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Bite Kglitterous

Stalk Kglitterous


Adults are obsolete children - Dr Seuss


I've been away a long time...
My pro is a bit out of date.

I guess you could say that goth is like microwave ovens...
in the early 80's we were kind of rare...
and now you find one in every household.

I have 5 songs on my pro in random order... if you don't like one of them... refresh your screen and make some favour for your house.

Some days I am not sure whether I have defeated my ego;
or if it's escaped my efforts and is running away giggling.

Click on the links ...
You will miss a lot of funny sh*t if you don't.

New Things

Many things have changed in the last couple of months.
My roommate died in April; my crazy psychic aunt.
I have been swarmed with family
and am somewhat glad that they are gone.
I like my alone time.
I have inherited a few small things which make my life a little more complex; however all the family in my house has helped me get my place in order... it helps that I do not currently have a roomate
that is messier than a house full of cats.

I am a work in Progress,
it only makes sense that my profile is as well.

Currently Editing… New Things
Recent Edits: Dislike: Protection Stamps

There is no Poetry or Photos of me on my Profile, you will find them at:

Kg Drivel

Kglittery pics

It occurs to me that I should explain my name.

There is of course the gutter factor, although that is merely a point of amusement. The primary meaning for the name is:
Knight Glitterous
Which implies all that is Noble and Worthy, even when the surface is battle scared and the Knight is weary, there is that spark of glitter that shines, if one wipes away the stains of life. To be able to see the reflection of the soul and realize that patina is only on the surface, and to have others know that recognize it in him.

I wonder what the mortgage rates on this house will be?
You have earned [ 5300 ] Favour for House Eternal.

House Eternal is the mirror before which my face is rouged;
or is it that House Eternal is the mirror before which I rouge my face?

Threads may expire at any time

Vampirism in the Theories of Evolution and Intelligent Design
Snake Blood
Understanding Vampire Rave
Reflections of an Obsession
The eleven passions of the mind - Aggripa

Favourite House Eternal Links
The Vampire Mind

Bonus Round 10
Ok, well I am 43, It’s a ( ) year for me according to numerology.
“Bonus Rounds” is a term I have been using to describe my philosophy to just go out there and have fun. Jesus Christ died at 33, his full life was 33 years, so at 43 I am in bonus round 10. Each day I live is a bonus, and should be lived to it’s fullest.

Or How about your only as old as the girl you are fealing... heh

Current Stamps
Note: I don't leave personal notes!

You have been bitten by


Inconcise & Incomplete

preschool - grade 6

In the early 70's and even now, my favorite song is
"Let the sun shine in" - Pebbles and Bam Bam.
In the preschool years, one is obviously heavily influenced by your parents choice of music and I listened to a lot of Olivia Newton John, Melanie, Bob Marley, Neil Diamond, John Denver and Janice Joplin. At the tail end of the decade my brother and I received alarm clock radios and I received the ability to choose my own music albeit top 40 Canadian Radio, prior to that the only non-parental influence of music was the community dances that I used to frequent; at which I was usually very popular. Much of Grade 4 through 7 was heavily influenced by my parents breakup and much of my best memories were at dances with my favorite girlfriends and sometimes even dancing on my own or waltzing with Zane… LOL.

Jr. High – Gulf War--

By the time the 80’s hit I was in Jr. High and Being exposed to a lot of Funk (breakdancing), and Punk as well as the biggest influence on my musical tastes; New Wave. This decade was marked heavily by my mothers second wedding and exposure to my stepfathers remarkable sence of music. It was convenient that his tastes and mine coincided and his emense (3000 vinyl) record collection exposed me to an impressive quantity of New Wave, Alternative, and what would eventually turn into Goth and Industrial that did not receive Radio play.

- The Monks - Rancid - DK - Bad Religeon -

(New Wave/Electropop) - B-52's - Bananarama - Bangles - Bananarama - Toni Basil - Berlin - Blondie - The Buggles - The Cars - Erasure - Eurythmics - The Flying Lizards - The Go Go's - Billy Idol - Cyndi Lauper Devo -- Men at Work - Men without Hats - Petshop Boys - Slow Children - Soft Cell - The Sparks – Shakespears Sister - The Stray Cats - Thompson Twins - Violent Femmes - Yellow - Yaz/Yazoo

(New Wave/New Romantic)
- ABC - Adam and the Ants - Animotion - Blancmange - Culture Club - David Bowie - Depeche Mode - Duran Duran - Platinum Blonde - The Police - The Pretenders - Prince - Tears for Fears -

(New Wave/Other)
- Devinyls (Pub Rock)- Midnight Oil (Pub Rock) - The Stranglers (Pub Rock) - Simply Red (Sophistapop) - Nena (Darkwave) -

(top 40)
- Queen - Pink Floyd - Yes - Billy Joel - Kim Carnes - J Geils Band - Joan Jett - Human League - Steve Miller Band - John Couger - Dexys Midnight Runners - Bonnie Tyler - Wham - Madonna - Simple Minds - A-ha - Starship - Falco - Robert Palmer - genisis - Yes - Peter Gabriel - U2 - UB40 - poison - bobby Brown - paula Abdul - Mike and the Mechanics - Milli Vanilli -

(Two Tone)
- Madness - Selectors - The Specials -

(Post Punk/Gothic Rock)
- Janes Addiction - Sioxsie and the Banshies - Sisters of Mercy - Skinny Puppy - The Cure -


(Alternative Rock)
- The Cult - NIN - White Zombie - Porno for Pyros -

The Best of Society

(music as art; anything to do with space and form)

(literature; intimate conversation)

Random acts of Kindness;
and Senceless acts of Beauty.

