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People fear what they don't understand... Get to know me first, so you have reason to fear me.

I am 6 foot, four inches tall. Muscular build at about 200 lbs. I have dark blond hair and deep blue eyes. If I must be placed in some sort of visual stereotype, I'd be gothic (all black, leather trenchcoat, boots, spiked bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, tattoos, etc). I have my ears pierced to 8s now, but they will soon be zeros with a second set of 4s behind them. I have four tattoos. They are two stars on my shoulders that will, in time, include three across the waist, three down the right thigh, one on the left shin, one on the right ankle, three on the left arm, and three on the right arm. It will be the constellation Orion placed appropriately. I also have a scarab over my heart, and a memorial tattoo for my littlest sister on my left shoulder blade. I also plan on several other tattoos, including a tattoo for each of my still-living family members on my back. Also there will be others in other places, just not sure what they will be yet.

My beliefs in the metaphysical sense. I will start with the fact that I believe in a higher being. That higher being used to be the Christian God to me, but things have changed. I still go to church every Sunday, but I glean from the experience differently than most others there. I have studied a few different religions and have gathered my own notions about how the universe works as a whole. God, as it were, I believe to be part an all-inclusive entity. Every religion has their own view as to who their higher power[s] is/are. I don't think they are incorrect. I don't think that an entity that would willingly create such a complex creature as the human being without being benevolent enough to care for all of them equally. I have the impression that each religion sees this entity in their own way. Each religion has a higher power that is different specifically, but fundementally the same. Majority of religions push for a few different things: Understanding for your fellow man, Furthering ones own life, and Devotion to your higher power. There are religions that have twisted what was originally intended, but they will come to their own understanding when the time is right. I believe in all manner of metaphysical creatures and beings. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, angels, demons, and others I cannot think of at the moment. I've had experience with all these to one degree or another. I happen to BE a psychic vampire. I used to unconsiciously drain energy of all types from all those around me. Once I became aware of myself, I learned to control my gift and use it for many different projects. I am slowly learning to use the energy I recieve (from willing donors only) for magickal means. I believe that magick is real and has influence over reality as a whole. I believe that everyone has the capacity for performing magick if they believe strongly enough. Magick is only your will made reality. We see majick every day, but don't recoginze it as such because to us now, it is reality, not "magic". Magick becomes reality every day, but people don't see it for what it is. They blindly accept it and don't look into the wonder before them as the miracle it truly is. Value all that you encounter and live you life to it's fullest.

As with disliking being put into a certain stereotype, I also don't like to limit myself to a single political party. I am neither democratic, nor republican. I have my own opinion, carefully compiled, for all issues at hand. I make my vote based on everything that person has to show for what they stand for. I don't pay much heed to the bullshit speeches their advisors write for them to get as many people to side for them. I look into their backgrounds, the things they've doen and accomplished before they were backed by those hypocrital, beurocratic bastards that make all the decisions for campaign platforms. I see what kind of trouble they've been in and the good things they did for their country (or local community. I realize that saying this may spark some sort of political debate, but it's where I stand on the issue. This past election, I voted for Bush, for a few different reasons. Almost all of them are "lesser of two evils" reasons. Kerry was not the type of person I wanted in charge when we had so many troops stationed over in Iraq. I disagree entirely that we are still over there bullshitting around, but I'd rather have someone who can make intelligent decisions about how to go about the situation than Kerry, who basically said he was going to reduce the funding drastically. Never did he mention that he was going to bring them back, just that he would use the money somewhere else. For all intents and purposes, this reduction of funding would end up slitting the throat of those troops we still have over there. At the time of the election, I was in the pool for going to Marine boot camp, so I had to very carefully decide who I wanted to make decisions for what would happen to me. The man better equipped to make that decision was Bush. Don't think this means I agree with all his decisions and standings, but I would rather have been stationed over there and getting stuck in a war that will most likely last till the end of the term than to get stationed over there without the fucding to provide the necessary supplies to keep us healthy and defensible. I also didn't (and still don't) think it would have been a good idea to bring all the troops back right away because it would negate everything that had been accomplished. The government would have been completely overrun and some dicatator would have taken the place of Saddam and Iraq would be in the same place it was before... If not worse. My personal opinion of what should have been done (or should be done now) is that we should have had troops there to support the new democratic gov't as a standing military, while the training of their own military was done. This way, when their military is in a force that would be effective, we can leave them to their own devices while we have made an ally that would have a military force that would be of help should we need it. I still think that for what our troops are having to deal with over there, they are doing great jobs. I support our troops with everything I have in me. I have friends in several services and respect them very much. I was not cut out for the Marines and didn't make it through boot, but that only means I have that much more respect for those that have. As is my trend with all information I have put here thus far, I am open to any questions, or opinions. I do ask though, because I know that what I said in this past paragraph is sensitive material and people who have opinions will be very set in their way, Please do not send me derogatory and mean messages becaus eof where I stand. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I won't suffer your point-of-view, so don't suffer mine. I am open for debate, but I won't participate in an argument. If you can't see the difference between the two, assume it will be an argument. My info for contacting me is at the bottom.

I won't try to claim the position of the least sane here at VR, but I sure as hell have my mental issues. I haven't yet been institutionalized, but if I don't get committed by someone else, I will commit myself for a minimum of a year for the experience, if nothing else. I plan on making a life out of music, but luckily, I'm not delusioned enough to realize that I will need some sort of fallback plan. I want to be able to support a family of my own, and there is no way I will let a pothole in my road of life throw me from the road. I want to be POSITIVE that if something were to happen (or not happen), I will still be able to provide enough money to give my future wife (whoever she may be) and kids (happily awaiting the day) the life they deserve.

Currently, there are no bands that I am part of. That, ny no means, means I have given up. Someday, you'll be able to say "Hey, I knew that guy before he was big" and people will be all like "Wow, you're so cool that I want to have sex with you." and I'll be like "Yeah... they're making babies because of me. Blizzam, Motherf*ckers!!"

More to be added later.

AIM- SurrenderToRage
MSN- Rage_Maion@hotmail.com
Email- Rage.Maion@Gmail.com

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