on earth. I am a vampire, and through this awakening I realize that energy is my need. My donors are under my care, owning them honesty and respect. I am in control of my will and actions. I am a vampire with a sound mind, making my own decisions good or bad. The road to vampiric discovery is an endless journey. Much can be accomplished with the power of my will and faith in Self Awakened to vampirism one creates its own Temple, while the innermost Self is an emanation of “I am the Power, I am the Glory, I am another God” We are all different, unique, eccentric in our own ways. Putting trust in another being about one’s true self as vampire leaves one in a vulnerable position. Therefore, accepting and revealing oneself to everyone is not necessary. In due time, vampires will meet vampires, so there is nothing to worry about. The pathway is only yourself, in self-conquest, self-discipline, self-study, self-evolution, and self-growth. We are all capable of self-development.

Happy New Year.

Important message on this Sunday morning, November 27, 2011:

As I claimed many times before, humans as well as vampires are all astral beings having a physical body to move about on Earth. However, psychic or energetic Vampires deeply aware of their astral part of themselves, and making fully profit of that plane as for feeding themselves and draining Lifeforce from other humans, are really worthy to be called Vampires. They are Vampires, therefore:

1. Know yourself to be the Undying One.

2. Control your mind, for through that mind the Undying One (Yourself) can be know. You are an astral being.

3. Learn that the physical body is but a veil which hides the splendour of yourself, as the Undying One.

4. Realise that your Astral Life pervades all physical forms so that there is no death or separation.

5. Detach yourself from the form by living in the physical body as an astral being, so dwelling in a place of your choice where illusion ends.

It is this astral polarisation which lays the transformed human being, the Vampire, open to his incoming and outgoing emotional reactions and to waves of mass feeling at any kind at wish.

However, a warning! In considering of wrong astral vibrations for yourself, the correct direction of astral energy might be of value. This is to be furthered in my book I am at present writing.

Copyright November 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Note for Dutch speaking Vampires or aspirants:

My first Dutch book on Vampire transformation and life among the humans, are found on:


This Dutch book has been banned from "Scribd", reason unknown. Someone wanted it to be removed. (Maybe, through a religious fundamentalist.) Never received any explanation, though I asked for it!

However, the book is published at least three times on Internet. I cannot think about a serious Psychic Vampire handbook or other in Dutch, except tales, legends and what cinema offers. My book helps to become and live Psychic Vampirism. At least my book is a good start.


Failing to find good literature on Vampirism in the Dutch language, to give the Psychic Vampires their due right, I decided to write this book on Psychic Vampirism, the way I see, believe and live it. This is my first written work in the Dutch language. The book is written the way I practice Psychic Vampirism, based on my occult past, and what Psychic or Energetic Vampirism has now brought to me. There is a Dayside and a Nightside of my Vampiric life. The Dayside, my normal life among the humans, and the Nightside entirely metaphysical, occultism in practice. I start the night making time for meditation, invoking the Undead Gods - Those Who Have Risen - first, realizing their presence, offering my Lifeforce gathered during day-time among the humans. This is also a time I am working at my own Vampiric transformation with the sure help and protection of the Undead Gods, - Those Who Have Risen -. After I pursue with some other Vampiric occult work, as even being in bed and during sleep, the work continues. In the morning, I try to remember, making notes of it in a book, my own “Shadow Book” (called Grimoire), what had happened during the dreaming stages, my out of body experience, apparitions, etc. The life of the Vampire is an unfinished task; it takes 24 hours a day. I intend to write a second book in Dutch, before I continue in the English language as already published on Internet. I am a Vampire (in transformation) since October/November 2010, and ever since the books of Michelle Belanger were a great and sure help to me, based on Ancient Egypt Magic Tradition: The Psychic Vampire Codex and Psychic Energy Codex. And, I must say the best and most sincere on the subject, really books to be trusted.

Also, my Group for Dutch speaking Vampirers and Aspirants; however, all are welcome:


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just gave an answer on a blog:

Religion, whatever one, is no longer of our time. Stop to be slaves of religious leaders. What is Truth? Truth is the knowledge of the facts of reality. Let us put religion aside and respect "reason" as the only valid guide. Let us be Vampires who think and control ourselves, not relying on others, and certainly not on religious leaders as the Pope, for instance (they are slave-drivers). They only have worn-out ideas, not compatible with scientific discoveries. Why does the average human so diligently avoid the use of his or her mind? The key for the Vampire is the use of the Will (Will-Power), and its exercise and development which is strengthening the Will as one goes along. The Vampire uses goals not only as rewards but as opportunities for adversity, to hone and empower his Will.

