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"There is something more to the night then just the beauty of the moon and the stars. There is freedom. "

Proud Member of House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas
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I do believe in vampires, I am very much a nightowl. I have a fair few friends who I trust, and many I do not. I’ve never trusted easily, but I do try.

I have loved vampires sense I was very young, at least around 8 years old. I have always felt I was different in a way I couldn’t explain. Other things about me are that I am deeply fond of music, I do some opera, my favorite musicals is Phantom of the Opera and Chicago.

I play the flute and some piano, I am a writer and an artist. I do a lot of painting at least. I like to work with a camera as well, and also do some short filming. I like to design costumes for theatrical purposes, and I also like to write the scripts for it as well.

I am....of irish decent. I'd like to visit Romania of course....Ireland too. I'm sad to say that alot of my family history in ireland has been swept away with the tides of change. However I am researching it. We have this big blue book of my family heritage which is the only thing I have so far. My family background is kinda just one big mystery so far. lol

I do a lot of RPG especially with VtM (Vampire the Masquerade.) I am of the Malkavian clan. I have also some Tzimice, Nosferatu and Brujah characters.

I also LOVE to go to the Rocky Horror Picture show…

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I am a highly intellectual person at times, I love to discuss history. I am a studying anthropologist. My specialty is 14th century Romania, and Vlad Tepes, Vlad Dracul, or many know him as Vlad the Impaler. I study him alot more then I do the whole of Romanian history. He is a national hero in Romania, and I get quite annoyed when I meet born Romanian citizens in my country, over here in calfornia, walking in my hometown mall saying that he was an "evil prince" and such. I tolerate it though.

My biggest dream is to live in Romania, and study the ancient ruins of Draculas fortress high up on top of the mountains. That place has always been surrounded in mystery and many people fear to go there. I want to see his burial sight in the temple...and I'd also like to visit his original site where they found the animal bones.

I've got a major thing for Subspecies. LOL....Not many people know about it, so I left a few websites on my sites list for people to check out so they will learn about it. Spread the word man...spread the word.

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I like to sit out at night and watch the full moon rise, or lay out on a blanket and stare at the stars. I live out in the country and its always so beautiful at night around here. I believe in the supernatural, I can sense spiritual presence however I am unable to see or hear them. I love roses and haunting music.
On the flip side to that, I love the classic rock, death metal, gothic, etc. I love Cars, everything to do with cars, I like racing, I'm very much a tomboy in many ways.
I can also be very romantic when I want to be, however...often times I'm just calm and go with the flow of things. I dont expect a fairy tale ending, thats not how life works. I'm pretty much down to earth, alot of people my age are incredibly immature and it's sometimes difficult to tolerate.

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1. Liars

2. Rude, Obnoxious people.

3. Stupid people. Not mention in a super harsh way...but I get some odd people at work....LOL

4. Rap Music. Cant stand it when someone pulls up next to me in there car, which is blasting rap music so loud that it vibrates all the cars next to them.

5. When someone says..."can I ask you a question?" Didn't you just already ask me a question...? So technically, you just did...so why do you even bother asking me at all?

6. I see alot of people who say "Like" constantly. Its every other word they say. "Like....there was this..." and "Like he said......" bad grammar folks. It also makes you sound unintelligent. I'm not trying to insult anyone...just saying...it's bad grammar.

7. You knew this one was coming. Bad Grammar. I am a grammar nazi sometimes....I try not to sit there and correct people constantly, but if theres a seriously slaughtered word...I might just say something.

8. Men who think there better then women. What, is there something wrong with a woman reigning over an empire? Who said we can't be warlords? Go Talk to Joan of Arc on that one. Who says, we cant be great rulers, that we arn't powerful? We Are. So strong that we bipassed you years ago. There are more female rulers and warriors then there are men. Deal with it.

9. Men who whistle, and stare intently at women who are walking down the street, minding there own business. I went walking one day with a couple of coworkers, to get some excersise and lo and behold, did we not get whistled at, and a few cat calls. It's SO rude when men do that. Completely disrespectful.

10. Getting cut off on the freeway by crazy drivers. Just kind of annoying.

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1. The rain. I love water, I love swimming in the ocean, or in pools..ponds...wherever. I love going for walks in the rain, or sitting on my porch under the awning and either photograph or draw what I see with my charcoal pencil. I live out in the country so I see alot of stuff to draw or photograph.

2. Horses. I love riding horses, I feel really free when I do. There very beautiful animals and very loyal too. Incredibly smart too.

3. My Dog....my big, beautiful dog. Shes so sweet...her name is Lucy. She loves just about everyone and jumps on everything. Shes a wild one.

4. Talking with people who know something about history. Its awesome to discuss with people about this stuff because then I get to hear there opinions against my own. Its a good way to learn.

5. History in general.

6. Cars.

7. I like to eat certain fruits, mango's, pinapples, apples, oranges...

8. I like people who are true to themselves. They dont lie about who they are, they dont sit there and make stuff up. I like people who tell you when they dont like something your doing, there very honest about it. People who pretend that "everythings alright" are just kidding themselves.

9. Honest people. You knew that one was coming too....

10. Ambitious people. Now before we jump to conclusions, allow me to explain this more in detail. I like people, who have a thirst for life. They want knowledge, they want to learn and see everything out there. People who are determined to have the power in a corporate office, people who get out there and make something of themselves. Determined to make themselves known.

What I do not like, on the flip side of this is the media. Celebrities and the media just dont mix. Nowadays people try to make themselves like those that they see on tv. Thats crap. They want you to be this person, because if you do it will make you prettier...it will make you smarter....none of that is true. Be Yourself folks. Be yourself.

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Some of my favorite women of History:

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Helen of Troy
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Queen Boudicca
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Hypatia of Alexandria
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Queen Esther
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Maria Bashkirtseff
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