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To Live is to love and to love is to walk blindly through life.

I am a wanderer in search of enlightenment. I have walked blindly through life from time to time. I feel that all I can learn from everyone. I believe the most important thing I have learned in life is that we are all unique and we can all be happy if we find the one that one thing. It is different for everyone so I hope you find your one thing I have found mine.

General Info
My name is Patrick
My nickname is Kagato
I am 25
I am stationed in Italy (currently deployed)
I am in the Army
Am I in a relationship? YES
As you all will come to see I am neutral I really don't argue for I will not chose sides.
I am a rigger!!!!!


Someone who has a physical thirst/need/ craving for blood (which is non-erotic in nature) in more significant quantity than is generally required or desired by other blood-drinkers. There are some sanguinarians who feed during sexual activity...this is most generally to stimulate the level of pranic energy.


An individual who seeks emotions and feed from them. They, supposedly, also seek to intensify the emotions so that their feeding can be greater. Empath can feed from all emotions. Some, not all, empaths can project their emotions to others...this is another way that they (the ones who can project) like to feed.


An individual who has a need to feed upon the life force of others. Most energy vampires feed upon chi or pranic energy and avoid drinking blood. Some intermingle energy vampirism with blood-drinking. Also referred to as psi-vamps, most energy vampires exhibit the same characteristics that distinguish other real vampyres, including light sensitivity, a nocturnal lifestyle, and periods of the Hunger or Thirst.


Someone who "drains" life-energy (prana, chi, life-force, whatever) rather than blood from others. Psi-vampires may or may not consume blood as a means of extracting pranic energy. "Psychic vampire" is a very common misnomer for "psi-vampire". Many people, -- even the psi-vampires themselves, -- often do not make or even realize the distinction between the two terms. Technically speaking, "A psychic vampire is a vampire who is psychic while a psi-vampire is a vampire who feeds on energy, preferably emotional energy.


Someone who only feeds on the astral plane, and attack on that level. They are many times, put in the same league as Psychic Vampyres who feed from the life force energies, but don't require any actual physical contact with their prey. There are Astral Vampyres who, supposedly, can maintain their beingness in this plane for a very long time, and seek weaker prey. They are not benign forces, and although very rare, their feeding is similar to a psychic life force rape.


Persons who feed from basic Natural Phenomena ie: Thunder Storms, Severe storms, Powerful waterfalls or other Natural forces. They, for all intents and purposes, have no desire to feed on living beings or anything that living beings offer.

True Immortals:

Vampyres who live forever, without aging. There are no known cases of such beings. They just do not exist. So for those who have hopes of meeting one, either to talk to them or to be *ahem* turned into a vampyre, you're out of luck. Sorry, but that's the harsh reality of it.

Human Living Vampire:

Persons who, while they firmly assert that they are essentially human beings, and to all external appearances are exactly that, nevertheless have pronounced vampiric characteristics. That is to say, Human Living Vampires feel that they have a need, compulsion, or involuntary tendency to "feed" upon some substance or some kind of energy produced by other living things, primarily other people. HLV's fall into two main classes: those who experience blood-lust or blood-craving, and "psychic vampires" or "psi-vampires".


A person who gains sexual satisfaction from either drinking blood or having their blood drank.


A form of psychic vampirism where feeding is done primarily from sexual energy, with or without the exchange of blood. The feeding can be done intentionally or unconsciously/unintentionally.


"Permanent role-players". Whereas RPs/LARPs give up the persona after some amount of time, this class does not. They go farther in their portrayal of being vampiric. Such as stating they can fly, disintigrate upon touching sunlight, sleep in boxes full of dirt, etc. and generally put forth any and all of the sterotypical signs of the mythical vampire.


Clinical vampires seem different than most in that their bodies actually *crave* and *require* blood in order to maintain normal functioning. While mainstream medical science would laugh at such a notion it's exactly that sort of shallow, narrow-minded yet "we care about you" thinking that nearly killed some folks when it first started.


People who appear to be stable individuals who indulge in fantasy play similar to Dungeons and Dragons of the '80s. However RPs as well as LARPs (Live Action Role Players) take it upon themselves to not only envision being their character but to actually become their character in the 'real world', the more complete the illusion the better at least as far as one game goes V:tM or Vampire: The Masquerade.

Psychotic Vampyres:

This shouldn't require much explanation. There are others that could be put into this section, such as blood fetishists who find sexual stimulation from the feel, look, taste of blood. This type of vampyre, however, is more extreme and much more dangerous, as they are impulse feeders and are likely to get a thrill from making their donor a victim. They are likely to 'hunt' for a 'victim' rather than use a donor and their actions are random.

Nonpersonal Energy Hungerers:

Humans who have a need to draw "energy" from the environment around them, or from more esoteric sources such as "god". The term refers to the fact that these individuals don't require energy from human "persons", as do psychic vampires, but can drain it from other living things and non-living sources

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