The ultimate purpose is the forging of a true ego, the creation of an immortal Self or I-ness, the “I” within, the “Higher Self”. As with the Vampiric Will, the Self, also known as the “Higher Self” (which I prefer to say) is both a discovery and a creation. The name given to the “Higher Self” is the Dragon. Entering the Night-life, I start with a meditation session, concentration myself on the Third-Eye (Agna Centre), which I call “the Eye of the Dragon”. After, I offer to the Undead Gods, “Those Who Have Risen” and gone before us the Lifeforce gathered from the humans during the day, never forgetting that I am a Vampire, a predator of humans. To offer the Undead Gods your Lifeforce, you need a magic mirror of some kind. In one of the pictures below, you find mine. The result of my confrontation with the Undead Gods, is astonishing; and, on some occasions frightful as it happens like a sudden lightning and not longer, but They are there and you are heard, and this is the main thing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 11.00 p.m. (23.00 hrs)

Full Moon Vampiric Ritual in the Temple of Atazoth, for local members only.

Monday, May 16, 2011

“Hear me now! I am a Vampire, a predator of humans! I have entered herein to Call the Gods of the Undead into this sacred place. I have gathered Lifeforce from humans. I am filled to overflowing! I offer up this essence to the Vampire Gods, Those Who Have Risen. I am here to feed and be drained! I am here to die and be reborn. I am here to strengthen my bond with the true gods of this world! I am a Vampire!” (From “The Vampire Bible”)

I am using the prayer every night before starting my vampiric meditation. It calls forth the undead to assist, teach and protect.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Method, an Exercise for Moving the Astral Body:

Sit in a chair, legs directly in front of you, while you finger tips are touching each other. The hand from the thumb to the forefinger should be moved up to your solar plexus height, while your two hands touching should form some kind of a triangle shape with you looking downward at them.

Now you need to start a breathing technique; for instance, one, two, three, pausing with a few more seconds between the breathes. As such, the cardio rate will be soon under control. You can also utilise this breathing method when you are under stress.

Pressing your fingers together as described above in the first paragraph, with each exhale you will watch and visualise your astral energy flowing through your fingers. Keep going so for a few minutes. Observe and visualise your astral body, even the colour as much as the extent, which will be larger than your physical body.

Lastly, it is now time to start visualising, and as such moving a sharpened end of your astral to lengthen like a serpent would rise up. Obviously, any exercise takes patience and time; however, as you proceed you will notice that the tendril can be controlled by your will-power alone. Even the slightest endeavour counts.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

See the "Voice" image and details as hereunder. Train your voice for more safety in the public. Details on the image:

Eleventh Exercise: The Projection of Breath

Stand with hands on hips. The breath, (the word) is charged with power. The breath has always been considered as the propagator of life. Standing up, with hands on hips, with your lips as to pronounce “OU”. Exhale regularly, slowly but deeply while doing “VH”. It has no sound vowel. However, you will soon hear its proper sound coming from the column of air, a deep noise that is amplified by its vibration. When you have to breathe in again, close your mouth, and inhale slowly, regularly and deeply through the nose. After, open your mouth, and start again pronouncing “VH”, disposing your lips as you would make a “OU” (for mould). Duration: minimum 1 minute, maximum 3 minutes.

Mental Orientation: The word is charged with power.

Mistakes to be avoided: Do not force the breathing capacity, do not exhaust yourself unnecessarily.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

When psychic vampires are around, irresistibly they are magnetic people in one-mindedness where we all feel wonderful, we feel inspired, and quick to action. We feel attracted to our community members because they are as ourselves enthusiastic about life; they have a vision, they have confidence in what they are saying and doing, they are energetic. They are occultists. We are aware of their and our own powers, yet there is also a lightness of being, childlike qualities of playfulness, openness and curiosity. They are spontaneous and fun-loving. They live their lives without struggle and burdens, they do not have to chase after things - whatever they desire flows to them effortlessly because of their cultivated magnetic impulse.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Vampiric Chakras Review

The main seven chakras as stated hereunder are Energy Centres of the human body, each related to specific power points to be developed for growth in power. The vampire can focus on these to drain others during vampiric workings. The vampire thinks of himself only and his clan.