(Pay it Forward)

My Polls
How do you feel about being Labelled?

-- "Do Not become attatched to the things you like,
do not maintain aversion to things you dislike." --


This girl is simply amazing!hell... we used to date.

But I always tell them I love them too soon.

Mana @ Anamathon
I love red... but like most things; it fades in the wash.

She is on my list of people to thank and remember when I am on my deathbed; I will always owe her.

However; Black and white is nice too…
Or rather shades of gray.

- The hilarious House of Frightenstein
( Amos Moses Episode -1 /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 7- )
( Aint No Mountain Episode -1 /2 /3 /4 /5
Part 1 (13 episodes) available at HMV for 26$ CAN

-Our Gang
- Eating with Chopsticks
- Anything Weird and Unusual
- Exploring all sides (especially the unusual side)
- Butchering Holy Cows
- New Orleans (Myth and Reality)
- Traveling the road less travelled
- Film Noir, Japanese Horror
- Manga, Anime
- Psychopomps: ie Bleach ( a reaper anime)
- Punk, Ska, New Wave, Outsider, Adult Alternative, Hardcore Techno

Evil Evil Cat
@ 6wks ........ Sept 10 2006
Undoctored photo... she always looks like that.
Evil Evil thing likes to claw her way up my flesh and sit on my shoulder.... Or up the inside of my skirt! Also bites my nose while I sleep and chews on my jewellery.


There’s something about Boxes that I like, I am not sure whether it is because they are empty, or because of the promise that they may be filled. Perhaps it is that they come with nothing in them and I fill them with what I find Valuable. Perhaps it is that they are decorative on the outside and conceal things on the inside. Whichever it is, I collect Boxes.
Cigar Boxes, Treasure Chests, Humidors, Coffins
Bone, Metal, Wood, Stone, Leather
... anything like that - I'm so very easy to shop for... really


*C.S. Lewis*
*Alan Dean Foster*
*Dean Koontz*
*Phillip Jose Farmer*
*Deepak Chopra*
*HP Lovecraft*

*Holy Books*
The Baghavad Gita
The Torah
The New Testaments
The Nag Hammadi Library
The Koran
The Upanishads
The Kitab I Aqdas

*Other Spiritual*
Toltec Book of Wisdom - Don Miguel Ruez
The Laws of Spirit – Dan Millman
The Tao of Pooh / The Te of Piglet

Make Peace With Anyone – David Lieberman, PhD
You Just Don’t Understand – Deborah Tannen, PhD

*Other NonFiction*
The Worst Case Scenario Handbook

-- "Sorrow, fear and bondage come from ones likes and dislikes." --

Worst VR moment ever.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I actually give a fuck about what she thinks? If I hadn't been in the throws of winter depression at the time, I probably would have revelled in this comment, if not the rating... cuz i don't mind if you smile when you say it.

- Fluffbunny Witches
- The Superdome
(If it was a refuge of last resort, how come we didn't have a choice)

- Refined Sugar
, Monosodium Glutamate, Aspartame, and White Flour.
- Foreclosure Lawyers (bloodsucking vampires!)
- Telephones (not just cells) I have a serious aversion to these things
Protection Stamps -

IQ Test Score

- Not punctual
- Disorganized
- Irresponsible in my habits
-I do things at the last moment

- I lust for lust itself
- Or do I just feel unloved?

- I am proud of being different
- The worst insult I have heard is:
You're just like all the others.

- I dislike professions (Lawyers, Creditors, Insurance)
and people in general who have no faith in humanity.

