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Ruston, Louisiana


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"of all the things, most treasured, it is sweet innocence i will defend until unable to do so"

I care not for others opinion of myself, i conduct myself as a gentleman simply out of desire to do so, and i see it as what is civilized and good. My morals are my own to decide and none can influence me without my say so. I am an individual and would like to be considered so seein as i do so for others. On a lighter note, I think i'm an easy to get along with guy. peace all
I'm 5'10 I've got Blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm a ladies man, that's just who i am. Which also makes it difficult to settle down with any particular one. Ladies, what can i say you did it to yourselves what with your amazing skin tight clothing enticing make up and perfume that acts like bait, drawing we the moths ever closer to the fire lol. I go to Louisiana Tech in Ruston Louisiana. I'm a united states marine recruit HOORAH!. I love the color green (the color of geniuses). I love to fight , whether it be with weapons or what you were born with. I'm a christian, don't think i'm a bible thumper though i've placed my own little twist on my faith, so i'm not like most, however if ya gonna hate on me for my beliefs you're wasting your time. I ride horses, I have 2 belgian draft horses and 3 paints. I own a 1995 chevy cheyenne it's green and it's 4 wheel drive, (which makes me feel i can drive over medians when the need arises lol). I love every kind of music except for polka, something about portly men in suspenders playing the accordion just doesn't work for me. I FEAR NOONE, so take this into mind when making your opinion of me. I have been given many names, most of which i won't disclose here lol, but to name a few, The Puppet Master, Dave, David, Smooth, Mr. Smooth, and SnuggleBunny, don't ask questions about the last one. I drink, socially for the most part. I usually don't drink to get drunk, however lately because of all the stress and the problems with some of my exes, i have simply to get away from it all. I love to write poetry, so check it out. I'm computer illiterate, so putting stuff on my site will be slow and painful for me. Well that's about it i guess i'll either add more info later or you can message me or check out my poetry journals, my writing is influenced by my mood. If you ever see KAOS JESTERS BOOM BOOM BALLROOM in the sandbox area of the Forums kindly stop by and dance ya *** off lol.
Peace Luvlies and Wodies
P.S. GOTHIC Women Are the biggest turn on in the world for me. and Here i am still looking for my Gothic Ms right or Wrong lol whichever suits your fancy. (It blows being single)

"You can get a lot farther with a word and a bullet than you can with a word by itself"
-Al Capone

"Me likey bouncy Me likey Bouncy"
-Lois Griffon

"So is there any tread left on the tires or is it like throwing a hot dog down a hallway?"
-Stewie Griffon

"An evil monkey lives in my closet"
-Chris Griffon

You're going to hell wearing Gasoline trousers
- i cant remember who

We break peoples toys and make them cry
-Staff Seargant Antoine (my recruiter)

learn Chinese in 5 minutes

Ok read the english meanings and then OUTLOUD say the chinese words...

(You MUST read them out loud or it doesnt make as much sense)...

1) Thats not right........ Sum Ting Wong

2) Are you harboring a fugitive................... Hu Yu Hai Ding

3) See me ASAP.............. Kum Hia Nao

4) Stupid Man................................ Dum Fuk

5) Small horse.................. Tai Ni Po Ni

6) Did you go to the beach?.................... Wai Yu So Tan

7) I bumped in to a coffee table................. Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni

8) I think you need a face lift...................... Chin Tu Fat

9) It's very dark in here........................... Wao So Dim

10) I thought you were on a diet............... Wai Yu Mun Ching

11) This is a tow away zone....................... No Pah King

12) staying out of sight.............................. Lei Ying Lo

13) He's cleaning his automobile................ Wa Shing Ka

14) Your body odor is offensive.................. Yu Stin Ki Pu

15)Great..................... Fa Kin Su Pah


When the dawn draws near
most of this dissappears
this is the aftermath
of the love in the dark
that tore apart my heart
leaving naught but a blood bath
hold me closely
love me luvly
let the whole world dissapear
For right now i'm not whole
you crushed my soul
i can only heal if you are near
So i suppose i'll just take my time
and try to free my mind
and somehow find some peace
and when i am triggered
you'll be the only one who figured
just what made me release the beast
You are a Samurai.
You are full of honour and value respect. You
are not really the stereotypical hero, but you
do fight for good. Just in your own way. For
you, it is most certainly okay to kill an evil
person, if it is for justice and peace. You
also don't belive in mourning all the time and
think that once you've hit a bad stage in life
you just have to get up again. It's pointless
to concentrate on emotional pain and better to
just get on with everything. You also are a
down to earth type of person and think before
you act. Impulsive people may annoy you

Main weapon: Sword
Quote: "Always do the right thing.
This will gratify some people and astonish the
rest" -Mark Twain
Facial expression: Small smile

What Type of Killer Are You? [cool pictures]
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I adopted a cute lil' viking fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

I adopted a cute lil' Scotty fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

I adopted a cute lil' poison fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

gold dragon
Gold Dragon. You have the spirit of a Gold Dragon.

You are very prideful of yourself and

friends. You stand by everything you say. If

you had to you'd fight, more for a friend

than yourself. You know you are well liked,

but feel differently than everyone else.You

like to make things, sometimes to express

yourself, etc. But are good at creating.

What Dragon Spirit Resides in You?
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(='.'=)Copy and paste him in your
(")_(")profile to help bunny gain world domination!
(My name is Mr.Bunny and im a he/she!!)

.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-

Your element is Fire: Strong, hot tempered, powerful, and passionate. Well now lets see, being fire you are quite strong and powerful be it mentally, physically or both. People look up to you greatly and often seek your protection. You have the ability to gain many friends and you are always one people can count on to do what you say you will do. You are extremely loyal, be it friends or family you'll stick up for them and you are never willing to put them in a position that could hurt them. You know what roll you play in life, leader, and you intend to let people know it. Not everyone is capable of leadership but you certainly have the willpower and flare to do it. You have quite a temper if it shows itself, one that can often lead you into trouble. Once your mind is made up there is no changing it but no one said that was a bad thing.Take this quiz!

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