Chakra 1 (Root)

Draining through touch and grasping objects is the easiest way in vampirism, stimulating the nervous system. These are the first steps into vampirism. Psychic energy is mentally drained from people as we are through astral contact. The powers of astral vampiric hunting through dream and drinking the energetic blood (psychic energy) are the best. Be courageous, confident and have a strong will.

Chakra 2 (Belly)

Focus on your sexual attraction towards your object, and think of the horrifying form you make your own before reaching your goal. Once you have done this, visualize this before going to sleep, and imagine yourself flying “astral” out in that appearance. Use your vigour, instinctual drive, knowledge of the self with the right emotions.

Chakra 3 (Solar plexus)

It drains from your “I-ness” (Ego), building up the essence of “self” from a conscious level. Ponder on these things: Consciousness and empowerment of the Self. Understand the sense of “I-ness”.

Chakra 4 (Heart)

Draining psychic energy in crowds and various social situations. The vampire always builds up self-awareness and self-love. The vampire should know the balance of opposites as darkness and light. Pleasuring in darkness, developing his or her demonic aspects and carnal instincts.

Chakra 5 (Throat)

Defence and seduction by voice (see chapter on personal magnetism). Learn to vibrate sounds to defend yourself or seduce, sending forth your vampiric tendrils. Work at you sound, voice, seduction and persuasion.

Chakra 6 (Brow)

Very important chakra for tapping into another consciousness. It is your “Third Eye”, the psychic vampire use most. Drinking as it were from the Ajna Centre brings an elevated level of power: “I am a vampire, I am the power, I am the glory, I am another god.” The “Third Eye” enables to read thoughts through body language, and various occult workings.

Chakra 7 (Crown)

Achieving ease of identity, “who am I”. Hunger becomes greater if not balanced; therefore, one must continuously work at his or her psychic development. This “crown chakra” is the connection to the greater world, the collective consciousness, timeless and immortal.

(Copyright Hagur, part of forthcoming new manuscript).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am preparing a course in - developing personal vampiric magnetism - in the form of an e-book and video on Youtube.

Personal Magnetism is the individual expression of a subtle irresistible and dynamic Force in man, which enables him to exert an unusual influence upon others. You all have come into contact with men and women of this type. They are endowed with marvellous, almost miraculous powers of influencing, persuading, attracting, fascinating, ruling and bending to their own Will-Force men of widely varying mental peculiarities and temperaments. Men actually go out of their way to please them. They attract others without any visible effort and others feel drawn to them in spite of themselves. Various are the examples of such power as afforded by history.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beneath, three pictures (more will follow) of the "Hagur Sinister Tarot" for visualisation. Not all cards can be shown as for the drawn nudes. I will try to have a video on Youtube.

The "Hagur Sinister Tarot" (Majoir Arcana) was completed in 2004. This is the cover with a ritual appropriated to the cards. The ritual can be used to receive or to give, to destroy or rebuild, to bless or to curse. It can also be used for vampiric protection, adapting the ritual.


As an occultist since the years 60 ending, I am now fully consecrated to Psychic Vampirism, using to the full "energy". I am also in artwork, working with oil mainly, this as a way of "meditation".

Friday, February 11, 2011

Every day I am working at my condition as psychic vampire to improve my capability, and make life more worth living as a psychic vampire. To this end, I have been walking in the beautiful park nearby, called “Citadel Park”. I walked there this afternoon round about 04.00 pm. Walked inhaling three steps, holding the breath three steps, and exhaling three steps, looking to trees and plants, people passing by. I sat somewhere watching people pass by, while feeding myself, inhaling three counts, holding the breath three counts, and exhaling three counts gently, repeating myself until the chosen person or persons were passed far by. Before my walk, I had somehow symptoms of "energy deprivation" and fatigue, feeling lazy even to have my walk, but I did it. I came back home totally refreshed, with the feeling I held all the people I sucked energy from, in my arms and close to my breast. I do practice harmlessness, when I do not need to defend myself when attacked. Uttering with intend, the sound “aum” is a great protection, and very easy, is my experience. One does not need to be religious to use and sound the sacred word “aum (om)”. I am also working on the five senses, and been listening to the various sounds, of birds, young folk shouting quite a way from where I sat. Workmen and gardeners in park, quite amusing in fact. This is what I have to say today and so far, but the day is not yet ended.

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