- sometimes I have a compulsion to steal
- the compulsion more stems from antisocial behavior than from greed tho

-Other people in love

Wrath:Very Low

- understanding all sides
- curious
- right hand path


-Laugh... my dying words must be a laugh
-Get Tasored
-Be hit by lightning
-Eat poisoned barracuda
-Suspensions, Branding, Scarification
(Stigmata Piercing; through the palm of the hands)
-Tie myself to a tree during a hurricane
-Throw red panties into someone’s laundry
-be a part of an Insurrection or Rebellion
(or at least a riot that brings world change)
-Peg leg(s)... goat legs, Queen Anne forbidden, Ball and claw
-see a dead body sit up, open an eye, and groan
--- TRAVEL ---
-Steal a motor home and tour through the states
-Hitch-hike to Burning Man
-“Hobo” on a freight train
-Cuba, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Japan, South Africa, Ireland, Mexico, Barbados
-Sleep in an Igloo, Dogsled, Hunting

Tamara, Mana, Jessie, Ella, Erin (Beth),
Karen, Kelly, Jean, Janet, and others which I will add

Done List:

Pyramids, Taj Mahal, Superdome, Holy Land,
Mardi Gras (x2), War, Flood (x4), Hurricane (Katrina),
Sleep: on a beach, under a bridge, in a park,
Traveled by: Rickshaw, Train, Bus, Boat, Prop-planes, and Camel
Smuggled, exceeded 200KPH on city streets, criminal-driving offence quashed

- Kglitterous forbidden -

I want to start a lifeforbidden based on the Works of
Antoni Gaudí.
I think perhaps a skirt based on the wall of the Park Guell, with a macramé shirt that looks like the Sagrada Familia. This started out as a joke based on Gothic Architecture... but I want to make at least the one outfit in this parody of gothic forbidden.
 Park Guell

 Sagrada Familia

I am trying to perfect the masculine-androgynous forbidden; something akin to David Bowie or Adam Ant, Madmartigan, and who can forget Farina. I by no means have a perfect body type.... but I am working on it... maybe in a year or so I will be close. I do not want to go so far as Mana; but I have been told by many girls that I look better in a skirt than they do... I am not so sure.

Japanese Schoolgirl
I tried this forbidden for my 36th Birthday... I had a white shirt with a military Jacket over it; a black kilt looking skirt; and Bright white stockings; with black shoes; Normal black eyeliner, and my hair done up in a messy bun. The only thing missing was a Bleach (instead of a Hello Kitty) backpack.
Oh Yeah, and blue sunglasses to keep from being blinded by all the white under the blacklight... ROFL

Horned God
And again I have grown out my Goatee, and have returned to my regular forbidden... military jackets, horns and skirts.

Zombie Rotter
I saw a commercial on tv with a girl that looked like she got doused in acid rain and her umbrella had a bunch of acid eaten holes in it. I want to duplicate that look with polyester and a lighter... I wonder if I can experiment on some polyester before I go to work on a second hand polyester skirt. I think that with enough holes in it an all polyester shirt and skirt might not be too hot to dance in on a hot dance floor. We'll see.

My Hats
I have very recently started wearing some hats. I pretty much HATE baseball hats. Sure they were Cool in Grade 6 ( I used to wear mine attached to my belt loop... started a fad in Jr. High, unexpectedly because I wasn’t allowed to wear the hat a at school, which I had gotten from my Grandfather.) I have a Kid Rock-like straw cowboy hat, that is black with flames; I have a blue and beige striped Italian fedora which reminds me of the Pikey hat that Brad Pit wears in Snatch; I just bought a black "Che Guevara" forbidden short brimmed cap.
My Horns
I usually I just wear horns at the nightclub, the hats are good for normal wear but at the club, I wear horns.
My Sunglasses
Lately I wear blue sunglasses, in the past I have usually worn the gold lensed John Lennon forbidden sunglasses, but lately I am going with a blue lensed narrow sunglasses, they are all cheap sunglasses because I loose them... I would love to spend the big bucks on them, but that would be foolish.
My Shoes
I like black oxfords for work, but I have sooo many shoes: Red, Brown, Black, Motorcycle Boots, Recycled Tire Sandals... sooo many shoes. I desperately want some Fluevogs... make that many Fluevogs.
I actually had the opportunity to have a pair... I saw a pair of Angelwalks in the second hand store by my house... I didn't have the 10$ necessary. Not that I really liked them all that much... they are not my favourite Fluevog by any means... but still, at least I could say that I had 1. It was gone a couple of days later and I bet that whomever purchased it didn't have any clue what they were. However I loved the Soles of the shoe... LOL... it said something like fire and brimstone resistant...I'll always regret not making sure I got them *chuckles*
My Skirts
They now number 8, and are not traditional Hot Topic Gothy Manskirts... I pick them up in second hand stores and they tend to be pleated and or long... they are not quite girly... but definitely more effeminate than a gothic bondage skirt with chains and straps. Maybe some day someone I know will love me enough to take a pic of me at the club... otherwise you will never see a pic of it... LOL...
maybe it is better that way...
The rates might crush my self confidence to explore my
devil-may-care/loner/fuck-you-traditional-goth forbidden
My Coats
Big Red... LOL You got to see it to believe it... I also have a couple of other military and period forbidden coats.
Socks and Underwear
Teehee, I'll let you know later.

Friends Under the Wing of My Protection

How Will You Die??

Your death will be by disappearing, probably a camping trip gone wrong or an evening hike you never returned from. Always remember that one guy who was hiking alone and got in a rockslide. He could have died, but he cut his own hand off to save himself.
Don't end up like him!

Now you can get LOST too…

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