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About me:

I enjoy reading, writing poetry, long walks on the beach and expanding my horizons.
I like to challenge myself, but some problems are better left for others to solve.
To know the difference, that’s true wisdom…
To know when to take a break from work is crucial to your your well-being…

And now a short story:

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
(a modified photo of the Chinese Zodiac Sign of the Goat from PAOLO BARBIERI CHINESE ORACLE cards)

Kirill thought to himself: "Such a strange feeling being turned into a goat... How did I even get here?."
Every good story needs a hero, but also an an antagonist, like the combination of two hands, for the story to
on its own two feet.

So, who's the bad guy in this one?
Bad guy?!

Lets back up here...

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”
is a quote from William Shakespeare's tragedy, Hamlet.

To Kirill, this anonymous anti-hero is a felon, a trouble-maker.
An agent working against him. But, really this fellow was nothing like that
In his own eyes...

He was as good as they come, an honest guy trying to live his life.
Doing the best he could, swimming against the tides of fate,
but he and Kirill were destined to collide.

His given name was Nir and unlike Kirill he wasn't born to a wealthy family.
He wasn't born in the projects either. He was mediocre in everything he did.
Just median, neither cream of the crop or the leftovers.

He grew up in a regular family in a mediocre town, went to public school,
got bullied, but later bullied back: Stockholm syndrome, anyone?

Now, let's backzip to Kirill. He was lucky, you could say the gods smiled on him
When he was born. Prep school, doting parents, only child, heir to a trust.
Got all the perks you can think about.

Until one day, he stumbles into the wrong part of town and meets Nir:
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

(from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ChiaDockland01.jpg)

And things start racing downhill from there:
Why racing and not going?

Well, I'm glad that you asked...

What happens when you put Potassium in water?
I don't recommend you try it at home, let's say in High-School
They're kept apart...

Nir and Kirill were like that, not exactly fire and water, they
weren't opposites, maybe even under different circumstances they could've
been Friends, but not here, not now.

They were definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time
And it was going to end badly for at least one of them.

What drives us to break our routines and venture out of our comfort zones?
A need so great, that it literally reprograms us: a desire to be remembered,
to live.

So, what was Kirill looking for?

What has Nir lost?

Why take the red pill, when you can take blue ones instead?

Why wake up when you can fall further asleep, just turn on your side and go into
A deeper slumber.

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall
(White Rabbit,
Song by Jefferson Airplane)

Kirill has always been as healthy as a bull...
So, he didn't need any pills, he pitied those needing them.
But, his eyes shone every time he heard tales about werewolves and vampires
And the lore surrounding them.

Nir was the same, he was humbler though and never dreamed of becoming one
Because of his more modest upbringing
Until, one day everything changed...

How do stars collide? Well, they get pulled into each others gravitational field and get hurled at each other
cannon balls
People destines are like those gravitational fields as well. Once the stars reach critical speed, there's no
stopping them.
Kirill went to The Last Journey Inn to finally become one: a Real Vampire,
While Nir was drawn there by an Beastly Desire.
The inn was on the wrong side town in a dilapidated area near the loading docks.

Shady characters were loitering all around there...

Black Glasses was the shadiest of them all: no one knew where he came from, or why
But everyone just knew him by his nickname:"Glasses"

Everyone solemnly swore that they haven't seen his eyes and no one saw him go out during day time.

But, people in that part of town are less curious than in other areas and more concerned
With their own day-to-day survival.

Kirill overheard one of the junior servants, who made pennies on the dollar, talk about "Glasses."

"This guy is weird. Like super weird. You could say a real vampire: only goes out at night, wears dark shades
when it's pitch black and the pale skin of a corpse."

Kirill got curious. He had to investigate: "Could this really be a real world vampire?!".
What he's hoped and dreamed of all this time?

He packed a satchel quickly and snicked out through the servants entrance. Of course, he didn't stop tp
consider that he might stand out with his clothes and his well fed face in that part of town.

But, he didn't of course, he charged right ahead: "I have to get there as soon as possible. This man might be my
only chance to
become a real vampire..."
Meanwhile at Nir's parents place Nir got an uncontrollable urge to venture ti the slums: "I must be going
bananas...what did I lose there?!"
This one didn't even pack, but charged ahead like a hungry bear chasing an elk.

Did "Glasses" plan this or was it just a coincidence?

"God does not play dice" Albert Einstein once said,
expressing his contempt for the notion that the universe is governed by probability

And we may yet find this out...

Both young adults of uncertain age, caught somewhere between a boy and man arrive at the docks near the inn
at the same exact time and see "Glasses".

Kirill consciously and Nir unconsciously run to him. He's not at all fazed, but grins at them both: " well boys
you're finally here, but only one could be my student."

"What will happen to the other?"
"I said could, not will..."

"One of you has to prove himself"

Almost instantly like a breeze "Glasses" moves to Nir, and he feels a tiny prick on his neck, like a mosquito
barely noticeable at first then he "flies", there's no other way of describing it, through the air to Kirill and
leaves the mark on him as
well. Nir and Kirill are dazed, they feel for the spot on their neck and their fingers touch a couple drops of
"Drip, drip drip". But, it hurts like they've been stabbed in the stomach and hemorrhaging bad.

They both fled the scene, each to his own home...

Think about it, how poetic: "The Last Journey Inn"...

Will any of them survive?
What will happen to them if they do? will they be turned?!

Under Construction...

The House of Lunazure

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Real Vampires love Vampire Rave
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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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